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10 most beautiful castles in Switzerland
Written by Chitra Singh on July 30, 2021 Share on

10 Swiss Castles for a Perfect Couple’s Vacation

People think Switzerland is nothing more than chocolates, cheese, clocks, punctuality, but there is much more to this extraordinary country. It has looming mountains wrapped in the snow all year round, crystal-clear lakes and quaint little villages. You can visit peaceful cafes in alpine villages, famous landmarks in Bern and historical monuments in Zurich and Geneva. This country of Europe is a magnet for all the travel enthusiasts around the world. Switzerland has hundreds of breathtaking castles and it presents as a great choice for those wanting a perfect fairytale vacation. We have sorted out the 10 most beautiful castles in Switzerland for your perfect vacation.

10 most beautiful castles in Switzerland
Source- Unsplash

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10 most beautiful castles in Switzerland

Some people go crazy at the mere mention of Switzerland thinking about the scenic pictures that are pride to the name. Everything about Switzerland is enough to send chills down the spine of a traveller. The castles are one of the beautiful reasons for the frenzy around the country, so we have sorted out the 10 most beautiful castles in Switzerland. This list is just for the traveller inside you.

10 most beautiful castles in Switzerland
Source- Unsplash

1. Chillon castle

Assembled on a tiny rough span of land on the coast of Lake Geneva, the castle is a stunning scenery that leaves travellers breathless. Chillon Castle is an abundantly toured historic building in the whole nation.

The castle has enormous historical significance, and you can find it in writing as early as 1150, although it was built much ahead. In the 13th-century, the actual fortress underwent comprehensive renovations and evolved into housing for the Counts of Savoy.

It later became a palace and jail under the Bernese law. In the 19th-century, severe renovation gave rise to the enclosures, halls, and inners to their actual honour.

Chillon castle, most beautiful castles in Switzerland
Source- Unsplash

2. Lenzburg Castle

The castle, its ancient museum and the castle cliff with its Neolithic funeral turfs are put down as ancestry areas of nationwide importance.

This castle is on our list of the 10 most beautiful castles in Switzerland because of its history. Lenzburg Castle is above the ancient portion of the city of Lenzburg, and it rates among the oldest and greatly significant of Switzerland.

Old fractions of the castle date to the 11th century, when the Counts of Lenzburg created it as their seat.

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3. Kyburg Castle

Kyburg Castle was the earliest museum castle in the nation when it was eventually open to the community. Presently the museum is run by the Schloss Kyburg Society, and it has opened a permanent event since the year 1999.

This hostel can be found above the Toss River in the Canton of Zurich, the Kyburg Castle Museum is an award-winning centre that assisted the throne from early 1027.

The Garden of High Bailiff Wife was inaugurated in 2001, and a unique recognition prize was provided to the whole display by the European Museum Forum in the year 2002.

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4. Thun Castle

The Thun Castle, locally Schloss Thun, was in the 12th century. You can find this castle in the city of Thun as a focal access level to the Bernese Oberland. Initially assembled as a fort, the castle was a reminder of strength with its imposing building, the Knight’s Hall. The Knight’s Hall has existed well looked after until today as a result it stands as it is put together in the 12th century.

Tourists can examine all five grounds of the castle that has a jail built in 1886, which has been swivelled into a chronological museum. It also now houses a meeting and activity centre, the upscale Schloss Hotel Thun, and its diner.

Thun castle, most beautiful castles in Switzerland
Source- Unsplash

5. Gruyère Castle

It first unlocked its gates to the community in 1938. Tourists can experience a medieval journey through the castle’s ramparts, French-style gardens, guardrooms, and emotional salons. Within its fences are ancient jewels like the robes of the Order of the Golden Fleece and glass windows dating back to the Middle Ages, bespoke frescoes sanctioned by the bailiffs under the Ancient Regime, portraits, and trimmings established by 19th-century artists.

The Gruyère Castle is in the medieval city of Gruyères, Fribourg. Many noble nations convey this system, built between 1270 to 1282 in the normal square agenda of the fortresses in Savoy.

Gruyère, most beautiful castle in Switzerland
Source- Unsplash

6. Tarasp Castle

Castle Tarasp overlooks the eponymous region in Upper Engadine. The castle tie in until 1803 to Austria, was besieged and fought over many moments but was never caught.

The producer of the mouthwash Odol Karl August Lingner, in the year 1900 purchased the castle and had it entirely renovated. The castle also requests municipal organ shows and counselled trips.

Tarasp is accessible to everyone since 1919, who can glimpse knights’ foyers and ballrooms, old rooms, the castle cathedral and the organ with its 2,500 pipes.

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7. Spiez Castle

Built in 933, Spiez Castle, when most of the western region of modern-day Switzerland was by Italy. Formation on the actual keep proceeded for the following six centuries and gave you an unusual chance to glimpse various architectural techniques. The ancient Castle Church, for instance, illustrates the Early Romanesque attitude.

The courtrooms are at the length of the Renaissance Era. The southern expansion was complete in the 18th century in a detailed Baroque manner.

Spiez Castle
Source- Unsplash

8. Gutenberg Castle

Near the centre of the town of Balzers, you can find this castle situated on a hill and is accessible via a street and road known as ‘Burgweg’. This castle is one of the many castles of the principality and one of two withstood conserved until today.

This castle is very different from Vaduz Castle in Vaduz, Gutenberg Castle does not assist as a dwelling of the imperial household of Liechtenstein and is available to the common public as a museum.

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9. Oberhofen Castle

The oldest portions of the turreted castle age back to 1200 AD, its huge white curl bulging onto the lake in the Swiss canton of Bern. Murals and Romanesque frescoes dating around to the 13th-15th century adorning the cathedral and the Turkish smoking lounge is not something worth forgetting.

It looks like you have stepped back into the 16th to 19th centuries as you stroll through the splendour of the Oberhofen Castle, which castle sits straddled on the beaches of Lake Thun.

Oberhofen Castle
Source- Unsplash

10.Castello di Montebello

The centres of the castle age back to the 13th and 14th centuries and have been rebuild numerous times to conserve their actual state. This is an additional spectacle castle with impressions of Lake Maggiore in the expanse. It has superficial enclosures with buildings, and “Rivellino” was build and is available from the residential region of Nocca or Viale Stazione.

Ninety meters over Castelgrande is Castello di Montebello on Montebello cliff. This is where the new defences of the old town began.

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Castles are a significant part of Switzerland’s history and culture. So while you pay a visit to Switzerland, don’t forget to drop by and relish in the beauty. If you want to visit Switzerland ensure to check our Switzerland tour packages at the Pickyourtrail website. If you want to build your itinerary, you can customise your Switzerland itinerary on the Pickyourtrail website. So don’t wait, let’s go exploring!!!

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