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10 Best Festivals In Iceland: Experience The Icelandic Life & Culture!
Written by Nivethitha Bharathi on July 27, 2021 Share on

10 Best Festivals In Iceland: Experience The Icelandic Life & Culture!

Do you want your Iceland vacation experiences to go to the next level? You can do it by being a part of their festivities. When you travel to Iceland, you will get to know more about the beauty of the landscape and weather but, experiencing the full throttle of the festivals of Iceland will make you fall in love with the people of Iceland. It doesn’t end with that! You will learn their culture, make some friends, fall in love with their language and eventually feel at home through celebrations. So, here we got you the ten best festivals in Iceland that you should never miss.

10 Best Festivals In Iceland

  • Reykjavik Pride
  • Culture Night Festival
  • Reykjavik Winter Light Festival
  • Reykjavik Art Festival
  • Secret Solstice Festival
  • Icelandic National Day
  • Sonar Reykjavik Festival
  • Aldrei fór ég suður
  • Iceland Airwaves Music Festival
  • New Year Eve

When it comes to celebrations and festivals, Iceland has so much for you. But, we know you want the best of all that let you remember and make you smile whenever you think about your Iceland vacation. Every festival is unique! You can’t miss a single festival without marching, roaming around bustling streets, and being mesmerised by the lights, colours, fun, laughter, and music. Lookout at some of the vibrant, distinct and best festivals in Iceland that make you awestruck!

1. Reykjavik Pride

Reykjavik Pride, 10 Best Festivals In Iceland
Image Source: Pxfuel

Reykjavik Pride festival is one of the most popular and largest parade festivals in Iceland. The celebration shows love and support to the LGBTQI+ community and their supporters. The entire celebration spread positivity around the country as the streets and buildings are painted with the rainbow and are decorated. You could see happiness everywhere! You will see people of all ages in costumes, dancing and singing and celebrating love. Marvel at the parade throughout the festival!

Visit Reykjavik in August to be a part of the Reykjavik Pride Festival!

2. Culture Night Festival In Iceland

In the second half of August, there is another extravagant festival in Reykjavik. The Culture Night Festival is when art, dance, designs and games come together and gives life to the entire town. That is worth your vacation time because your opportunities to embrace the Icelandic culture increases. You can’t forget all the fun you get at this festival. And, this will also become a reason for you to come back to Reykjavik every year.
The greatest thing about this festival is you can access public transports, museums and art galleries for free! Also, don’t be surprised if you get invited by locals to try some of their waffles.

3. Reykjavik Winter Light Festival

It is one of the splendid nights when the entire Reykjavik will be lighted up to celebrate the winter and welcome the revealing daylight after waiting behind the darkness. You will see the whole town be filled with various captivating activities and games during the second half of February. Reykjavik Winter Lights Festival is a significant festival for the locals, so you can see the celebration continues for days. During this time, you too can participate in events like Museum nights or get in the geothermal pools at nightlight for free. Make sure you enjoy the light show in Harpa and Hallgrimskirkja church.

4. Reykjavik Art Festival

Yes! It’s Reykjavik again. Iceland has so much love for art and music. This festival first happened in 1970. And it is continuing to honouring the arts, dance and design. Plus, this festival is also one of the most respected festivals in Europe. If you visit Reykjavik in June, let yourself wander around the town for feeling the life of Iceland through art.

5. Secret Solstice Festival in Iceland

Secret Solstice Festival, 10 Best Festivals In Iceland
Image Source: Pexels

Secret Solstice Festival is one of the most contemporary music festivals of Iceland. It happens annually in June as Iceland shines with the midnight sun. You should be a part of it to realise how wild and fun entire Iceland can go for their love of music. It may have started first in 2014, but its fame spread to the world music industry. Secret Solstice festival is a favoured summer festival in Iceland. Since June is the peak season, you can expect some heavy crowds, and it will be a bit expensive if you prefer a VIP ticket. So start early to book your spot.

6. Icelandic National Day

Icelandic National Day, 10 Best Festivals In Iceland
Image Source: Pexels

Icelandic National Day is honoured to remember the day they got independence from the Danish invasion on the 17th of June 1944. This festival is very significant, as the entire country celebrates it with joy and respect. Make sure to witness the largest carnival parade happening at the centre of the capital city. The parade starts at 10:00 AM and ends by 6:00 PM.

7. Sonar Reykjavik Festival

Sonar Reykjavik is also a music festival that happens every year in March. It is a small-scale music festival that spread its arm wide and gives its stage for international musicians to perform their best. So make sure to spend some time in the aesthetic Harpa Concert Hall. Moreover, we want you to go ecstatic by the harmony of music.

8. Aldrei fór ég suður 

Rock Music, 10 Best Festivals In Iceland
Image Source: Pexels

Visit the harbour in Westfjords where the Rock Musicians summit to give you the best Easter holidays you could ask for. The humblest event that is purely brought to life by the musician Mugison is filled with the energy of the young talents. You can enjoy the wildest music festival for free! It is unlike the music events in Reykjavik.

9. Iceland Airwaves Music Festival

Iceland Airwaves Music Festival has the most beautiful beginning in 1999 and is still considered the hippest and quirky music festival that happens in Reykjavik. If you ask what is quirky about it, we got the answer. It happened in the aeroplane hanger and ripped off the previous music calendar altogether when it arrived. This music festival set the stage for both local Iceland musicians as well as international talents to perform during the longest November weekend. Well, you now got a festival for November too!

10. New Year Eve In Iceland

New Year in Iceland, 10 Best Festivals In Iceland
Image Source: Unsplash

Iceland’s New Year Eve celebration hit the ceiling most lavishly. Experiencing the year-end in Iceland will be irreplaceable. All the shops and hangout spots will be open till 1 am. The night will be lively with lights, songs, and a party. Enjoy fireworks at the picnic spot with food and a bonfire. It is the best place for you to party hard and go ballistic. Iceland’s New Year Eve celebration hits the ceiling most lavishly. Experiencing the year-end in Iceland will be irreplaceable. All the shops and hangout spots will be open till 1:00 AM. The night will be lively with lights, songs, and a party. Enjoy fireworks at the picnic spot with food and a bonfire.

Now, we know you want to try experiencing all these best festivals in Iceland. So, don’t wait any longer to experience the sensational culture and picturesque landscape of Iceland. Make plans for your vacation to Iceland with the help of Pickyourtrail. Select the outstanding prepackaged Iceland Tour Packages from India. If it is not to your taste, we got something better. Customise your own Iceland itinerary on the website and begin your awe-inspiring journey.

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