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France in September
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France in September: A Perfect Guide for a Perfect Vacation!

France is the largest country in Western Europe and the most popular tourist destination in the world. When we think of France the first thing that pops up in our head is the World’s most iconic landmark “Eiffel Tower“. Many people wish to go to France to get a nice picture of the Eiffel Tower. And also there are many reasons why so many people enjoy visiting this country, that includes historical monuments, the amazing climate, art & architecture, rich French culture, sensational food, lavender field, majestic mountain ranges, amazing beaches, and modern countryside. France in September has many events, wonderful weather and many more to explore.

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Is September a good month to go to France?

Yes! September is one of the best months to visit France. This month is also known for “Paris Fashion Week” in France that takes place in the last week of September. Sept-Oct is the autumn season in France where you can feel both hot and cold climates. September marks the end of summer where you can feel still warm for the first half of the month and the temperature starts to cool where you can feel chilly cold for the second half of the month. Tourists visiting France in September can benefit from fewer crowds and attractions at their full capacity. France in September is also well known for its excursions and is full of cultural events. Don’t miss visiting France in September.

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Festivals and Events in France in September

1. Lille Street Market

It takes place on the first weekend of September every year at Lille Braderie. It’s traditional for Lille restaurants to serve the dish throughout the festival attracting crowds of up to three million each year. Also, it is the best sightseeing festival.

2. International Garden Festival

This is a Garden outdoor art museum where Chaumont-sur-Loire hosts the annual festival for the summer six months. Depending on when you visit, the exhibitions will be in a different state and different themed every year. It is a guided walking tour.

3. The Great Bulwark or Grand Pavois

It takes place from 27th September to 2nd October. This festival is an international boat fair where a number of flags are arranged in order to honor the pioneers. The atmosphere is fabulous and you’ll get close to some of the world’s most spectacular stunning settings of La Rochelle. In this festival you will find themed flags, a number of yachts, and various small boats.

4. The Feria du Riz

This is a Rice Festival in France to celebrate the soil of Arles in the month of September. It is a 2 days festival where rice harvest is held in mid-September. The festival is also followed by bull-fighting which is a tradition in Southern France.

Weather in France in September:

The first half of the month is still warm sunny however the daytime temperature ranges between 22′ C and 25′ C on average while the nights are still with lows at 18′ C.

  • Paris – Lows and highs (13’C – 21′ C) and the average temperature is 15′ C.
  • Lyon – Lows and highs (12′ C – 23’C) and the average temperature is 18’C
  • Bordeaux – Lows and highs (12’C – 23’C) and the average temperature is 16’C
  • Nice – Lows and highs (17’C – 23’C) and the average temperature is 20.2’C
  • Strasbourg – Lows and highs (9’C – 20’C) and the average temperature is 15’C

Glamourous France escapade for the fashionistas

Best Places to visit in France in September:

  1. Paris
  2. Bordeaux
  3. Provence
  4. Nice

1. Miss visiting Paris, then it’s your loss

Disneyland, Paris, France, France in September
Image source: Unsplash

Paris is a romantic city for exploration. Also had a rich culture and art, both in museums, galleries as well as on streets and in theatres. Secure direct access, to avoid the queue at the entrance to explore the Eiffel Tower. Paris is not only meant for Eiffel Tower but also many more places to explore. You can see the whole of Paris from the roof of the Montparnasse Tower. There is a famous Parisian cabaret called Moulin Rouge, there you can taste one of the most famous shows, Feerie, coupled with half a bottle of champagne. Enjoy a magical time at Disneyland, Paris. The ticket fare is 4000 rupees per person. Enjoy an exclusive guided tour of Versailles Palace and visit its beautiful royal gardens it’s a 90 minutes guided tour. Discover the beauty of grandiose royal gardens and opulent fountains.

2. Bordeaux refers to Wine! Wine! Wine!

Bordeaux, France, France in September
Image source: Unsplash

Bordeaux is famous for its vineyards, legendary chateau, and wine. If you want to attend the grape harvest the best time to visit is September-October. More than 350 buildings are classified as historical monuments and list the top tourist attractions in Bordeaux. Place de la bourse played a major role in the city’s development and trade. This “elegant puddle” or a “masterpiece of creativity.”, Cathédrale Saint-André, Basilica of Saint Michael, Basilique Saint-Seurin were some of the places designated as UNESCO World Heritage sites.

3. Provence- the Lavender field!

Provence, France in September
Image source: Unsplash

Provence is located in the south of France. Definitely, Provence is a worth visiting destination and everyone’s favorite spot to visit. Provence is famous for its sunny weather, colorful countryside, tradition, wine, and food. You can expect an average temperature of 15’C – 24′ C in September. To be more exact, the lavender fields start to bloom towards the end of June and come to end by September. So you can still have the lavender field to explore.

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4. Nice- the seaport city

Nice- the seaport city of France, France in September
Image source: Unsplash

Nice is the city between seas and mountains where you can enjoy life, seaport views, food, street chats and many more. Discover the Old Town of Nice where is held almost every morning the famous market and flower market. Enjoy an Italian ice cream, have a go at Nice local food, visit Castle hill park. I also recommend you to go to Castel beach where they provide Parasailing, 20 minutes of free-diving, 3 hours snorkeling tour stand-up paddle, and Jetski.

Travel Tips for Your Trip to France in September:

  • The best way to ensure a smooth and adventurous vacation in France is the plan, plan, plan, and plan ahead.
  • Don’t miss visiting museums, there are many museums like Pompidou Centres in Metz and the great Louvre-Lens that extend summertime hours in the Autumn season.
  • A trip to France wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Iconic “Eiffel Tower”
  • For solo travellers, it is recommended to use a credit card anywhere to avoid loss of cash situation.
  • France can be surprisingly accommodating for tourist families, rates begin to decrease on lodging and airfare during this time of year, especially in the more developed transportation countries.
  • Plan some family-time movies set in France, I guarantee they’ll be pumped up by the time, it comes to depart.
  • Enjoy the modern countryside streets and beaches. Trains and hotels are relatively easy to book.
Sunset over the Loire River, Travel Tips for Paris Tour, Paris in September
Image source: Unsplash

What to Pack for France in September?

September is a great month for touring when fall colors are beginning to show. While the weather is fine and there are fewer visitors depending on which cities and regions you plan to travel to, these are the items that should be on your packing list.

  • Cardigan, pullovers, or sweaters for chilly evenings outdoors.
  • Hats, sunglasses, and sunscreens with SPF protection for sunny days.
  • Comfortable walking shoes and winter boots.
  • Light cotton clothes for warm days.
  • Quick-dry socks and waterproof shoes.
  • Raincoat and a travel umbrella.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the weather like in France in September?

September in France is typically mild to warm, with cooler evenings. It’s often a pleasant time to visit as the summer heat starts to ease off.

Is September a good time to visit tourist attractions in France?

Absolutely! September is an excellent month to visit popular tourist destinations in France. Summer crowds begin to thin, making it easier to visit attractions such as the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre Museum, and Versailles Palace, among others.

Are there any major festivals or events in France in September?

Yes, various events are held in France in September. Among the most notable are grape harvest festivals in wine regions, Paris Fashion Week, Heritage Days, when historic sites are open to the public for free, and others.

Are hotels and accommodations cheaper in September?

In general, after the peak summer season, lodging prices may begin to fall slightly. To secure good rates, it is best to book ahead of time, especially for popular destinations.

Are there any specific regional specialties or foods to try in France in September?

September marks the start of the harvest season, so it is a great time to try new fruits and vegetables, cheeses, and wines. Look for seasonal specialties like fresh grapes, truffles, and various seasonal dishes.

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