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7 adventurous things to do in France for a life-changing experience

It’s a dangerous business, Frodo, going out of your door.

But when has that stopped us? And it shouldn’t. Live life one adventure a day – everyday. And there’s no place to better do it than France. With these adventurous things to do in France, lift your spirits. And, most of all, let the adrenaline kick in and take you places.

Talking of going places . . . 



#1 Rolling your way downtown…

3 hours

While in Paris, kick up your adrenaline like never before. Take on the streets with others as you rollerblade away to glory as the city lights start to come on. Make Fridays truly friyays with Paris Roller. They congregate at Boulevard du Montparnasse beside the Seine river at 10 pm dot. Be there. 

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#2 Horse riding across Provence


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Giddy up and ride away, mate. If you pictured dusty stables, you couldn’t have been more wrong. Instead imagine trotting away through sunny olive groves, vineyards, beaches or even the Lavender fields of Provence. Wind in your hair and adventure on your mind, get yourself trusty horse mate and explore the wilderness of Provence.

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#3 Reaching for the skies at Cannes

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The go-to for adrenaline seekers – skydiving isn’t just about conquering fear and then hurtling towards the ground. It is equally about the views you are treated to. At Cannes, you can gaze at the French Alps with a side of the gorgeous Saint-Cassien lake. Put on your suit and take that jump.

Hey, the freefall lasts for 50 seconds only. You can do this!

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#4 Ruling the French Alps

Skiing at Val d'Isere
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Chase gravity, euphoria and the snow princess down one of the French Alps. Val d’Isere sits at a remote corner of the French border but will welcome you with vibrant landscapes, nevertheless. Grab your skis. Everything you see is yours to drift on. Challenge accepted?

For the novices, try Courchevel or Val Thorens instead.

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#5 The wave-crashing party at Brittany

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Leave all cares behind as you let waves and gravity define your course through the turquoise green of Brittany’s ocean at La Torche. Steady. Hold your balance. And ride the waves. Sights right out of a postcard, this is a great place to get started if you are just a beginner at surfing.

#6 Canoeing in Loire Valley

If you like your adventure in bite-sized pieces, canoeing might just be up your (v)alley.

Rent a canoe and embrace the Loire river for one day. Drift over the river – alone or with company – and escape to a place where breeze and sunshine reign above all. To add to your delight, a castle, a chateau there will grace your journey. Paddles out.

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#7 Gorge scrambling at Millevaches National Park

Gorge Scrambling
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Who said waterfalls were only good for wallpapers? Or seeing short-lived rainbows? Now, do more than just stand and let the water run against your face at the Millevaches National Park in Dordogne, France. Climb waterfalls, jump into plunge pools and climb over boulders – there’s no dearth on your day out doing one of these adventurous things to do in France.

Gorge scrambling is a fairly new addition to adrenaline activities so a minimum amount of fitness is mandatory!

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