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things to do in Rouen
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10 Things to Do in Rouen, France – For a pleasant vacation!

Are you planning to explore France anytime soon? Rouen is a beautiful city in France with plenty of charm and several historical monuments to visit. The medieval buildings, gothic cathedrals, town squares, parks, clock towers, and shopping streets altogether make Rouen a gracious place to visit. There are plenty of delicious restaurants that serve authentic French and European cuisines with wines. Dive in to know more about 10 exciting things to do in Rouen!


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10 Things to do in Rouen on your vacation

  1. Disocver the Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Rouen
  2. Picnic at Jardin des Plantes
  3. Stroll down the Old Market Square
  4. Visit Musée des Beaux Arts
  5. Explore the Gros Horloge
  6. Tour the Palais de Justice
  7. Experience Panorama XXL
  8. Visit St. Joan of Arc’s church
  9. Eat in Rev’art Jungle restaurant
  10. Spend the evening near the banks of River Seine

1. Discover the Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Rouen

Image Credits- Pixabay

Rouen Cathedral or Cathedrale Notre-Dame de Rouen is the most famous spot that attracts tourists. It is a Roman Catholic church built in dedication to the Assumption of Mary. This cathedral was built in Gothic and Renaissance architectural styles. Rouen cathedral is famous for its 3 unique towers, each built in different styles. The three towers are Saint-Romain Tower, Butter Tower, and the Lantern Tower. Can you believe it took almost 800 years to complete the cathedral? The construction was started in 1030 and opened in 1876. The Rouen Cathedral remained the tallest construction in the world from 1876-1880.

The interiors look as beautiful as the exterior. Huge lights, stained glasses, windows built in the 14th century, massive bells, and ancient grand organs add even more beauty to the cathedral. So, the Rouen Cathedral is undoubtedly the most gorgeous attraction!

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2. Picnic at Jardin des Plantes

Jardin des Plantes, Paris, France
Image Credits- Unsplash

Jardin des Plantes is an excellent spot to spend your evening in Rouen. This beautiful botanical garden was open to the public in 1840 with uncountable species of plants and flowers. This garden is home to more than 600 species of plants, more than 670-metre fields of roses and a collection of organic and carnivorous plants. The best time to visit Jardin des Plantes is during the spring season. This place is perfect for you to grab your lunch and relax at some spots in the garden. Jardin des Plantes is open on all days and free of cost. But it costs around 2 Euros to visit the Alpine Garden, a special spot inside the Jardin des Plantes.

3. Stroll down the Old Market Square

streets in Rouen
Image Credits- Pixabay

The Old Market Square in Rouen has many historical events etched in its history. Famous French national heroine Joan of Arc was buried alive in this particular square in 1431! But this place is not as creepy as it sounds. The famous medieval church of Saint Vincent was destroyed during the Second World War bombings but some debris remains here as the glorious remembrance of the tradition. All these events make Rouen one of the six most history-rich cities in France. There are also continuous shuttle bus services from this place to many other attractions in Rouen. Do not forget to visit this beautiful place in the medieval magical city!

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4. Visit Musée des Beaux Arts – Beautiful things to do in Rouen

Musee des Beaux-Arts is a beautiful art museum in Rouen established by the famous leader Napoleon Bonaparte in 1801. The main building was built between the years 1877 to 1888. There are several paintings, sculptures, artefacts, and objects from the Renaissance period till now. There are many Russian icons dating back to the 15th to the 19th centuries. This place is one of the major attractions in the city that also brings so many laurels and traditions. It also signifies empathy towards the artists and artisans.

5. Explore the Gros Horloge

 Gros Horloge, Clock Tower
Image Credits- Unsplash

The Gros Horloge is an ancient astronomical clock constructed in the 14th century. This is one of the oldest mechanisms in France. Though the construction was started in early 1389, it was later completed by another architect by the ending of the 14th century. The clock depicts a radiant sun with a royal blue background with golden rays. It was initially constructed without the dial and later a hand indicating the 24 hour time was installed. This clock also shows the phases of the moon on the upper part of the dial. It is such an interesting thing to explore on your vacation!

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6. Tour the Palais de Justice

palais de justice in Rouen
Image Credits- Flickr

The Palais de Justice is another major attraction in Rouen. It is one of the largest courthouses and also home to the busiest appellate court in France- Court of Appeal of Paris and the highest court for normal cases in France- Court of Cassation. Just imagine how massive this building is to house two popular courts in France. These buildings here were reconstructed between 1857 and 1868. The museum here preserves some shreds of evidence of bombing during World War 2. The exterior includes gothic architecture with spires and gargoyles. It is one of the important places to visit and to know the history of the unknown.

7. Experience Panorama XXL – One of the best things to do in Rouen

Panorama XXL, Things to do in Rouen
Image Credits- Pixabay

Panorama XXL is something you might not have experienced at all! This amazing place displays simply breathtaking panoramic views of the work of the famous artist, Yadegar Asisi. This artist is famous for recreating and modernizing the artworks from the 19th century. Watch the amazing panoramic views of the arts on a 35-metres tall screen and 34- metres in diameter. Around you will be the giant artworks displaying in vibrant colours and with breathtaking beauty. This place brings back the artworks to life and gives the most unique experiences of witnessing chunks of history on a screen. Panorama XXL is located on the banks of River Seine with a scenic view!

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8. Visit Church of St. Joan of Arc

Joan of arc in Rouen
Image Credits- Pixabay

The Church of St Joan of Arc is a catholic church that was completed in the year 1979. This church was constructed in remembrance of Joan de Arc, a French national heroine who was staked to death and was accused of violating the catholic beliefs and rules. This church still stands a dedication to Joan of Arc. This is one of the most history-rich churches in the city. This church is located at the famous Old Market Square in the middle of the city. The church’s construction materials include raw stained glasses, grand organs sculpted by various sculptors around the world and large window panels. Altogether, this church is one of the man-made marvels!

9. Eat at Rev’art Jungle restaurant

Image Credits- Pixabay

How can any vacation end without some amazing food? Rev’art Jungle restaurant in Rouen is a very famous eating spot in the city. Enjoy your food inside jungle-themed wooden rooms. This place serves lunch, dinner, and drinks. Some of the dishes served here are Buddha bowl, veg burger, Italian pizzas, cheeseburgers and cheesecakes, icecreams, and fruit bowls for dessert. There are also options for people with certain food allergies and intolerances and gluten-free meal options.

European countries like Italy, France, Spain and Switzerland are very famous for the wide choices of home-brewed wine and beers. This place also serves a variety of wines, soft drinks, butter beers, and cocktails. Grab your choice of food with a drink and enjoy the meal in an aesthetic ambience.

  • Famous food- Ravioli, Italian pizza and pasta, cheesecakes, and wine
  • Address- 1 Bd Ferdinand de Lesseps, 76000 Rouen, France

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10. Spend the evening near the banks of River Seine in Rouen

Image Credits- Pixabay

River Seine needs no introduction. It is one of the most beautiful rivers in the world that is also a huge tourist attraction. This stunning river flows through the city of Rouen and Paris, making it even more beautiful. The river is also a major reason for the sudden boom in the economy during the 13th century. This city looks dashing at night with colourful lights lit up, fairs everywhere, and people having the best times. This makes the perfect time to have a peaceful evening crunch or an elaborate dinner on the banks of the River Seine with the most beautiful panoramic view of the city! A candlelight dinner or meal at a rooftop restaurant would be perfect for the moment!

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Rouen in Northern France is such an underrated city with plenty of things to do and experience! On your vacation to Rouen, make a checklist and strike every place possible off the list! You can also plan some day trips from Rouen to explore more obscure places in and around the city! In total, Rouen is a city with plenty of charm and beauty! Check out Pickyourtrail for more amazing deals around the world! Also, check out the France tour packages to know more about the itineraries or you can customise your own package to enjoy the most on your trip! Have a wonderful experience on your vacation!

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