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10 Best Souvenirs to Bring Back from Spain

When you travel to a new destination, you want to bring back something from that place which reminds you of your time there. Something small, a souvenir like which you can touch and feel and get transported down the memory lane. If your new destination is Spain, you are incredibly lucky as it has a lot to offer all sorts of tourists. Culture vulture, Adventure mongers, Party freaks, Leisure seekers, it provides for them all. For each tourist, there is also a take away by way of souvenirs that Spain provides aplenty.

10 Must Buy Souvenirs on your Spain trip

  • A customized FC Barcelona/Real Madrid Shirt
  • A bottle of cava
  • A Caganer Figurine
  • Artistic Turron
  • Flamenco castanets
  • Spanish saffron
  • Bota
  • Olive oil
  • Albanico (Spanish fan)
  • Flamenco dress

1. A customized FC Barcelona/Real Madrid Shirt

If you are a sports enthusiast, this would be the best take away from Spain. Customize your own favourite team shirt with your name or nickname on it.

Alternatively, you can also choose to get the name of your favourite player on it – Messi, Suarez– or Ramos, Bale – you name it and that can be done. Head on to one of the official FC Barcelona stores in the city – next to Sagrada Familia would be the most convenient one. The shirt comes in a multitude of sizes, so you can buy for your children or adults; all sports enthusiasts in your family.

2. A bottle of cava

Cava is the Spanish equivalent of Champagne which is most produced in Catalonia. Cava, most famous amongst locals is the Extra Brut, which has zero added sugars to it, giving it a crisp dry quality and a favourite amidst both locals and tourists alike. It is believed that Actor Antonio Banderas toasted Spanish dictator Franco’s death with a bottle of cava back in 1975.

3. A Caganer Figurine

A small figurine of a crouching man depicted in the art of defecation is without a doubt a souvenir to bring back from Spain. It is a peculiar Catalan Christmas Tradition which is said to represent the equality of all men and that all men have the same basic needs. In recent years, caganer figurines of more famous people have come out, for instance, Donald Trump or Lady Gaga. During Christmas time, a caganer can be bought from most souvenir shops in the Old town.

4. Artistic Turron

This nutty confection, also known as nougat is widely enjoyed across Spain with well-established artisans cooking it to perfection and making mouths water for years. There are basically two types of Turron, a soft kind, and a hard kind. The soft kind is usually very easy on the tooth and the hard kind is rich in almonds and nuts. They further have different varieties depending upon the type of nut and the variations made to the recipe. Most shops sell a mix of both soft and hard turron to satisfy every taste bud.

5. Flamenco castanets

Castanets is one of the most searched items by tourists. They produce clicks or rattling sounds when held in the hand and struck together. They are widely used by Flamenco dancers to enhance their dance and song performance. If you have a taste for rhythm and beat, this souvenir would be a must buy.

6. Spanish saffron

Spain has a lot of saffron produced in the country. A tinge of saffron when added to the food, it provides a great flavor to it, especially for Paella, the famous traditional Spanish dish. Spanish saffron can be found in the spice markets and are usually sold in small plastics.

7. Bota

It is basically a leather wine bottle that peasants carry while taking long journeys from their home in the countryside to the market in the next town to quench their thirst. There are two kinds of Bota – A black colour bota and a pale colour. Black is the authentic one and costs about 36$; while the pale one is the touristy one which is significantly cheaper. All botas have small drinking holes; the idea is to squirt the wine into your mouth without the bottle touching your lips, which may take a little while to get used to but learning it is quite fun.

8. Olive oil

Olive oil from Andalusia in Spain is considered as the best in the world. Fill up every empty space in your bag with a bottle and bring home this Spanish specialty.

9. Albanico (Spanish fan)

These fans are pretty famous in Spain and can be seen being used in traditional Spanish dances. They come in a variety of colours and designs and are a perfect gift to take home for your girlfriend, sister, or your grandmother who would fancy striking a pose with it.

10. Flamenco dress

A traditional Spanish dress with a lot of frills and layers of ruffles designed in a way that exuberates elegance. It is a must buy when in Spain. With castanets already in your souvenir bag, catch the rhythm, dress up elegant and perform your own Flamenco.

Pick a couple of these from the list or if you can afford; pick them all, because the more souvenirs in your home to look at, the more it reminds you of your good time spent in Spain and the more it will make you want to go back again! Travel is an addictive high. Don’t give up on it, live on it!


Where can I buy authentic Spanish olive oil?

High-quality Spanish olive oil is available in supermarkets, specialty food stores, and local markets throughout Spain. Look for extra virgin or PDO (Protected Designation of Origin) labels.

Where can I buy Spanish ceramics?

Spanish ceramics are available in pottery shops throughout Spain. Look for regions with distinct styles, such as Talavera de la Reina, Seville, or Granada.

Where can I find authentic Spanish ham (jamón) to buy?

Visit local markets, gourmet food stores, or specialized jamoneras (ham shops) to buy high-quality Spanish ham such as Jamón Ibérico or Jamón Serrano.

What unique sweets or confectioneries can I buy in Spain?

During festive seasons such as Christmas, look for Spanish sweets such as turron (nougat), polvorones (shortbread), churros, and marzipan.

Can I buy authentic Spanish guitar in Spain?

Absolutely! Guitar making is well-known in cities such as Granada, Seville, and Madrid. Look for authentic Spanish guitars at reputable music stores or workshops.

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