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    French Honeymoon - The love nest

    Let's face it - France has topped every couple's bucket list! Home to the most adored wonder of the world - the Eiffel Tower, France oozes romance - thus making it one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Surrounded by the snow-capped Alps and boasting pristine buzzing beaches and sprinkled with world-famous artwork, museums, and architecture - France is undoubtedly a top honeymoon spot. The romantic cities are not just one or two. Right from Paris and Nice to the elite French Riviera (Cannes), Marseille, Versailles, and Chamonix, there's something for every couple in France. So, a honeymoon in French province is a surreal experience for every honeymooner.

    France Honeymoon packages to explore

    Don't want to be one of those clichéd honeymooners? Well, honeymoon in France is not all about Eiffel Tower and Louvre museum - and Pickyourtrail's France honeymoon packages make sure you get to explore the country to bits. Be it visiting the pristine white church of Sacre Coeur or the stained-glass marvellous architecture of Sainte Chapel. Be it partying at one of the clubs in Chatelet, or taking a river cruise in the Seine, the fashion city has a lot to offer to couples on their honeymoon in French homeland. Home to world-famous artists, beaches and seafood - Nice is sure to entertain couples. While in Marseille, visit the Notre-Dame de la Garde for its history and architecture. For the adventurous couples, Calanque de Morgiou is a must-try - where you can hike, swim, explore caves and do rock-climbing. Our France honeymoon packages also ensure you explore the unmissable part of France - the French Riviera. The pristine coastline here boasts of famous beaches like St. Tropez and Cannes. While St.Tropez is known for its buzzing and glamorous nightlife, Cannes attracts the entire film world during its international film festival. Had enough of sunny beaches? Looking for a change in the landscape? Move to the Alps. Your honeymoon isn't complete without a romantic getaway at the base of Mont Blanc or visiting the magical island of Mont Saint Michel in Normandy. Adding on, the lavender fields and lush greenery of Provence or Etretat, the meeting point of mountains and the sea, you ask for it and you can have it on your honeymoon in France. The luscious wine of Bordeaux or the modern tourists centre, Montpellier, for International Vine and Wine festival, our France honeymoon packages offer you the perfect itinerary for a wholesome honeymoon.

    France Honeymoon Packages from India
    Honeymooning Itineraries in France Sightseeing Routes in France Price* (Cost per visitor)
    Funfilled 7-night France honeymoon tour package for the perfect coupleParisBrusselsBrugesAmsterdam₹ 20,975
    Enchanting 8-day honeymoon deal to FrancePragueAmsterdamParis₹ 26,437
    Idyllic 5-day/4-night honeymoon plan to FranceParis₹ 61,987 (airfare & accommodation included)
    4-day cuddlesome honeymoon in France for the just-marriedParis₹ 62,633 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Lovely France 7-day honeymooning packageParis₹ 63,332 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Tempting 7-day/6-night France honeymooning packageParis₹ 63,997 (airfare & accommodation included)
    3-night amorous honeymooning package to FranceParis₹ 65,203 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-day engaging France honeymoon packageParis₹ 65,257 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-night rousing France honeymoon tour package for the ideal coupleParisAmsterdam₹ 71,862 (accommodation included)
    Wine-tasting 6-night honeymoon package to FranceParis₹ 73,232 (airfare included)
    Paris showcased: Dazzling 7-day honeymoon in a French settingParisNice₹ 73,520 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Intriguing 6-day/5-night France honeymoon bundleParis₹ 74,659 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's beguiling 5-day honeymoon packageNiceParis₹ 76,069 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sensuous France honeymooning bundle for 7 days & 6 nightsParisMarseilleNice₹ 76,429 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Divine 8-day/7-night France honeymoon vacation plan for your post-nuptial joyParisLyonStrasbourgNice₹ 76,551 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-day intriguing honeymoon in France for doting matesParisAmsterdam₹ 76,770 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Cuddly 4-night France honeymooning tourist bundle for doting lifematesParis₹ 79,641 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's enchanting honeymoon package for 4 days & 3 nightsParis₹ 79,980 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-night rousing honeymoon plan to FranceRomeParis₹ 80,345 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris showcase: Intriguing 6-night honeymoon in a Mediterranean settingParis₹ 80,768 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's tempting honeymoon package for 9 days & 8 nightsParisMarseilleCannesNice₹ 84,534 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-day/7-night cuddlesome honeymooning bundle to FranceParisCannesMarseille₹ 84,773 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Funfilled 6-night France honeymoon packageParis₹ 85,019 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-day dreamy honeymoon to France for the just-marriedParisMarseilleNice₹ 85,196 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's memorable 9-night honeymooning packageNiceLyonParis₹ 85,802 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's sensuous honeymooning deal for 7 days & 6 nightsParisBarcelonaMadrid₹ 86,417 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris showcased: 5-night sensuous honeymooning in a Mediterranean landscapeParisZurich₹ 86,746 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Celestial 8-night France honeymooning trip bundle for doting soulmatesParisBarcelonaMadrid₹ 87,527 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Bubbly 7-night honeymoon package to FranceParisNiceBordeauxParis₹ 88,517 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day/10-night ethereal France honeymoon offerParisLisbon₹ 89,241 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Beautiful 6-night honeymoon itinerary to FranceParisPrague₹ 89,950 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Stimulating 8-day France honeymoon trip package for newlywed lovebirdsParisInnsbruckSalzburgVienna₹ 91,490 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Adorable 8-day France package for honeymoonersParisAmsterdamParis₹ 93,549 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Cuddly 7-day France honeymoon itineraryNiceLyonParis₹ 94,187 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's idyllic 9-day honeymoon bundleParisMarseilleNice₹ 94,513 (airfare & accommodation included)
    5-night sensual France honeymooning tour package for your post-nuptial blissParisMarseilleNice₹ 94,971 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Magical 9-day/8-night France package for honeymoonersBarcelonaCosta BravaBarcelonaParis₹ 95,630 (accommodation included)
    6-day/5-night ethereal France honeymooning packageParisStrasbourgNice₹ 96,102 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-night enthralling honeymoon package to FranceParisAmsterdam₹ 97,166 (airfare & accommodation included)
    6-night memorable honeymoon plan to FranceParisMonte CarloNice₹ 97,831 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day lovable honeymooning in France for newlywed matesParisFlorenceRome₹ 98,877 (airfare & accommodation included)
    15-day sensuous France honeymoon vacation package for the newly marriedParisNiceVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 99,020 (accommodation included)
    Enticing 9-day/10-night honeymoon deal to FranceParisNiceBarcelonaMadrid₹ 99,760 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Attractive 9-day honeymoon package to FranceParisBudapestViennaPrague₹ 1,01,519 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Magical 9-day/8-night France itinerary for honeymoonersRomeFlorenceVeniceParis₹ 1,01,686 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring 9-day France offer for honeymoonersRomePisaVeniceParis₹ 1,02,531 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's heavenly 9-night honeymoon itineraryParisLucerneVeniceRome₹ 1,03,229 (accommodation included)
    9-day/10-night attractive France honeymoon planRomePisaVeniceParis₹ 1,04,613 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sweet 8-night France honeymoon tourist package for doting lifematesParisRome₹ 1,04,766 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day cuddly honeymoon in France for newlywed matesParisPragueAmsterdamParis₹ 1,04,802 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's funfilled 11-night honeymooning packageParisMarseilleCannesNiceColmar₹ 1,05,343 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris showcased: 7-night dreamy honeymoon in a French regionParisAmsterdamParis₹ 1,07,108 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Alluring France 6-night honeymoon packageParisLucerne₹ 1,12,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Spellbinding 8-day France honeymoon trip bundle for you and your spousePragueAmsterdamParis₹ 1,12,208 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sweet France honeymoon package for 9 days & 10 nightsZurichLucerneParisAmsterdam₹ 1,13,621 (accommodation included)
    17-day bubbly honeymoon package to FranceBrusselsParisLucerneVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,15,033
    6-night alluring France honeymoon planParisRome₹ 1,15,211 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris special: Tempting 7-day honeymoon in a Mediterranean settingParisLucerne₹ 1,15,595 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Tempting 9-day/10-night France package for honeymoonersAthensMykonosSantoriniParis₹ 1,16,038 (airfare & accommodation included)
    12-day memorable France honeymoon holiday package for doting spousesRomeFlorenceVeniceParis₹ 1,17,349 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Surreal 9-day France bundle for honeymoonersParisVeniceRome₹ 1,17,867 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Heavenly honeymooning bundle to France for 12 days & 11 nightsParisBudapestPrague₹ 1,18,011 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day/10-night memorable France honeymoon vacation package for your post-marital blissVeniceLucerneParisAmsterdam₹ 1,18,289 (accommodation included)
    11-day/10-night divine France honeymooning tourist itinerary for doting matesAthensSantoriniMykonosParis₹ 1,19,243 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Dreamy 6-day/5-night France honeymooning packageParisVenice₹ 1,20,105 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's cuddlesome 4-night honeymoon offerParisBarcelona₹ 1,20,748 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Bewitching 8-night France bundle for honeymoonersAmsterdamParisLucerne₹ 1,21,769 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-day dazzling France honeymoon tour offer for your post-nuptial blissParisStrasbourgBerlinBrussels₹ 1,25,998 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Memorable 7-day France plan for honeymoonersParisInterlakenZurich₹ 1,27,003 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Hedonistic 3-night France honeymooning bundleParisLyonNiceParis₹ 1,28,497 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Hypnotic 6-night France honeymooning trip deal for doting matesParisLucerne₹ 1,29,083 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Joyful 9-night France package for honeymoonersParisVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,30,434 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris highlighted: 8-night spellbinding honeymoon in a Mediterranean settingParisLucerneRome₹ 1,31,629 (airfare & accommodation included)
    15-night memorable honeymooning to France for soulmatesParisCologneBrusselsGhentAmsterdam₹ 1,31,684 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Dreamy 9-day/8-night France package for honeymoonersCorsicaNiceParis₹ 1,32,912 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's hypnotic 8-night honeymoon offerRomeFlorenceVeniceParis₹ 1,33,859 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day surreal France honeymooning trip plan for diehard romanticsParisFlorenceNaplesRome₹ 1,34,526 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Romance reloaded 10-night France honeymoon trip deal for the newly wedRomeParisMechelen₹ 1,35,188 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris in spotlight: Intriguing 9-day honeymoon in a French settingParisZurichVienna₹ 1,37,579 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Romance reloaded 12-night France honeymoon trip offer for newly wedsRomeVeniceLucerneParisAmsterdam₹ 1,39,511 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Rousing France 9-day honeymoon itineraryRomePisaVeniceParis₹ 1,40,385 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day surrealistic France honeymoon packageRomeVeniceLucerneParis₹ 1,40,841 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's celestial 8-day honeymooning packageParisZurich₹ 1,43,657 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Dreamy 7-night France package for honeymoonersParisLucerne₹ 1,44,650 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's intimate 9-day honeymooning dealParisVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,45,144 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-day/7-night dreamy France honeymoon packageParisSantoriniMykonos₹ 1,45,820 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Celestial 10-night France honeymoon tour package for your post-marital blissParisVeniceFlorenceLucerne₹ 1,45,823 (airfare & accommodation included)
    7-day joyful honeymoon package to FranceParisLyonBordeauxParis₹ 1,46,815 (accommodation included)
    Enticing France 12-day honeymooning packageIbizaMalagaParisMarbellaSeville₹ 1,47,199 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-day stimulating France honeymoon packageLondonBirminghamParis₹ 1,47,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sensual 8-day France honeymooning holiday package for romantic couplesParisLucerne₹ 1,48,677 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's tempting 11-day honeymoon itineraryParisVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,49,304 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Engaging France 10-night honeymoon packageAmsterdamBrusselsParis₹ 1,50,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day/10-night stimulating France honeymoon bundleAmsterdamBrusselsParis₹ 1,50,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day heavenly honeymoon package to FranceColmarMarseilleMonte CarloNice₹ 1,51,633 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Heavenly 13-day/12-night France honeymooning packageParisRomeSorrentoFlorenceSantoriniAthens₹ 1,51,647 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-night effervescent France honeymooning vacation itinerary for the hopeless romanticsParisFrankfurtInterlakenVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,53,184 (accommodation included)
    Sensual 9-day/10-night France honeymooning vacation deal for your post-nuptial blissParisLucerneZurich₹ 1,54,003 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Bubbly 9-day/8-night France honeymooning packageParisLucernePrague₹ 1,54,037 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Amorous 9-day/8-night France package for honeymoonersParisBrusselsAmsterdam₹ 1,54,497 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day surrealistic honeymoon to France for the newly wedAmsterdamParisZurich₹ 1,55,149 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Surreal honeymooning offer to France for 9 days & 8 nightsRomeFlorenceVeniceParis₹ 1,55,549 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-day attractive honeymooning in France for the newlywedsParisZurichInterlakenLucernePrague₹ 1,55,976 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's attractive 3-night honeymoon packageRomeVeniceParisBrusselsAmsterdam₹ 1,56,813 (airfare & accommodation included)
    16-day effervescent honeymoon to France for the romantically inclinedParisVeniceFlorenceRomeSantoriniAthens₹ 1,56,830 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's ethereal honeymoon package for 11 days & 10 nightsParisAmsterdamLucerneZurich₹ 1,57,318 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-night beguiling France honeymoon holiday itinerary for wild-eyed romanticsAmsterdamParisLucerne₹ 1,58,232 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-day ethereal honeymoon to France for the just-marriedLondonParisNice₹ 1,60,942 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sparkly France honeymoon itinerary for 21 days & 20 nightsRomeFlorenceVeniceMilanPragueAmsterdamParisBarcelonaValenciaMadrid₹ 1,63,308 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Hedonistic 15-day honeymooning package to FranceNiceBordeauxStrasbourgMarseilleCannesLyonParis₹ 1,63,552 (airfare & accommodation included)
    13-night joyful honeymooning to France for couplesParisVeniceFlorenceSorrentoRome₹ 1,64,852 (airfare & accommodation included)
    London foregrounded: 10-night surreal honeymoon in a Mediterranean regionLondonParisLucerne₹ 1,64,982 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Surreal 16-night France honeymoon trip package for newly wedsAmsterdamParisInterlakenZurichSalzburgVienna₹ 1,65,889 (accommodation included)
    9-night attractive France honeymoon packageParisLucerneZermattZurich₹ 1,65,966 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's idyllic honeymooning package for 9 days & 8 nightsZurichInterlakenParis₹ 1,67,257 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Magical 13-day France honeymoon tourist package for spouses with benefitsSalzburgBudapestRomeParisLondon₹ 1,70,140 (accommodation included)
    Paris highlighted: Celestial 7-night honeymoon in a French settingParisLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,71,000 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sweet 11-day France honeymoon holiday itinerary for newlywed matesParisLucerneInterlakenVeniceRome₹ 1,75,017 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Amorous 13-day/12-night France honeymoon tourist plan for romantic spousesParisLucerneVenicePisaRome₹ 1,81,122 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Paris highlights: 18-day engaging honeymoon in a French localityParisZurichInterlakenZermattLucerneVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 1,83,140 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Memorable 9-day/8-night honeymooning offer to FranceAmsterdamParisLucerne₹ 1,85,368 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Surreal 12-night France honeymooning packageRomeFlorenceVeniceLucerneParis₹ 1,85,395 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-day engaging honeymoon in France for newlywed matesParisLucerneZurich₹ 1,87,730 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Beguiling honeymoon offer to France for 18 days & 17 nightsBarcelonaRomeVeniceFlorenceNiceParisBrussels₹ 1,89,346 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-day/13-night divine France honeymooning tour deal for the newly marriedParisLucerneVeniceRome₹ 1,90,063 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day enthralling France honeymoon planParisInterlakenLucerneVenice₹ 1,90,143 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Pleasure-seeking 9-day France honeymoon planParisLyonNice₹ 1,91,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
    14-day idyllic honeymoon in France for the romantic coupleParisMontreuxLucerneZurichParis₹ 1,92,500 (accommodation included)
    11-day hypnotic France honeymooning vacation package for newly wedsParisGenevaLucerneZurich₹ 1,92,745 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Amsterdam foregrounded: 12-day beguiling honeymoon in a French settingAmsterdamParisStuttgartLucerneInterlaken₹ 1,96,299 (airfare included)
    Beguiling 15-day/14-night France offer for honeymoonersParisZurichFlorenceVeniceRome₹ 2,05,064 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Interlaken special: Joyful 16-day honeymoon in a French settingInterlakenLucerneMontreuxVeniceFlorenceRomeParis₹ 2,05,913 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day/10-night beguiling honeymoon offer to FranceParisNiceMontreuxLucerne₹ 2,07,500 (airfare & accommodation included)
    8-night rousing honeymoon to France for the newly wedParisZurichZermattInterlakenParis₹ 2,10,223 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Attractive France honeymoon itinerary for 15 days & 14 nightsRomeVeniceNiceParisLucerneZurich₹ 2,18,288 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Amsterdam special: Frenzy 15-night honeymoon in a Mediterranean terrainAmsterdamBrugesParisInnsbruckMunich₹ 2,21,230 (airfare & accommodation included)
    20-day hypnotic France honeymooning packageParisLondonZurichLucerneInnsbruckSalzburgVeniceRome₹ 2,22,446 (accommodation included)
    Amorous France 15-day honeymooning packageLondonAmsterdamParisRomeVenice₹ 2,24,792 (airfare & accommodation included)
    11-day magical honeymooning to France for the just-marriedAmsterdamParisSantoriniAthens₹ 2,30,576 (airfare & accommodation included)
    France's hedonistic 25-night honeymooning packageNiceParisAmsterdamPragueViennaBudapestAthensMykonosSantoriniAthens₹ 2,31,956 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Sparkly 19-day/18-night France honeymooning packageParisAmsterdamPragueViennaSalzburgVeniceFlorenceRome₹ 2,39,147 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Bubbling France 19-night honeymooning dealParisGenevaLucerneSalzburgViennaPrague₹ 2,45,722 (accommodation included)
    Dazzling 15-day honeymoon deal to FranceInterlakenZermattMontreuxParisAmsterdam₹ 2,46,074 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Celestial honeymoon itinerary to France for 11 days & 10 nightsLisbonBarcelonaParisAmsterdam₹ 2,54,927 (airfare & accommodation included)
    9-day stimulating honeymoon package to FranceParisReykjavikParis₹ 2,67,797 (accommodation included)
    Rome showcase: Bubbly 18-night honeymoon in a French settingRomeFlorenceZermattInterlakenMontreuxParisFrankfurt₹ 2,72,233 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Beguiling France honeymoon itinerary for 13 days & 12 nightsParisMontreuxLucerneZurich₹ 2,87,687 (airfare & accommodation included)
    17-day/16-night enchanting France honeymoon tour deal for the romantic coupleZurichLucerneInterlakenParisAmsterdam₹ 3,91,921 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Pleasure-seeking 23-night France bundle for honeymoonersViennaInnsbruckZurichZermattInterlakenStrasbourgParisLondonBirmingham₹ 4,07,810 (airfare & accommodation included)
    Enthralling 19-day France bundle for honeymoonersLondonBrusselsAmsterdamParisLucerneVeniceMykonosAthens₹ 4,16,167 (airfare & accommodation included)

    Why Pickyourtrail?

    Now you know why France offers something for every couple. When you have chosen such a beautiful country for your honeymoon, why bother exhausting your time and energy in deciding where to go and what to do? In Pickyourtrail's exclusive France honeymoon packages, every detail is customizable - right from the standard 4-star accommodation to flights and entry passes. Every part of the itinerary is created keeping your preferences in mind, making it solely your trip. Why travel by someone else's choices when you can build your own itinerary? All you have to do is let us know your interests. So what are you waiting for? Get ready for a perfect romantic honeymoon in French territory.

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    Spectacular 7 night Europe itinerary

    • Brussels (3N)
    • Paris (4N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Ghent and Bruges Day Trip from Brussels
    • Big Bus Paris Hop-On Hop-Off Tour
    • Disneyland Paris 1-Day Ticket +1 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 4 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts from 60,000 /Person

    Beauty overloaded : An 8 night France itinerary

    • Paris (3N)
    • Marseille (2N)
    • Cannes (2N)
    +1 city
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Explore Montmartre
    • Montmartre and Sacre-Coeur Church
    • Eiffel Tower Priority Access Ticket with Host +5 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 8 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts from 65,000 /Person

    The perfect 7 night itinerary to explore France

    • Paris (3N)
    • Marseille (2N)
    • Nice (2N)
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Explore Montmartre
    • Mundolingua Museum Admission Ticket
    • Brunch Calanques Day Cruise +4 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 7 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts from 75,000 /Person

    The most scenic France itinerary for 8 nights

    • Paris (3N)
    • Marseille (3N)
    • Nice (2N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Explore Montmartre
    • Montmartre and Sacre-Coeur Church
    • Promenade des Anglais +5 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 8 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts from 78,892 /Person

    An incredible 6 night France itinerary for an unforgettable vacation

    • Paris (3N)
    • Cannes (2N)
    • Nice (1N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Explore Montmartre
    • Montmartre and Sacre-Coeur Church
    • Small-Group Full-Day Tour to Eze, La Turbie, and Monaco from Cannes +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 5 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts from 83,021 /Person

    The fabulous 5 night Paris honeymoon itinerary for those in love

    • Paris (3N)
    • Colmar (2N)
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Eiffel Tower Priority Access Ticket with Host
    • Skip the Line Louvre Museum Independant Audio Guided Tour
    • Treasures of the Opera Garnier Tour in Paris

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 3 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts from 95,941 /Person

    Marvellous 11 day Europe itinerary for the Honeymoon travellers

    • Paris (1N)
    • Nice (2N)
    • Barcelona (2N)
    +3 cities
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Monaco, Monte Carlo & Eze Medieval village
    • Semi-private VIP Guided Tour of the Alhambra from Seville
    • Private Tour of Sintra and Cascais

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 3 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts from 97,261 /Person

    A fantastic 13 night France honeymoon itinerary

    • Paris (4N)
    • Strasbourg (3N)
    • Marseille (2N)
    +2 cities
    • Leisure
    • Attraction
    • Explore Montmartre
    • Montmartre and Sacre-Coeur Church
    • Val d'Europe VIP Shopping and Gourmet Break +5 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 8 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts from 1,00,068 /Person

    Blissful 6 night Europe itinerary

    • Paris (6N)
    • Attraction
    • Leisure
    • Shopping Exploration : Champs-Elysees,Rue de Rivoli and Le Marais
    • Paris Transport card for 5 days [ Zone 1 - 5 ]
    • Bistro-Style Seine River Dinner Cruise on board PARIS EN SCENE +3 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • Flights included
    • 6 activities
    • Shared transfer
    • Visa fees

    Starts from 1,07,243 /Person

    A Honeymoon itinerary: A fantastic 5 night Europe trip

    • Lucerne (3N)
    • Paris (2N)
    • Attraction
    • Lake Lucerne
    • Visit Interlaken from Lucerne
    • Titlis Experience -Best combined with Swiss Pass +2 activities

    Inclusions (customisable)

    • 5 activities
    • Private transfer
    • Visa fees
    • Flights excluded

    Starts from 1,16,268 /Person

    * prices are subject to change
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