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Taste the fine wines across the vineyards blanketing the hillsides
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Wine Tours
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Wine tours and packages

Wine Tours and Packages

Wine is a part of every celebration in the west and there is more to it than its unique taste. A bottle of wine tells a story. Be it the wine from Bordeaux, France or Tuscany, Italy or the Douro Valley, Portugal, the wineries we have in Europe, and the award-winning wines that we find there are not found anywhere else in the world.

Wine Country tours

There are numerous wine tasting tours out there for wine lovers. Here are some of the best wine tasting tours that are totally every wine lover’s dream.

Take a wine tasting tour in Bordeaux, France - 590 kilometres from the capital city Paris and taste the wine that the city is famous for. The city also hosts Vinexpo, one of the largest exhibitions of wine and spirits. Bordeaux produces both white and red wine. Château Lafite-Rothschild, Château Latour and Château Lafite-Rothschild are some of the famous and the most expensive wines produced here.

Santorini in Greece produces a variety of red and white wines as well. But the most famous wine produced is the white wine called Vin Santo. The peculiarity with the wine is that the wine needs to be served at cellar temperature either alone or with a dessert. The wine has notes of toffee, dried fruits, and nuts.

Catalonia in Spain is home to the famous sparkling cava wine, loved by locals and tourists alike. The wine was first invented way back in 1872 and therefore Catalonia has seemingly had a long a tradition of wine production.

Napa Valley

It is a renowned Californian wine-producing region north of San Francisco, with hundreds of vineyards set amid rolling hills. The Napa Valley wineries range from small, family-run estates to really huge landmarks such as Robert Mondavi Winery, which offer summertime concerts and tastings year-round. It is one of the world’s premier wine regions and famous for its prized Cabernet Sauvignon. Take a stroll through the vineyards, talk with winemakers, and sip award-winning wines with dramatic views of the valley floor and experience the best wine tasting tour of your life.

    Top 10 wine destinations in Europe
  • Bordeaux, France
  • Rhone Valley, France
  • Santorini, Greece
  • Tuscany, Italy
  • Catalonia, Spain
  • Champagne, France
  • The Douro Valley, Portugal
  • Istria, Croatia
  • Corsica, France
  • Valle d’Aosta, Italy

Wine Tours with Pickyourtrail

Pickyourtrail offers many wine tours across the best wine destinations in Europe to feast every taste bud. Take the 6 nights wine tasting Spain trip covering Malaga and Ibiza and enjoy some spectacular Spanish wine and tapas tasting. Alternatively, go for the 11 nights tour to Paris, Ibiza, Bordeaux, and Madrid and vine away. Book your wine tour with Pickyourtrail and taste the best wines in the world.

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7 nights:

Melbourne (3N)

Yarra valley (1N)

+3 Cities

6 activities
Shared transfer
24x7 concierge
₹163,556 per person
  • A bit of self exploration around Queen Victoria Market, Federation Square and other places
+ 5 more
11 nights:

Paris (2N)

Ibiza (2N)

+3 Cities

7 activities
Shared transfer
24x7 concierge
₹140,112 per person
  • Val d'Europe VIP Shopping and Gourmet Break
+ 6 more
9 nights:

Tenerife (2N)

Madrid (2N)

+3 Cities

5 activities
Shared transfer
24x7 concierge
₹135,513 per person
  • Calle Mayor
+ 4 more
6 nights:

Malaga (3N)

Ibiza (3N)

4 activities
Shared transfer
24x7 concierge
₹105,524 per person
  • Visit Casino de Ibiza
+ 3 more
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