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France in November
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France In November: Your Go-To Guide!

France is one of the most romantic destinations that speak the language of beauty just by its presence. What makes it popular is the Eiffel Tower and its unique culture reflected through music, fashion, art, and architecture. Its vibrant cities, beautiful nature, and gothic cathedrals make it hard to describe the excellence of French life. France is never going short for your vacation, no matter which month of the year you visit. If you plan to visit France in November, that would be the best choice for you to experience the culture, colours, society in the limelight. Read more to find out what makes France attractive in November that could make you fall in love with it even more.


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France In November – What makes it Special?

November is considered the Shoulder Season at times Off-Season in terms of tourist arrival. With slow travel becoming a popular trend among tourists, November is the no rush month in France! And this fact is just here to prove how distinctive your experience will be in November. A month to be a part of french festivals, a month to learn the culture of France, a month to try the local foods at your own pace, and a month for a holistic vacation.

France in November, Eiffel Tower
Image Source: Unsplash

Starting from unbelievably cheap flight ticket fairs to various cities in France to the peaceful stroll on the streets of Paris, Nice and Bordeaux are possible only during November. You could also get lots and lots of cheap accommodations and offers wherever you go. November is the best time for you to visit France, especially if you want to save money. Further, the queues and lines will be shorter, with no crowds. So there are fewer chances to leave without seeing your favourite attractions.

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Weather in France In November

Paris in November
Image Source: Unsplash

November is the season where autumn ends, and winter slowly sets in. Even though France depicts the entire country, you could expect the variation in the weather based on the region you choose to stay. In general, France is not as cold as other European countries in winter. Paris will show wetness with a fair amount of rain during this season and occasional sunshine. You can feel an average temperature between 3oC to 8oC.

Whereas in South France and Central the weather will be warmer with crisp sunshine that reveals the colour of fall in the countrysides. Meanwhile, if you visit the alps, you could enjoy some snow. This weather is the main reason that November in France is the best time for some of the most intriguing activities and experiences.

Things To Do In France in November

In France, there are always way more things for you to do. Peak or off-season, you have a lot of things to do as a tourist that you can’t get short of the fantasy that France got for you. Now take a look at ways you can enjoy France in November.

1. Sightseeing

Louvre Museum, Things to Do in France in November
Image Source: Unsplash

In France, November is best than any other season for sightseeing. As the country is going through a transition towards the cold season, visit attractions with an indoor experience. France has one of the best Museums, Art Galleries, and Architectural marvels in the world. In Paris, roam around the boulevards and check out the Louvre Museum to see the world-renowned painting of Monalisa. You also have the National Museum of Modern Art (MoMA), Arc de Triomphe, Palace of Versailles, Panthéon, and Eiffel Tower without crowed that drag you around. Visiting Disneyland in Paris is also a must-do during your November trip. Next, visit the Burgandy region, a sanctuary of Gothic art and history. Make sure to visit the oldest museum, Musee des Beaux-Arts de Dijon and the Dijon Cathedral.

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2. Enjoy The French Cuisine

French Cuisine, Things to Do in France in November
Image Source: Pexels

Unlike the busy days of the peak season, you could savour the taste of the French Cusine in peace. The French Gastronomy has a name for its flavours, culinary techniques, culture, and history. It has some dishes with dynamic taste such as Coq au Vin, Espagnole and Bouillabaisse.

France’s gastronomy is considered UNESCO’s intangible cultural asset! After knowing all this, you should take a food tour around the country to enjoy the local and traditional food. Go for some short cooking classes and baking classes to make macarons. Go to Normandy, get a taste of the Camembert cheese!

France is also famous for its wines and champagne! Go for wine tasting! Try some of the most exquisite liqueur “Guignolet“.

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3. Be A Part Of Festivals And Events Of France

Grand Palais Paris Photo Event,Things To Do In France in November
Image Source: Unsplash

In November you can take part in lots of Events and Festivals which are special occasions for the France people. Taking part in these festivals will give you a chance to become one with their culture. One of the most popular festivals is the Beaujolais Nouveau (Festival of New Wine). This festival happens on the third Thursday of the month. This grape harvest festival reflects their love for wine, where they celebrate it with parties. Don’t forget to visit Hospices de Beaune Wine Auction and Dijon Gastronomic Fair.

One of the most popular photography events in France happens in November. Paris Photo takes place at the Grand Palais, Paris. You could get to see the crowd filled with photographers, buyers, and visitors all around the world gathering at the rooftop of the venue.

Visit “Toulouse Fine Art and Antique Fair“, which showcases unique collections of arts. If you are a fan of Classical Music, you’ve got a jackpot! You could enjoy the C’est pas Classique classical music fest which happens three days in Nice.

4. Strolling In Shores And Villages

Strolling In Shores And Villages, Things To Do In France in November
Image Source: Unsplash

In November, Nice and Bordeaux and some of the regions in southern France have the ideal weather for strolling through the shores and water edges. In Southern France, the traces of autumn still exist in this month that makes the village bright and colourful with soothing views. Cather Footpath is another top spot where you can walk through the dramatic view combined with Also, visit Côtes de Nuit and stroll around this famous vineyard.

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5. Shopping From The Finest Of France

Christmas market, Things To Do In France in November
Image Source: Unsplash

When you visit France, your trip becomes complete only after a shopping spree. It is home to various luxury brands. As November is close to the Christmas season, you could enjoy the time in the most awaited holiday season of the country in the Christmas Market at Champs Elysees. The entire country will show the spirit of Christmas. This view is so cheerful that you can’t get it at the peak season. Visit all the stalls and shops and bag the best to present to your family and friends.

Tips For Your Trip To France In November

  • As there are chances for frequent rain showers this month, carry an umbrella, waterproof shoes and coats with you.
  • Also, don’t forget to pack some woollen and thermal clothes, scarves and gloves to keep you warm along the trip.
  • While visiting the south you might also need some breathable clothes. So mix them all.
  • All Saints Day and Armistice Day are National holidays. So remember that almost all the restaurants, museums and galleries will be closed. So plan to spend those days comfortably.

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France is a country which is most loved around the world. It has so many stories to share, secrets to reveal, and the culture that you can experience. Now that you know how much November paints the picture for France and how you can get the most of your vacation, it’s your call to start the planning. Check out the pre-designed France tour package or France honeymoon package at or try to customize your France itinerary for this November.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I find special discounts or promotions for accommodations in France in November?

Due to lower tourist activity, some hotels and accommodations may offer off-season discounts or packages in November.

Are there any particular spa or wellness experiences suitable for November in France?

Spa retreats and thermal baths in regions such as Provence and Aquitaine provide relaxation and rejuvenation, which is ideal for the cooler November weather.

Can I expect snow in the mountainous regions of France in November?

Snowfall is possible in higher altitude regions such as the French Alps and Pyrenees in November, especially towards the end of the month.

Can I still visit outdoor attractions like gardens or parks in France during November?

While the weather may be cooler, many parks and gardens, particularly in cities such as Paris, remain open and provide stunning autumnal scenery.

Are there any specific regions in France known for autumn foliage in November?

Regions such as Normandy, the Loire Valley, and the Ardennes have stunning autumn foliage, making them ideal for nature lovers during this season.

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