An Exciting 3 Nights 4 Days Maldives Holiday Package From India - Sun Island Resort & Spa

Maldives3 Nights Stay
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Maldives3 Nights Stay
Maldives-tourism Travel Guide
Day 01
Full Day
Arrive into Maldives airport and take a taxi to your hotel
Day 02
Full Day
The horizon is on fire, catch some wind and waves on this beautiful day. Add Activity
Day 03
Full Day
The horizon is on fire, catch some wind and waves on this beautiful day. Add Activity
Day 04
Full Day
Take your flight back home. Hope you end up with a lot of memories and a few souvenirs too.

Maldives 5 Days Package

Located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, Maldives truly has the essence of luxury in its vacation. Sprawling over 700 kilometres, this country is the most favorite destination that makes into every traveller’s bucket list. Home to over 1200 islands and a little extra number of resorts, there is an array of options for you to choose from. Yet, this ideal Maldives 4 nights 5 days itinerary will help you streamline your options and the personalised touch with a guaranteed best experience is a bonus in your Maldives 4 nights and 5 days itinerary plan indeed!

Here’s a Handcrafted Maldives 4 nights and 5 days itinerary

  • Day 1: Arrive at Velana International Airport, Male and take a 20 minute speedboat to reach your favourite Paradise Island Resort. Dine in one of your favourite restaurants.
  • Day 2: Go for Catamaran Sailing and witness some Orange sunsets.
  • Day 3: Engage in Windsurfing and treat yourself to some exotic spa.
  • Day 4: Shop at Male Island and enjoy the Canoeing session.
  • Day 5: Return to India from Maldives.

Note: You can customize every single day of your 4 nights Maldives Package. You will be able to remove or add every single activity - also you change the number of days and tailor make everything according to your preference. Choose your favourite Maldives resort and enjoy the benefits accordingly. And if you have doubts any first timer generally would have, no worries -- we are just a call away! Talk to our expert and plan a personalised Maldives package.

Top places to see in Maldives in 5 days

Maldives is not just about full stacked activities, it has beautiful places for you to give your eyes a visual treat. Try to explore as many places to keep yourself entertained throughout your stay.


This capital city is an unnoticed wonder built of beauty and fun. From manicured parks to curated museums to gorgeous beaches to mesmerizing galleries to endless shopping. This place is an absolute fit for any kind of a traveller - from family trips to honeymoons. The artificial beach soaks in an endless number of activities from Kayaking to wakeboarding to swimming to what not! The beautiful sceneries call you for some spectacular pictures making your Maldives 5 days package from India truly worthwhile while announcing to the world that you are on your favourite vacation.

Addu Atoll

This is the southernmost Atoll located in Maldives. This atoll comprises beautiful islands like Meedhoo and Hithadhoo islands. Fresh air and shady palm trees along with pristine blue waters battle with each other to rejuvenate you. Breathtaking activities from diving to snorkelling keeps you highly engaged during your visit. The untouched sands of villages in Addu Atoll instills the right amount of a vacation vibe.

Vaadhoo Island

Vaadhoo island offers an unmatched blend of gorgeous landscapes with an exotic beach life. Head to any resort, plan any activity during your Maldives 4 nights 5 days itinerary but make sure to spend one of your late evenings on Vaadhoo Island. As the evening sun fades the day sky, a spectacular bioluminescent activity takes place making the wavy beach appear like a night sky studded with blue stars. From Snorkelling to swimming to diving to kayaking, Vaadhoo Island offers a different kind of holiday.

The Muraka - Conrad

Located in the Rangali Island, the Muraka is one of the most interesting experiences you will ever have in this Maldives land. This is an exotic 2 level underwater villa letting you to stay, eat and do whatsoever underwater -- amidst the waters of Maldives. Personalise everything from having a luxurious spa experience to having a private chef to getting the butler service for yourself. Apt to visit anytime of the year, never miss experiencing this on your Maldives 4 nights 5 days itinerary.

Majeedhee Magu

This place is one of the crowdest places you will ever see in your Maldives itinerary. Studded with rows of shops, this place is absolutely the best place to visit if you are a shopaholic. This will be the most interesting part of your Maldives experience. From cosmetics to handlooms to perfumes to jewelleries to what not. Visit this place anytime between 9 AM and 11 PM any day and you will shop the best memories of Maldives here.

Top things to do in Maldives in 5 days

Maldives is stacked with more than a pile of activities and hence you can never run out of options to choose things to do in Maldives. Try to engage yourself in one or other activities during your Maldives 4 nights 5 days itinerary to not miss any of the best experiences.

Scuba Diving - Scuba Diving is one of the best activities to do in Maldives. If you have less time and have to choose between an array of activities, you can mindlessly choose over Scuba diving. The Marine world has so much to offer - so many tales to tell you. Come across beautiful sea animals from sea turtles to sharks. Maafushi is one of the best places to Scuba dive.

Go on an Island hopping - Maldives is a rich blend of luxury in culture and heritage. Hence, visiting all the 1200 islands is highly impossible but you can choose a handful of islands and explore it the best way possible by island hopping. You will yourself come across various cultures, rituals, celebrations and untouched beaches along with some beautiful villages.

Make time for partying - Sit by the shore of your favourite beach and witness the orange sunset going down with your favourite drink. And once the stars have taken their position on the night sky, absorb some party vibes. Under the star blanketed sky, shake your feet for some vibrant music and fall in love with the ambience while not forgetting to enjoy the best time of your vacation.

Dine for some romance - And one of the best features you can ever find in your 5 days Maldives itinerary is the romantic setup you get along with candle light dinner. The ambience of a celebration fades with the growing love. Enjoy your favourite dish with your loved one by keeping the elements of nature as a witness.

Spa - Unwind your tiring muscles under the Maldivan sky and indulge in some exotic Spa. Give to the hands of professionals, sit back and enjoy the rejuvenation with a view!

Customisable Maldives 5 Days package from India

Pickyourtrail presents you with manicured itineraries matching your preferences. In the process of understanding you, we ultimately want you to have what you want instead of merely accepting what is given to you. And this educated us to bring about a customisation in everything we do - the customisation option allows you to decide the flight you want to fly, the resorts you want to stay, the amenities you want, the room types you prefer, the activities you want to do and the places you plan to visit. Book it online and ultimately craft it yourself!

Be it a Maldives honeymoon package or Maldives family packages, your Maldives itinerary will just be made amazing for you to cherish every moment and nourish every memory.

Book Maldives 4 nights 5 days itinerary for a quick getaway and make it personalised with us today!

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