1. Maldives Travel Guide: Your Tropical Escape To The Maldives' Sun-kissed Atolls

Maldives Travel Guide: Your Tropical Escape to the Maldives' Sun-Kissed Atolls

Maldives, the land of tropical cuisine, beaches and culture is a collection of islands formed of corals in the Indian Ocean.
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The Beauty of the Maldives: Exploring the Paradise of the Indian Ocean

Every traveler’s dream is to travel to the Maldives. How is the Maldives attracting so many tourists? What makes Maldives tourism thrive? Let’s find out. The Maldives is an enclave of around 1,200 small islands located in the Indian Ocean. It is renowned for its stunningly beautiful landscapes, white sand beaches, crystal clear waters and vibrant coral reefs. The Maldives being a tropical country, experiences a hot and humid climate throughout the year. The average temperature is around 30°C (86°F) and rainfall is abundant. The islands are surrounded by a beautiful greenish-blue sea and the warm waters are home to an incredible variety of marine life, including turtles, dolphins, manta rays, whale sharks and a wide array of colorful fish. 

The Maldives’ landscape is made up of a series of low-lying coral atolls, with sandy beaches and lush vegetation. The incredible array of coral reefs found here makes the Maldives a popular spot for scuba divers from around the globe. The waters of the Maldives are also famous for their incredible visibility, which makes snorkeling an unforgettable experience. Nature lovers looking for the perfect getaway destination have to travel to the Maldives where they will find paradise. 

The country is home to a wide range of natural attractions, from lush tropical forests to hidden beaches and lagoons. The islands are also home to a wide range of wildlife, including rare bird species, sea turtles, dolphins and whales.

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Maldives Tourism Package

Maldives tourism has become increasingly popular among tourists, thanks to its most beautiful beaches and luxury resorts. With its pure waters, white sand beaches, and amazing coral reefs, Maldives tourism attracts millions of tourists each year.

The Maldives is one among the most visited countries in the world. Nearly 1.4 million tourists visited the Maldives in 2019. This accounted for a total of 8% of the country’s GDP. At the same time, the Maldives is one of the most expensive tourist destinations in the world, with the average cost of a hotel room in 2019 being around $400 per night.

It is famous for its mesmerizing natural beauty and is a popular choice for honeymooners, couples and families. Some of the top class resorts can be found in the Maldives, offering a variety of activities such as watersports, scuba diving and snorkeling.

For travelers looking to relax and unwind, the Maldives has to be the ideal spot, with many resorts offering spa treatments, yoga classes and meditation. Not just this, the Maldives is famous for its nightlife, with many bars and nightclubs located across the islands.

A wide variety of wildlife, including many species of fish, birds, and mammals can be found in the Maldives. With its stunning landscapes and luxurious resorts, Maldives tourism is sure to provide an unforgettable holiday experience for visitors. With Maldives tourism package, you will be able to experience the entire beauty of Maldives to the fullest. 

Maldives History

The Maldives holds a strong and significant past that dates back to the 4th Century BC.

Early History: Dravidian people from the southern part of India are believed to have been the first settlers in the Maldives. In the 4th century BC, Buddhist missionaries from Sri Lanka introduced Mahayana Buddhism to the Maldives.

Medieval Period: By the 12th Century, the Maldives became part of the maritime empire of the Sultanate of Sinhala, based in Sri Lanka. Up until the Portuguese arrived and seized control of the islands in 1558, a series of regional sultans ruled the Maldives.

Colonial Period: After defeating the Portuguese in the year 1573, the Ottoman Empire under the rule of Sultan of Istanbul took control over the Maldives. The islands were then ruled by a series of local sultans until 1887 when the sultanate was abolished and the Maldives was taken over by the British.

Modern History: The Maldives gained independence from Britain in 1965. It officially became a republic in 1968. In 1978, Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, was elected as the first President of the Maldives and served until 2008. In 2008, Mohamed Nasheed was elected president and held office until 2012. Since then, Abdulla Yameen has been the president of the Maldives.

While exploring Maldives tourism, there are some famous historical places in Maldives that are not to be missed. These places stand as a representation of the rich history of the Maldives.

Maldives Language

The Maldives is a South Asian island nation located in the Indian Ocean. The official language of the Maldives is Dhivehi, which is spoken by the majority of the people.

Dialects: - The language has two dialects: Northern Dialect and Southern Dialect. The Northern dialect is spoken in the capital of the Maldives, Male, and the Southern dialect is spoken in the atolls of the country.

Official Status: - Dhivehi is the official language of the Maldives. The official language is the only language to be used in all the official documents of the country.  It is also taught in schools, and it is the medium of instruction in all government schools.

Maldives Culture

The Maldives is a country consisting of 26 coral reefs in the Indian Ocean, south of India and Sri Lanka. The people of the Maldives follow a unique culture and have a vibrant history.

Religion in Maldives: The majority of Maldivians are Sunni Muslims. The Maldivian society is largely influenced by the Islamic traditions and practices.

Clothing: Maldivian men wear a sarong, also known as a lava-lava along with a long shirt. Women wear a garment known as a dhoti.

Food: Sri Lankan as well as Indian cuisine have largely influenced Maldives cuisine. Rice and seafood is a major part of the diet. Popular dishes in the Maldives include Mas Huni, which is basically tuna and coconut, and garuda which is a fish soup.

Arts and Crafts: The Maldives is known for its complex and sophisticated basketry and wood carving. Drums, flutes and other percussion instruments characterize the traditional Maldivian music

Festivals: The most important festival in the Maldives is Eid-ul-Fitr, which marks the end of Ramadan. Other festivals include National Day and the annual Whale Shark Festival.

Maldivian Currency

The Maldivian currency is officially called as Maldivian Rufiyaa.

• Maldivian Rufiyaa is divided into 100 laari.

• MVR coins are available in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 25, and 50 laari and banknotes in denominations of 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 50, 100, 500, and 1000 rufiyaa.


Here are some of the interesting facts about the Maldivian Rufiyaa

• The Maldivian rufiyaa was introduced in 1947 to replace the Indian rupee.

• In 1985, the rufiyaa was revalued and the exchange rate was changed to 1 rufiyaa = 13.5 Indian rupees.

• Major international currencies such as the US dollar, British pound, euro, and Japanese yen are accepted at most hotels and resorts in the Maldives.

• Credit cards are accepted at most hotels, resorts, shops and restaurants.

The most convenient foreign exchange counter is the Bank of Maldives Foreign Exchange counter which is located in the Arrival Hall. Only major currencies are exchanged for MVR, so check with a travel agent to see if your money will be traded.

Banks such as the State Bank of India, Bank of Ceylon, and HSBC are located in Male and large inhabited islands where you can exchange money. However, keep in mind that bank queues are longer and you will have to wait for a long time.

Here are few conversion rates of Maldives currency:

USD 1 = MVR 15.41
GBP 1 = MVR 20.50
EUR 1 = MVR 18.23
INR 1 = MVR 0.22

Best Season to Visit Maldives

The Maldives experiences two different seasons: Dry season and Wet season. The dry season starts from November and goes till April. On the other hand, the wet season is from May and goes till October.  


Average Temperature (°C)

Average Precipitation (mm)


Winds: Light and variable winds can be experienced in the Maldives. During the wet season, the southwest monsoon brings strong winds from the southwest along with some occasional windstorms. During the dry season, winds are usually light and variable.

Humidity: Humidity in the Maldives is usually on a higher scale, ranging from 75% to 90%. Humidity is lower during the dry season and higher during the wet season.

Sunshine: The Maldives receives an average of 8 hours of sunshine on a daily basis throughout the year. It is sunniest during the dry season, with some islands receiving up to 12 hours of sunshine per day

The best time to visit Maldives is between December and March when the weather is dry and pleasant.

Places to visit in Maldives

From snorkeling and diving to sailing and exploring, Maldives tourism offers the perfect surroundings for a perfect holiday. With so many hidden gems offered by Maldives tourism to be explored by tourists embarking on Maldives tour packages, here are a few must-see places when visiting the Maldives.

1. Male: Male is the capital of the Maldives and is home to many popular attractions. From vibrant markets and colorful mosques to energetic nightlife, Male is a great place to be explored before heading out to the islands.

2. North Male Atoll: This Atoll is one of the most popular places to visit in the Maldives and is home to some of the best resorts and beaches. The gorgeous white sand beaches, pure waters and abundant marine life make this area a must-see for visitors.

3. Hulhumalé: Hulhumale is an artificial island off the coast of Male. It is renowned for its stunning beaches, lively nightlife and present-day infrastructure. Hulhumalé is the perfect place to visit irrespective of the type of travel you undertake.

4. Vaadhoo Island:  This Island is located off the coast of Male. Stunning coral gardens and bioluminescent plankton, which gives the sea a glow at night, are what makes this place a must visit in the Maldives. Vaadhoo Island is a great place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature.

5. Biyadhoo Island: Another popular spot for travelers looking for a luxurious getaway. The beautiful beaches, stunning coral reefs and luxurious resorts, makes Biyadhoo Island the perfect place to relax and unwind.

6. Laamu Atoll: This Atoll is a hidden paradise located off the coast of the Maldives. It is known for its pristine beaches, crystal clear waters, and rich marine life. Looking for a place to go diving and explore the underwater world? Laamu Atoll is the place you have to be.

7. Hanifaru Bay: The Hanifaru Bay is a protected marine sanctuary located in the Baa Atoll. It is known for its beautiful coral reefs and a large number of manta rays and whale sharks that can be seen here. Hanifaru Bay is a great place for snorkelers as well as divers

8. Fihalhohi Island: A popular place to visit in the Maldives especially for budget travelers is the Fihalhohi island which offers a relaxed environment for tourists along with its white sandy beaches and perfect snorkeling opportunities.

Things to do in Maldives

How to make your Maldives tour adventurous? What to do while in the Maldives? Below are some of the top things to do in the Maldives.

1.Enjoy Watersports:

• Snorkeling: With pure and clear waters, the Maldives is a paradise for snorkelers. Snorkeling can be done in any of the resort lagoons or even from a dive boat.

• Scuba Diving: It is a world-renowned spot for Scuba diving. As divers go underwater they can encounter rare species such as manta rays, whale sharks and hammerhead sharks.

• Surfing: The best surfing spots in the world can be found in the Maldives. With its numerous breaks, from beginner to advanced, Maldives tourism lures both experienced as well as pupil surfers.

• Wakeboarding: The warm waters of the Maldives offer the perfect conditions for wakeboarding. Boards and equipment can be rented at most resorts and water sports centers.

2. Relax on the Beach:

• Sunbathing: The Maldives is home to some of the most beautiful beaches, with pristine white sands and transparent waters. Sunbathing on the beach is the perfect way to relax and enjoy the stunning scenery.

• Swimming: The warm and inviting waters of the Maldives are perfect for swimming. Indulging in a nice swim is a great way to cool off on a sunny day or spend some time with family and friends.

• Kayaking: Kayaking is a great way to explore the stunning waters of the Maldives. Take a kayak out to explore the lagoons, reefs and to discover hidden gems.

3. Explore the Islands:

• Island Hopping: With thousands of islands, the Maldives is excellent for island hopping. Take a day trip to explore the neighboring islands and discover the unique culture and traditions practiced in each island.

• Island Excursions: Many resorts offer island excursions to nearby sites such as sandbanks, deserted islands, local villages and historic sites.

• Shopping: Shopping is a great way to experience the local culture in the Maldives and also to purchase some souvenirs and gifts. You can find local markets and boutiques offering a variety of items ranging from clothing to jewelry and handicrafts.

4. Wildlife Viewing:

• Birdwatching: The Maldives is a heaven for birdwatchers, with over 120 species of migratory as well as resident birds. Embark on a tour to explore the mangrove forests and spot some rare species of birds.

• Whale Watching: The Maldives is also an ideal place to spot the majestic creatures of the sea. Whale-watching tours offer an impeccable experience to witness these blue giants.

• Turtle Watching: Don’t forget to take a tour to witness the majestic sea turtles. Witness them laying their eggs on the beaches and also take part in Sea turtle conservation.

Apart from these, while embarking on a Maldives tour  you can also indulge in Spa treatments, go on dolphin watching, experience delectable cuisine at underwater restaurants or even go on a Sunset cruise with your loved one. There are so many options offered by Maldives tourism to ensure tourists get the best holiday experience.

Nightlife in Maldives

We cannot talk about Maldives tourism without mentioning the illuminated nightlife it offers. The first thing that comes to our mind when we hear the term “nightlife” is the bars and pubs. But the nightlife in Maldives has so much more to offer visitors. You can indulge in watching crab racing and jungle cinema during the night. You can also spend your night time at a number of party places. If you are an astronomy enthusiast you have the perfect opportunity to indulge in stargazing which is one of the best things to do in the Maldives in the night.

Maldives Visa

In order to Visit the Maldives and explore the stunning attractions offered by Maldives tourism, one would need a valid Visa.

Types of Visas:

• Tourist Visa: For leisure and holiday travelers, the tourist visa has a validity for 30 days and can be extended up to 90 days.

• Transit Visa: For those who are stopping in Maldives temporarily while en route to another destination, the Transit Visa will be provided with a validity for up to 96 hours.

• Business Visa: For Business travelers visiting the Maldives, Business Visa is offered with a validity of 30 days and can be extended up to 90 days.

Official Website for Maldives visa application : Maldives Visa


• All foreign nationals embarking on Maldives tour package will require a valid visa, as per their purpose of visit.

• Nationals of certain countries such as India, Sri Lanka, and the United Kingdom can obtain a visa on arrival.

Application Process:

• Applicants have to fill out an online visa application form and submit it along with the relevant documents.

• Applicants may also have to attend an interview at the embassy or consulate. Required Documents:

• A valid passport with a minimum of six months validity from the date of arrival in Maldives

• A recent passport-size photograph

• Evidence of sufficient funds

• A return or onward ticket

• A copy of the hotel booking

• Evidence of medical insurance Fee:

• The visa fees vary according to the type of visa and the nationality of the applicant.

• It is best to check with the embassy or consulate for the exact fee.

To get a detailed understanding of Maldives visa for Indians refer to our blog. 

Shopping in Maldives

Maldives is not just a great destination for a holiday but also a great place to go shopping. You can find abundant luxury shops, local markets and souvenir shops to purchase from. Here is a guide to shopping in the Maldives.

Luxury Shopping:

• Wide variety of high-end shopping options including designer products, jewelry and electronics are offered by luxury resorts.

• Elite Malls such as the Marina Mall and Maalifushi Plaza, offer a great variety of luxury goods.

• Tourists can also visit the Mall of the Maldives in Male, to shop for luxury items.

Local Markets:

• Local markets or bazaars are just perfect to experience the culture of the Maldives and also to find unique items to shop for.

• Local markets are also famous in the Maldives, such as the fish market in Male and the fruit and vegetable market in Hulhumale.

• These markets offer traditional items like spices, clothing and handicrafts.

Souvenir Shopping in Maldives:

• Purchasing Souvenirs in the Maldive are a great way to take home cherished memories.

• There are many souvenir shops located throughout the islands, offering items ranging from traditional jewelry, local handicrafts and T-shirts.

• Unique items such as coconut shell carvings, wooden masks, and seashell jewelry can also be found.

Online Shopping:

• Online shopping is becoming increasingly popular in the Maldives and is a great way to find unique items at a lower cost.

• Several online stores specialize in local products, such as the Maldives Marketplace.

• Tourists can also find a variety of Maldivian souvenirs and traditional items on online stores, such as Etsy and Amazon.

Hotels in Maldives

In order to provide the best experiences for tourists embarking on a trip to Maldives, Maldives tourism offers an array of hotels ranging from luxury to budget friendly services.

5-Star Hotels: Maldives is known for its luxurious 5 star hotels. All these hotels offer top class amenities and services. They are generally located on private islands, offering stunning views and a pristine experience for guests.

4-Star Hotels: 4-star hotels in the Maldives offer more affordable options for tourists visiting the Maldives. All the basic amenities, such as a swimming pool, restaurant and bar are provided.

3-star hotels: For those looking for budget friendly accommodations, 3-star hotels are the way to go. With their ideal location, these hotels provide guests with easy access to the water.

Boutique Hotels: For travelers seeking an unique experience, boutique hotels would be the perfect choice. These hotels, with their central location, offer personalized services and amenities.

Accommodation in Maldives Hotels

You can find a diverse range of hotels offered by Maldives tourism, ranging from luxurious resorts to guesthouses that are super budget friendly. Most hotels and resorts come with private villas, spacious rooms and array of amenities such as spas, restaurants, swimming pools and beach access.

Here are some of the different types of accommodations offered by Maldives tourism:

Resorts: The resorts in the Maldives are known to offer luxury and extravagance. Many resorts provide all-inclusive packages, including meals and drinks, as well as access to private beaches, water sports, and a variety of activities.

Guesthouses: Guesthouses are a great option for budget travelers. They typically  come with basic amenities, such as AC and Wi-Fi, and access to local restaurants and nearby attractions.

Bungalows: If you are looking for an unique experience then Bungalows are a great option. These accommodations typically come with a private beach and swimming pool. Amenities include restaurants and bars.

Villas: Villas are perfect for families and large groups of travelers. You can enjoy amenities like private pools, spacious living areas, and access to a range of services.

Here are some of the top Hotels in the Maldives that offer the best of stays and experience for tourists:

Baros Maldives: Baros Maldives which is located on a Private island provides luxurious villas which come along with private pools, beach access as well as an outdoor pool. It also offers a spa, a dive center, and a restaurant for guests to enjoy from.

Paradise Island Resort & Spa: A luxurious resort located on a private island is the Paradise Island Resort & Spa. Tourists can choose from variety of villas, bungalows, and suites which come along with private pools, beach access and a spa.

Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru: Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru offers villas with private pools and direct beach access. It also features a spa, outdoor pool, and dive center.

• Anantara Dhigu Maldives Resort: This resort located in the South Male Atoll is a luxurious retreat for tourists. It offers luxurious villas with private pools, spa, gym, and a restaurant.

Jumeirah Vittaveli: Located on a private island, Jumeirah Vittaveli is the definition of luxury.  Offers luxurious villas with all the top class amenities.

Veligandu Island Resort & Spa: Veligandu Island Resort & Spa is similar to Jumeirah Vittaveli. It is also located on a private island offering luxurious accommodations to tourists.

Maafushi Guesthouse: Located on the island of Maafushi, Maafushi Guest House provides basic accommodation with a restaurant and a terrace. It is a perfect choice for budget travelers.

• Villa Vista Guesthouse: Offering affordable amenities along with a restaurant, a bar and a terrace, the Villa Vista Guest house is yet another ideal option for budget travelers.

• Six Senses Laamu: If you are looking for luxury and comfort, Six Senses Laamu offers the most luxurious bungalows with private pools, beach access and  spa.

Kandolhu Maldives: Kandolhu Maldives, located on its own private island has luxurious villas with private pools, beach access and a spa for tourists to enjoy and experience.

Kurumba Maldives: The Kurumba Maldives is suitable for luxury seekers as it offers luxurious villas with private pools, beach access and even speed boat transfer. It is very close to the airport.

Soneva Fushi: Soneva Fushi which is located on a private island within the Baa atoll has redefined luxury. With luxurious villas that come with private pools, beach access and a spa, tourists get to experience paradise on earth.

With so many hotels offered to provide the most luxurious as well as comfortable stays, Maldives tourism ensures tourists get the best value for money and the most memorable experience.

Airports in Maldives

Maldives tourism also has a well connected air transportation service to make travelers' journeys easy and smooth. The Airports in Maldives are well maintained by the government. The main international airport is Velana International Airport.

Velana International Airport: Located in Male, Velana International Airport is the main airport serving as the gateway for tourists visiting the Maldives. More than 30 airlines operate to and from this airport to over 50 international destinations.

Other Domestic Airports: In addition to Velana International Airport, there are four other domestic airports in the Maldives. These are:

• Kadhdhoo Airport

• Gan International Airport

• Hanimaadhoo Airport

• Kaadedhdhoo Airport

Seaplane Services: Maldives tourism also offers a range of seaplane services. These services are operated by local companies such as Trans Maldivian Airways and Manta Air. These services provide connectivity to resorts present throughout the country and serve as an easy way to travel between islands.

Helicopter Services: If you want to travel in a luxurious manner,  helicopter services are available in the Maldives. These services are operated by companies such as Maldivian Air Taxi and provide connections to resorts and hidden islands.

Airlines that operate flights from India to Maldives

Below is a list of Airlines that operate flights from India to Maldives and vice versa.

Air India

Apart from these, Sri Lankan Airlines provide connecting flights between India and Maldives.

Transportation in Maldives

Transportation in Maldives is very convenient and easy. You can choose from multiple modes of transport according to your needs.


• The main international airport in the Maldives, the Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, is located on the island of Hulhulé.

• The airport serves as the main hub for the national carrier, Maldivian, as well as for FlyMe, the largest domestic airline in the country.

• Number of international carriers, including Emirates, Qatar Airways, Turkish Airlines, and Etihad Airways also operate flights from and to this airport.

Sea Travel:

• The traditional transportation method in the Maldives is sea travel. The ferries and boats are the most common type of transport between islands.

• Ferries are operated by the Maldives National Ferries Company, as well as by a number of private operators.

• Boats can even be hired from local operators for both short and long-distance trips.


• There is very limited road network, with most of the roads located in the capital city and its surrounding islands.

• The roads are mostly in good condition, but can become congested during peak hours.

• Roads in the country are paved, but you can also see gravel roads on some of the more remote or isolated islands.

Other Modes of Transportation:

• In most tourist areas including Male and other major towns, taxi services are provided.

• Cycling is also popular in the Maldives, with many people renting bicycles to explore the islands.

• Hiring Motorcycles and Scooters from rental companies are also other ways to commute while in the Maldives.

With so many modes of transportation available, it is easy and convenient for tourists to explore Maldives tourism.

Essentials Things to Know


The power socket in Maldives is type G and type D.
The appliances used in India will require a power plug adapter for these socket types.
The voltage here is 220 volts at 50 Hz and it is the same as that we have in India
You can get your universal adapters in any electrical appliances shop or you can also order it online.

Sim and data roaming

Dhiraagu and Ooredoo are the famous cell phone companies in Maldives
Buying a Ooredoo prepaid sim card will cost you only 32 MVR, that is around 2 dollars, and it comes with 20 MVR credit.
The network coverage is also good for this sim card.

Cash & cards

The local currency used in the Maldives is Rufiyaa/MVR. However, US Dollars are widely accepted.
All the resorts in the Maldives accept credit cards, but not all credit cards.
Widely accepted credit cards are Master, Visa, and American Express.
Some resorts accept Maestro, Diners Club, and other cards too.
If you are planning to use cards in local islands it is advisable to use cash instead.

Health & Insurance

It is advisable to carry a health insurance in Maldives
If you are bringing a sizable amount of medicines, carry a doctor's certificate to avoid problems with the Customs.
Buying prescription medicines in the UK will usually not be a problem if you can prove that such medicines have been prescribed to you.

The Maldives is an incredible and diverse destination for all kinds of travelers. With its stunning beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant culture, Maldives tourism is a must visit for travelers looking for an unforgettable and memorable experience. Be it any type of a trip, a romantic getaway, an adventurous trip, or just a relaxing holiday, Maldives tourism will never put you down. Plan your trip with Pickyourtrail’s Maldives tour packages and experience the beauty and wonder of the Maldives in the most hassle free manner. For Hassle free holidays book with Pickyourtrail!

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Emergency contacts

Embassy of India in Maldives

H. Athireege Aage, Ameer Ahmed Magu, Malé 20125, Maldives

ph.no: 9603323015, Email: welfare.male@mea.gov.in

Police: 119, Ambulance: 102, Fire department: 118

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