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Batanes Holiday Packages

When it comes to breathtaking landscapes, a rich cultural heritage, and a serene island atmosphere, Batanes stands out as an exceptional destination. To make the most of your visit, consider opting for a full 5-day Batanes tour package. These International tour package offer an immersive experience, allowing you to explore the wonders of Batanes at a leisurely pace.

Things to do in Batanes

  1. Visit Basco Lighthouse
  2. Explore the breathtaking landscapes of Marlboro Country
  3. Discover the historical sites of Basco, such as the Basco Cathedral and Basco Town Proper
  4. Take a boat ride to the scenic Sabtang Island
  5. Marvel at the natural wonder of Valugan Boulder Beach
  6. Immerse yourself in the traditional Ivatan culture at the House of Dakay
  7. Trek to the summit of Mt. Iraya for panoramic views
  8. Explore the fascinating stone houses of Savidug and Chavayan in Sabtang
  9. Experience the beauty of Morong Beach and Nakabuang Arch
  10. Visit the picturesque Mahatao Church

Book a Package with Pick Your Trail

For an unforgettable Batanes adventure, book your tour package with Pick Your Trail. As specialists in international tour packages, they can create a personalized itinerary that caters to your preferences and ensures a seamless travel experience. From accommodation to transportation, and from sightseeing to cultural experiences, every aspect of your Batanes tour will be carefully arranged to provide you with a hassle-free vacation. Embarking on a full 5-day Batanes tour package is the perfect way to explore the enchanting beauty of this idyllic destination.

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Ideal durations
7 - 8 days
best time
Nov- Apr
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20 days

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