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The finesse of Spain

Set on the western side of Europe is one of the prominent cultural centres in the world - Spain. Popular for its Flamenco music, dance, culture, and beaches, Spain has a whole lot to offer to its travellers and the diverse landscape is a blessing. Take a look around the alluring country and you will find some of the most splendid architectural monuments. But the country is definitely not just for history buffs. Go on a stroll in the nights and you will discover brightly-lit pubs thumping with Spanish music. Get the taste of the diverse nature of Spain? Get more of this by taking part in one of the many colourful fiestas that take place. For tired bodies and restless souls, the laid-back beaches in Spain are a haven. After all, Spain without its beaches is incomplete.

Serenity & Sunshine - Beaches of Spain

When one side of Spain is dynamic - thriving with music, parties, and festivals, the other side of it has a laid back appeal to it and time here moves at a slower pace. Adding to this laidback vibe are gorgeous beaches. A big reason why Spain beach packages are highly searched for. At the top of the best beaches in Spain is the La Concha beach. Walk on the promenade decorating the beach, play soccer, and sunbathe in the open. People watching is a popular pastime here. The compact beach of Playa de Ses Illetes, on the other hand, is great for relaxing. Characterized by white sands and turquoise waters, the beach looks like paradise found. Visiting Playa de Ses Illetes makes for a great day trip from Ibiza. Bored of the same old beach landscape and looking for something different? Check out the dunes beach of Playa de Maspalomas. Add these beaches to your itinerary and your beach vacation to Spain will be a complete package.

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