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The Tabuk region is home to some spectacular jewels of Saudi Arabia - both historical and natural. One can find prominent features like majestic sandstone formations at Wadi Rum in Jordan, the Sarawat mountains which tower 2500 metres above sea level and so much more. Some other famous attractions include volcanoes of the Harrat Al-Uwayrid and the beaches and reefs in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Aqaba. Tabuk is a place of historical significance too. It is famous in particular for its ancient rock art, the oasis, and the fables of the prophets. Many epic battles and pilgrims have travelled these lands. If you are planning to take a trip to Tabuk, then you should definitely look at the packages offered by Pickyourtrail. Pickyourtrail offers you the best Tabuk tour packages from India while ensuring great value for your money. So, do visit Pickyourtrail and choose from a variety of deals to get a package of your liking.

Places to Visit in Tabuk

Tabuk is the capital region of the Tabuk region. It is located in the northwestern regions of Saudi Arabia. It is a land of rich culture. This can be best observed in Souq Twaheen. It is well famed for selling patterned rugs and goat hair tent covers among other interesting items. Travellers all over the globe throng here to explore the historical archaeological sites. It is also worth noting that Tabuk served as the setting for the fables of the prophet Moses. With such cultural and historical experiences to be enjoyed, Tabuk makes for a great holiday. Here is a list of the best places to visit while in Tabuk:-


The Tabuk Province has a pretty concentration of natural wonders in Saudia Arabia. So much so that some of these are yet to be discovered. Located in between Jibal Hisma and Wadi Qaraqir, is the fascinating yet discrete Al-Shaq. The name stands for a tear or a rip. This makes perfect sense as one gets the impression that the earth has been torn apart by tectonic forces here. This is precisely why this place is also known as the Great Canyon of Saudi Arabia. It is situated a mere 4 Kilometres away from the road connecting Dhiba and Tabuk. One can also find some large stone circles nearby upon exploring. These are an example of the numerous Bronze Age tombs of the Arabian Peninsula.

Jebel Al-Lawz

The words “ Jebel Al-Lawz ” mean almond mountain in Arabic. It truly is one of the most mythical mountains in Saudi Arabia. It is a common impression that Suadi Arabia is a land of never-ending sand dunes one after the other, but these mountains debunk that notion. Standing tall at a whopping 2549 metres above sea level, Jebel Al-Lawz is the highest mountain in the Tabuk province. One can find inscriptions and rock art on your way up to the summit, The effort to climb this peak is well worth it as one is greeted with magnificent vistas at every turn. The heights here ensure that the visitors can enjoy the benefits of a small microclimate. Owing to its location near the Gulf of Aqaba, this peak receives snowfall every winter. This only adds to the allure of these peaks as the snow turns this untamed and majestic landscape into a winter wonderland. This beautiful landscape should be a stop on your Tabuk tour package.

Jibal Hisma

Jibal Hisma is a Saudi desert that comprises of erosion sculpted sandstone mastiffs. It makes for captivating scenery. It is located to the west of Tabuk city. It is a great example of natural beauty engraved in rich historical and geological dimensions. Jibal Hisma has long been considered to be a major station on the ancient trade routes to and from the Arabian Peninsula. This is also the region behind the diversity and abundance of inscriptions that can be found in the rocks of the steep mountains here. Historians have described this region to be full of Thumadic inscriptions. These date back to more than 2600 years. There are also several Arab writings to be found here. So much so in fact that one cannot find any part here that isn’t engraved by the evidence of the Arabs and the Thamudians. With both history and natural beauty, Jibal Hisma makes for a great addition to your Tabuk tour package from India.


The Khaybar oasis is located in the Madinah Province. It is situated 170 Kilometres north of the city of Madinah. It is present in a series of depressions that collect rainwater. This has lead to the growth of palm trees for millennia now. Khaybar is also surrounded by lava fields. It benefits from the various permanent water points situated at a lower height. The numerous weels and irrigation canals provide an insight into how the settlement has survived here. It also offers a great insight into what an Arabian oasis could have looked like two thousand years ago. With natural beauty abundant to be found, Khaybar should be on your radar for Tabuk holiday package.


The Sarwat mountains are situated to the west of the Tabuk and Medinah provinces. These run from Jordan all the way south to Yemen. These contain some of the highest mountains in the Arabian Peninsula, which also includes the earlier mentioned Jebel Lawz. Over the last few years, some roads have been built to allow for travel from Madinah to Tabuk through the Sarawat. This road offers stunning and changing scenery. One can expect to be greeted by high peaks, traditional villages, and even pristine beaches along the Red Sea. One can also catch a glimpse of the spectacular cliffs of the mythical Wadi Qaraqir. With roads that make for a brilliant road trip, this definitely should be an addition to your Tabuk tour package from India.

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