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17 Best Beaches in Pattaya, Thailand For A Relaxing Time

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Legend says that the picturesque city of Pattaya was discovered by the war-weary soldiers of the Vietnam war. It is said that the city was earlier called ‘Thap Phraya’ which translates to an army of Phraya based on an earlier war that took place here, which later came to be known as Pattaya. What began as a simple fishing city has now blossomed into a popular tourist destination revered by adults and kids alike. The pearl-white ocean waters of the island city coupled with a lively youthful shoreline overlook a bustling string of small eateries that light up and bring to life the much-envied nightlife of the island of Pattaya. Here’s a quick rundown of the 15+ beaches that Pattaya has to offer. Read more to find out which have you written all over it! Discover which Pattaya tour packages suit you best as you delve into this enchanting destination.


Jomtien beach

One among Thailand’s exotic beaches, the Jomtien beach is a place that seems to be made for leisure.  The beach sits on the southern end of Pattaya with a view that the window at your workplace envies. Blessed with serene waves and clean shores, Jomtien could easily be said to be the best beach in Pattaya for family vacations. The beach mirrors a palm-tree studded road as you head towards the quieter side of Pattaya. But wait! There’s more! Though focused mainly on letting its visitors relax, Jomtien also offers water sports and other activities that are part of a typical beach vacation. Swimming, snorkeling and sunbathing are some among a lot of things the beach has to offer.


Pattaya beach

Get ready to experience the most adventurous beachlife the sin city of Asia has to offer! Pattaya beach is placed comfortably in the heart of the island city and is about 3 kilometers long. It is the most famous beach among its beautiful peers and attracts every tourist visiting Pattaya. The beach offers everything that you expect when you travel for adventure. The highlights of Pattaya beach are snorkeling, sunbathing and of course it's never ending nightlife! The shore is packed with little eateries, restaurants and souvenir shops. Do check out Pattaya’s market street and other attractions while you are down there!


Wong Amat beach

For a vacation filled with binge reading while lounging on the beach, going into clear waters for  a nice and fresh swim and watching the sun set on a grateful universe, Wong Amat in Pattaya would be the perfect choice. Wong Amat is a comparatively quiet place unlike Pattaya beach. It is a private beach and offers its visitors an uninterrupted exclusive Thai beach experience. If you are a beach person, you should definitely check out the choices they have for accommodation near the beach. The resorts give you breathtaking views of sunsets on the beach you will remember for a lifetime. The beach also has restaurants nearby if you want to grab a bite to it. This is the best beach in Pattaya for anyone who wants a quiet beach vacation whether you are traveling alone or with family. Dive into Pattaya's vibrant scene with attractions like Sanctuary of Truth, Floating Market, and thrilling water sports. Experience the things to do in Pattaya for adults city's unique blend of culture, entertainment, and seaside adventures for an unforgettable Pattaya getaway.


Bang Sean beach

Situated quite far from the main city, Bang Sean is among a few beaches that are loved equally by tourists and the locals. This beach is a weekend getaway for Thai people and admired by its visitors for its street food culture. If you are someone who loves a nice long stroll along the shore and has a soft spot for seafood, Bang sean beach is definitely the best beach in Pattaya for it! For people traveling with family, the beach is safe for kids, you can even take them swimming along with you. There are tons of shopping places all around the beach. When you visit Bang Sean be sure to indulge in the myriad flavors of the local Thai cuisine.


Dong Tan beach

This is one among the quieter beaches in Pattaya. Dongtan beach is a Pattaya beach commonly known and loved as a place for couples. It is a nice romantic getaway on your trip to Pattaya where we can reserve deck chairs for the whole day, place an order for food and enjoy beautiful sunsets from the shores of the island. They have a huge range of options for seafood nearby, and tourists are also allowed to do fishing on this beach. If you have kids joining you, there is a fun little playground adjoining the beach where you can take your family. Some vendors sell fresh fruit around this beach. It also offers other services such as massages, manicures and pedicures. The beach is gay-friendly and has a section of it reserved for adults only. Plan your perfect Pattaya escape by visiting between November and February, the best time to visit Pattaya from India to enjoy ideal weather for exploring. Experience the city's vibrant attractions, from Sanctuary of Truth to exciting water sports, under the cool, dry skies of this optimal period


Tawaen beach

One of the lesser known beaches in Koh Larn, the Tawaen beach is known for the range of options the eateries in and around the beach offer. They specialize in almost every kind of international cuisine making the visitor feel right at home. This beach is usually crowded in the peak season, but would make a great choice for shopping if you are traveling as a couple or with friends. The bars around this Pattaya beach provide drinks from morning around 7 A.M. to about 11 P.M. Visitors can also take part in water sports such as jet skis, banana boat and so on.  The nightlife at Tawaen is beyond beautiful, bringing a hippie carnival vibe to it. The pier leading to the beach offers some great views that would be perfect for your instagram.


Bamboo beach

Some sand, some sun, and a secluded beach for everything fun! If you are planning your holiday in southeast Asia and are looking for the best beaches Pattaya, Thailand has to offer, to just sit and let loose on, bamboo beach is definitely the choice for you! The beach sits on an idyllic bay overlooking all the other tourist attractions around it. The beach offers deck chairs at an affordable price and there are a few beach bars that offer beers and refreshments after an eventful day in the sun. Occasionally, the local artists perform a fire dance on the beach at around 7 PM. The beach is a great choice if you are traveling with family and/or pets. The sanctuary of truth - a hybrid between a temple and a museum is a tourist attraction located near the beach.


Naklua beach

Sheltered by beautiful dense tropical trees, Naklua beach is one of the best beaches Pattaya, Thailand has to offer to its tourists. The beach has scintillating views, crystal clear waters, clean shores and some beach bars to complete the picture. Much of the beach is covered by a footpath allowing visitors to travel and explore without necessarily getting their feet covered in sand. Visitors can bathe or just chill in the ocean as the water is quite cool and the place is partially sheltered. The beach also has several resorts, restaurants and shopping streets all around it. Explore Pattaya's charm with best places to visit in Pattaya like the iconic Sanctuary of Truth and the bustling Pattaya Floating Market. Immerse yourself in a city that seamlessly blends cultural marvels with vibrant market experiences. 


Bang Saray beach

Tucked away from the hustle and bustle of the island city, Bang Saray beach presents to its visitors a recluse, a sweet escape into nature’s bounty wrapped up in an authentic coastal village. Opening into views of the wide oceanic horizon, the walking street to the beach takes the visitor on a scenic journey. As charming as the quaint village mushroomed around the beach is, it also has pubs and bars around it that tourists love and cherish. This beach is not usually so crowded because of its remote location and so the experience is quite something to look forward to. It is the best beach in Pattaya if you’re looking for an authentic cultural seashore experience.


Samae beach

One of the hidden gems among the beaches in Pattaya, this white sand beach will definitely give you the authentic Thai beach vacation experience. Resorts surrounding the beach offer a holistic experience ranging from buffet breakfast to sunset views facing the beach, making it the best beach in Pattaya for family vacations. You could opt to take a bike or a taxi from the pier to visit this place and be sure to indulge in various water sport activities such as snorkeling on the beach to make it a complete experience.


Tien beach

Tien beach is a classic white sand beach in Pattaya that is perfect for both adults and families. This beach is commonly regarded as the best beach in Pattaya as far as cleanliness goes and is perfect for a nice evening stroll. There is no access to the beach via road, so you would have to take a boat in order to reach it. Though the whole ride to the beach is not so touristy, you would smile to yourself the moment you set your eyes on the clear turquoise water adorned by lily white waves.


Koh Larn beach

Koh Larn is a tropical island located in the southern part of Pattaya city. The island has umpteen choices in coffee shops, restaurants and beach bars for its visitors to choose from. It has a kind of relaxed tropical vibe that makes it perfect for anyone who wants a beach vacation to lose themselves in. The island has around six of the best beaches Pattaya, Thailand houses all placed in each other’s vicinity. It also has options for overnight stay, which you can use if you are one for beach nightlife and a quiet night by the sea. It is perfect for a honeymoon or if you are a couple traveling together for some much needed quality time.


Nual beach

Clear turquoise waters, white sand, and a shore that lets you soak in the sun, what more could you ask for from a Thai vacation? Nual beach is a secluded beach in the southern part of Coral island. It is said that a lot of monkeys would interact with the tourists in the earlier days, which is why it is also called the monkey island. But fret not! With an increase in the number of tourists, the apes have taken refuge in the interior parts of the island. The beach is accessible to tourists and locals by both road and boat. The background of the beach is excellent for photography, which also makes it the best beach in Pattaya for family holidays, the beach is best visited during the winter months.


Koh Si Chang beach

Nestled in the sleepy fishing village, the Koh si chang beach is the perfect Pattaya beach for contemplation. If you are looking for a place to destress and unwind, this could be a great choice! This is one of the quieter beaches of Pattaya that embraces its visitors in its own tropical seashore style. The island nearby has multiple tourist attractions such as footprints of Buddha, kayaking, boating, and the royal palace. Tham Saowapha caves are another place of interest for the tourists near the Koh Si Chang beach, hermits could be found meditating here. 


Kratinglai beach

If you find yourself craving for an authentic Pattaya beach experience without having to get caught in boisterous crowds and garbage dumps on the beach, Kratinglai could be your answer. The beach is serene with clean and clear ocean water lapping at the shore. The serene tropical groves and coral reefs alongside the ocean make it a sight to behold! This soft sandy beach is also dog friendly. Lose yourself in the turquoise waters of Kratinglai beach as you marvel at the work of nature in the beautiful city of Pattaya!


Cosy beach

A perfectly isolated beach bedecked in a relaxed bay between the crowded beaches of Pattaya and Jomtien, the Cosy beach is true to its name. Quaint, serene and perfect for a stroll or a swim, the beach is accessible to tourists via steps down the cliff side. The gardens on the cliff top have been neatly manicured and maintained. They overlook one of the cleanest beaches of the island. The Pattaya beach is also blessed with several amenities such as restaurants, bars and of course, its namesake hotel for accommodation.


Yin Yom beach

Named after the ancient folklore of Yin and Yom (meaning ‘shadow’ and ‘sun’ in Thai respectively), the island is believed to have thrived completely under the shadow of the sun. The beach has everything from swimming, sunbathing, parasailing, jet skiing and windsurfing to lounge chairs and tranquil sunset views in the evening. With its dramatic cliffs and secluded location, the Yin Yom beach easily becomes the best beach in Pattaya for adventure lovers on their trip to Thailand. A special feature about the Yin Yom beach would be the beachside cafes that have books that you can buy or borrow to read while you relax on the beach. Be sure to check it out!

And there you have it! A list of young energetic and adventurous beach options for you to choose from while you are on your trip to Pattaya. Remember to have just as much fun as you take precautions. Be sure to keep your kids close to you and carry fewer things while you take a stroll along the beach. It is better to return to your resorts or hotels before it gets dark as most of the Pattaya beach regions are in highly secluded areas. For more choices in the places to visit on your holiday and activities you may like, visit the Pickyourtrail website and customize your Thailand tour package just as you like. 

Your beach vacation awaits you!

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