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New Zealand beaches: the perfect summer destinations

Nature in New Zealand is everywhere and is one of New Zealand’s many hidden treasures. One of its many attractive manifestations is the large network of beaches in New Zealand. The ideal New Zealand summer destinations, beaches are your calm space where you can chill and still be able to witness the beauty of the kiwi island. With our New Zealand beach packages and your sunscreen, dive into the waters of this picturesque island country.

New Zealand beaches to explore

While beaches exist everywhere in this whole wide world, some beaches in New Zealand offer an experience you cannot get elsewhere. Along with the activities you can do here, the New Zealand beaches definitely rank higher on both the beach lovers’ and adventure junkies’ list of places to explore. Here is our list of beaches you should definitely explore in the New Zealand summer.

Hot Water Beach

Along the east coast of the Coromandel Peninsula, lies the Hot Water Beach. This is because of the underground hot water springs that come up in the sands of the beach in between low and high tidal waves. It is a geothermal attraction, with large amounts of local and tourist visitors.

Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve

Again along the Coromandel Coast, the Cathedral Cove Marine Reserve is known for its brilliant natural sand and rock structures. It takes a good hike to get there, but the atmosphere and picturesque view are worth it. You can also swim and have a picnic to bask in the New Zealand sun, under the protection of the shady pohutukawa trees.

Ninety Mile Beach

The Ninety Nine Mile Beach is only, in fact, around 88 miles long, but that does not stop the crowds of tourists flocking here. Officially a highway, you can partake in off-road driving or scale up the massive sand dunes north of the beach. Or you can simply take in the awe-inspiring sunsets with our New Zealand beach packages.

Bay of Islands

With more than 140 chain islands to explore, the Bay of Islands is an ideal New Zealand summer spot. You can dive or sail around some of the islands, or simply relax on the many beaches with our New Zealand beach packages. For those interested in history, Waitangi Treaty Grounds is the place to go. This historic site for the first one to be a protected site according to the treaty signed by the British and the Maori people. There are also other spots in the Bay of Islands where you can learn about Maori culture and history.


Surrounded by water on three sides, Auckland beaches are of different types. The secluded white sand Anchor Bay in the Tawharanui National Park, serene waters of the Cheltenham Beach, breathtaking caves at the Bethells Beach, golden sand of the Mission Bay, and the half-moon shaped Point Chevalier Beach are just some of the countless spots for beach enthusiasts. Many of them are great surfing beaches, while the Cheltenham Beach is known for kayaking. Your customized package trip to Auckland should include the unique black sand beaches present here. You can also head to the huge Orewa Beach for kite-surfing, jogging, and wave surfing, if the Auckland beaches are not for you.


This port town is best known for its arts and culture scene and also hosts some great adventure activities on its local beaches. If you are planning an adventure trip to New Zealand, you won’t be disappointed! Paddle through the Tahunanui Bridge for brilliant views combine with some vacation exercise. Visit the Coral Bay Adventure Park to partake in some land and some sea adventures against the backdrop of sandy beaches.

Mount Maunganui

A mountain formed by the upwelling of lava, Mount Maunganui is a major hub in Tauranga. Its clear beaches are famous surfing spots. Moreover, its harbours are commercial centers where you can shop, and eat merry, basking in the New Zealand summer. You can gaze down at the relaxing waters from the historical Tauranga Harbor Bridge.

Piha Beach

Tons of local and tourist crowds frequent this magnificent black sand beach New Zealand has in the seaside village of Piha. It’s rugged scenery is the perfect backdrop to try your hand at surfing. If you are a history buff, Piha Beach’s volcanic monolith Lion Rock with Maori carvings and war memorial writings is an iconic New Zealand landmark.

New Zealand Beach Packages with Pickyourtrail

As Certified New Zealand specialists, we provide the best New Zealand tour packages. It is very easy to book your trips with us, as you can plan, research, and book a trip in under ten minutes on our website. This is because we offer the best curated packages, with itineraries planned by our travel experts keeping in mind your interests and budget. You can also completely customize your itinerary.

Whether you are interested in spending the New Zealand summer on the scenic Auckland beaches or the beautiful black sand beaches New Zealand has to offer, we have the best New Zealand beach packages for you. Book your trip with us today.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Zealand Beach Packages

Are New Zealand beaches safe?

New Zealand's beaches are a mix of choppy waves and calm waters. A lot of the beaches have large waves that are perfect for surfing, but can be risky to swim in. Almost every beach in New Zealand has lifeguards on duty. Because of this, the beaches are safe in general.

When is the best time to go to New Zealand beaches?

December is the ideal time to travel to New Zealand. While the rest of the world is coldest from Oct-Dec and sunniest from April to June, New Zealand is the exact opposite. Travelling to New Zealand during December will ensure your beach vacation is bright and sunny! Avoid the rainy months and winter season as you might not be allowed to enter the water during these periods.

Does New Zealand have nice beaches?

New Zealand has a huge variety of beaches that are perfect for swimming and surfing. If you're a self-confessed beach bum, New Zealand is the perfect holiday destination for you! Our New Zealand beach package allows you to explore the best beaches in New Zealand.

What are the best beaches in New Zealand?

If you're looking for golden sands, sparkling blue waters and warm sunny weather, here are the best beaches in New Zealand to visit:

  • Rarawa Beach

  • Awaroa Beach

  • Wainui Beach

  • Hot Water Beach

  • Whale Bay

  • Ocean Beach

Can you swim in the ocean in New Zealand?

You can swim in a lot of New Zealand beaches, but make sure these is a lifeguard on duty. Some of the best beaches in New Zealand to swim in include:

  • Kaiteriteri Beach

  • Akitio Beach

  • Anaura Bay

  • Ahipara Beach

  • Aotea Lagoon

Is Papamoa Beach safe?

Papamoa Beach has cordoned areas where it is perfectly safe to swim. Be careful if you are venturing beyond this safe zone as the waves can get very rough and. It's also important to be careful during low tide as the current can be very strong.

Do I need a visa for New Zealand?

Yes, you would need to apply for a visa for New Zealand. A New Zealand visitor visa allows you to stay in the country for 9 months.

What clothing should I carry for a New Zealand beach vacation?

These are a few souvenirs that one can buy for friends and family from New Zealand:

  • Jade necklace

  • Whittaker's chocolate

  • Merino wool

  • Charm bracelet

  • Traditional Maori handicrafts

  • A New Zealand t-shirt

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