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Hornbill, The national bird of Malaysia
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11 Facts about Hornbill – About the National bird and pride of Malaysia

One that does not come under any boundaries or rules has the freedom to enter any foreign land is a bird. That is why the famous quotes are used “Fly like a bird” which literally means cross any dreams to achieve your goal. One such nature’s beauty is the Hornbill. This is the National bird of Malaysia and the pride of Nagaland. Malaysia, being the land of unity and integration, is one of the most famous places as a tourist centre in the world. This has much wildlife sanctuaries that the tourists can hit while exploring there. They can also get loads of information on the Hornbill too. This is just your guide to know about the Hornbill.

Here are the 11 facts about Hornbill

Colourful Hornbill
Colourful Hornbill | P.C – Public Domain Pictures


Hornbill is one of the exotic animals that is found on the earth. They are majorly found in subtropical Africa, Asia and Melanesia. The Biological name of the Hornbill is the Bucerotidae. They are the only bird where they have first and second vertebrae are fused together.

The Hornbill
The Hornbill | P.C – Wallpaper Flare

11 Facts about Hornbill

1. How the Neck is it so strong?

The one interesting thing about the Hornbill is that they have a strong neck as they will have to hold the beak. Their first and second vertebrae are fused together to form a strong neck.

2. The Mascot of the Land of Hornbills

Sarawak city’s mascot is none other than the Rhinoceros hornbill. But this land has many other species of Hornbill other than the ones mentioned. This earned them the nickname ” The land of Hornbills”.

3. Keep your loves ones close

Talk about sticking together to your close ones. The Hornbills actually do that. They keep their Chicks together. Be it a member of 4 birds or a flock of 100 birds, they always stick together.

4. A ship that never sinks

Monkey’s best friend. The hornbills help the monkeys stay peaceful as these birds eat the insects that annoy them. As a return, the monkeys give warning calls to the birds when they see humans. They never forget the help done to them.

5. Don’t let the Birds out

The female bird is a prisoner while it is laying and hatching eggs. It naturally lays eggs in the tree cavity. This is to keep them safe from the predators from disturbing the birth of the chicks. so they close the tree cavity with mostly mud with a small opening for the male bird to feed the female bird and then their offsprings.

6. Why should men have all the fun?

Everyone has to prove their love for their better half. Even the Hornbill has to do the same. They bring food to the female bird over several months to prove that they are the worthy mate. The male Hornbill will woo the female with their casque.

7. Keep the volume down

The Hornbill have very loud calls and each Hornbill has its own distinct call. Von der Decken’s hornbills make the clucking sound while the Indian great Hornbill roars. The southern ground Hornbill, considering to be the largest of the Hornbill creates a resounding bass sound.

8. The heavyweight Champion

During the nesting period, the male Hornbill is the only source of food for the female bird and chicks. The Male birds can carry almost 60 fruits at one go.

9. Keep it a secret. Don’t let the others know

Talk about secret codes. While nesting the male communicates with the female by flapping their wings on the nests. This creates a steam engine like sounds due to its neck structure.

10. Jack of all trades

The Hornbills also use their beaks for climbing the tree. The female totally uses the bills to create a closed nest for nesting.

11. Everyone is special and unique

These birds have their own distinctive features. The smaller bills are made with much more spongy tissues while the large bills are created with ivory-like bones.

Close up view of Hornbill
Ceylon Grey Hornbill | P.C – Wikipedia

The Hornbills are one of the best and one of the most unique species wandering around the world. We hope that you feel that we have given you enough information regarding the Hornbill. I am pretty sure that you will be able to find pretty good information to indulge in a better social conversation. You can also create the best itineraries to go visit the Hornbills at their homes. We at Pickyourtrail give you the best customizable honeymoon packages to Malaysia. You can take the help of the travel assistant to make the best Malaysian holiday packages for your tour.

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