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Rivers in Australia
Written by Prianka on May 20, 2020 Share on

10 Splendid Rivers In Australia To Show Off On Instagram

While there are sandy beaches, high-rise buildings, magnificent landmarks with a fascinating history to speak for itself, Australia has plenty of rivers that offer a flawless experience. Not just beauty, but each river has its uniqueness that stuns every visitor. 

Here are the ten scenic rivers in Australia that every traveller must visit.

Rivers in Australia
Image credits : Pixabay

Cooper Creek 

Cooper Creek rises from the slopes of the Warrengo ranges, Queensland and crosses the South Australian border. This beautiful river is also called the Barcoo River. The river that flows more than 1300 kilometres is very moody. During the wet season when the monsoon rains hit heavily, the Cooper flows inland to fill Lake Eyre. In the dry season, the river resembles an array of waterholes with scattered puddles. Sometimes, Cooper Creek dries up completely. Despite this, the river is home to a wide range of flora and fauna. 

Cooper creek
Image credits : Unsplash

Where: Lake Eyre, Far North, South Australia, Australia

Daintree River 

The Daintree River is a symbolic entry into the lush green tropical Daintree Rainforest. The river ascends from the heart of the lush surrounds of Daintree Rainforest near Cape Tribulation. The mouth of the river opens wide similar to a giant sandbar that keeps changing with every tide. It has a very peculiar transformative nature; as the river winds through the rainforest, its salty water turns very fresh. It is not only known for its magnificent beauty but also a fascinating history attached to it. You’ll find unique species like Saltwater Crocodile and other mangrove species here. Head to this river for incredible photographic opportunities and thrilling fishing experiences. 

Daintree river
Image credits : Wikimedia commons

Where: Within wet tropics of Queensland, Australia

Murray River 

The tremendous Murray River is the longest in Australia and a primary source of water supply for more than 1.5 million people. The glory of this river lies in its graceful changing behavioural patterns. It rises like a mountain stream and descends into sandy beaches turning into a meandering river bordered with red gum forests in a midway. If you want to explore more, hire a boat for a day’s fishing or delve into indigenous wildlife and history with a tour to Mungo National Park. 

Murray river
Image credits : Flickr

Where: Australian Alps, New South Wales, Victoria, and South Australia

Gordan River 

The dark waters of Gordan River pass through the Tasmanian Wilderness World Heritage Area before reaching Macquarie Harbour. Though the river is black due to button grass growing in the surroundings, it is entirely fresh and edible. You can discover this black beauty by boarding one of the many Gordan River Cruises from Strahan. Rafting, canoeing, seaplane adventures are other options to do in summer. There are also several picnic spots nearby perfect for a cosy getaway with family and friends. Don’t forget to take pictures of the ancient Huon pines along your short boardwalk tracks. 

Gordan river
Image credits : Wikimedia commons

Where: King William Range, Franklin,Gordon Wild Rivers National Park, Australia

Noosa River 

Noosa River is a perfect river destination for every age and stage of travellers. Imagine yourself watching the sun dip into the horizon on a fully licensed sunset cruise. Watch out for the pelicans, tern and other vibrant flocks of birds. Or else, embark on your adventure and hire a motorboat or kayak. Be it whatever, you choose to experience the fresh breeze and crystal clear waters to restore your soul. You will also find many waterfront restaurants near the river as there are no dumping waves here. You’ll want to come back again and again once you’ve been to the overwhelming Noosa River. 

Noosa river
Image credits : Wikimedia commons

Where: Cooroibah, Queensland, Australia

Derwent River 

The source of Derwent River is the nation’s deepest lake, Lake St Clair. The river then flows into the deepest sheltered harbour of the southern hemisphere. This river is the primary source of electricity, irrigation and water supply of Hobart. The origin of Derwent River is home to the alluring Cradle Mountain-Lake St.Clair National Park. The park has beautiful walking tracks around the river and offers the best way to explore the river’s charm and significance. 

Derwent river
Image credits : Wikimedia commons

Where: Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park, Central Highlands, Tasmania, Australia

Yarra River 

The Yarra River in Melbourne is not only a significant icon of the city but also hosts spectacular festivals like Dragon Boat Festivals, the Melbourne Festival, the Moomba Festival and rowing regattas. Yarra River is an important spot for the locals as many of their happy memories and peaceful summer evenings were made here. To experience the best of Yarra River, board a river cruise from Southbank or set up for a scenic sunset barbeque on the banks. The river has several fishing spots and walking trails that offer a multitude of picturesque views. 

Yarra river
Image credits : Flickr

Where: Yarra Ranges National Park, Victoria Central Highlands, Australia

Swan River 

Are you someone who loves to travel by water? Trawl along the scenic Katherine River winding through the Nitmuluk National Park and soak up the dramatic landscapes as you move deeper into the fabulous Katherine Gorge. The best way to experience the tranquillity of Katherine River is by a boat cruise. You can stop for swimming and refreshments during your journey. For those who want thrill and adventure, hit Katherine River by canoe or kayak. You’ll be amazed at the local wildlife and history of indigenous people. The river generally rises during December and April, but it offers exciting activities all year round.

swan river
Image credits : Wikimedia commons

Where: Northern Territory, Australia

Ord River 

The dream of agriculture in Western Australia wouldn’t have been possible without the waters of the Ord River. It is one of the most significant waterways in Australia. Yet, it fascinates the locals and visitors from all over the world with its recreational activities like cruising, canoeing, bird watching and jet skiing. The waters are perfect for swimming as well. You will also get an opportunity to explore and enjoy the spectacular scenery along the way. 

ord river
Image credits : Wikimedia commons

Where: Western Australia 6770, Australia

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