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17 places for your 2024 travel bucketlist

Ditch that new year resolution list for a while. Begin the new year with new travel plans – round the world in 365 days should be an easy target. Here’s a list to get you started on that 2024 travel bucketlist! And an even better way to start out is our travel planner, travelling made easy like never before!

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Look forward to –  food    |    art     |    nightlife

Image credit – azamaraclubcruises

Home ground to the iconic RMS Titanic, Belfast is fast entering the 2024 bucketlist and how! With many more open-air bars, art venues and restaurants entering the scene, your Belfast itinerary is showing more potential. Look forward to the new Bullitt Hotel inspired from a Steve McQueen film and street-art tours by Seedhead, an arts organization that hosts pop-up cabarets around the city.

Image credit – vandalbelfast

With a buzzing nightlife, Belfast opens up to new places often. Two noteworthy additions are the Muddlers Club – a restaurant-cum-cocktail bar and Vandal – a graffiti adorned pizzeria that turns into a late-night club as the sun hits the deck.

Belgrade, Serbia

Look forward to –  food    |    nightlife

Image credit – teamsdesign

Belgrade has for a while remained cloaked in mystery. Its transformation from a graffiti covered neighbourhood to one that is lined with restaurants and bars – each with its own distinct character is reason enough for a place on your 2024 bucketlist. From ćevapi to stuffed somborka peppers and pan-Latin tapas, the foodgasms are high on this one.

While on the subject of food, definitely sample some of its home-grown coffee, kafa, with a distinct bitter taste. But this isn’t the only beverage you must try out – rakija, a fruit brandy, is another must-try. A Serbian version of this – sljivovica – is made from Damson plums.

Cape Town, South Africa

Look forward to –  art    |    food    |    wine

Image credit – capetown-airport

Move over wildlife safari excursions, the reasons to vacation at Cape Town are increasing in multitude. Iconic mountain and beach landscapes apart, it is high on art and design scene. With the unveiling of Zeitz Museum of Contemporary African Art  next year, it’s only that much more worthy of feature on your grand 2024 bucketlist. Not only is Cape Town high on luxury, it also has a cuisine to diverse enough to entice you – from a bratwurst like sausage dish to a stew of a native wildflower.

It only helps that in the vicinity you have access to a restaurant acclaimed as one of the world’s best – Test Kitchen. And let’s not forget the wineries of Stellenbosch, Constantia and Franschhoek that sparkle with a stellar wine-tasting opportunity.

Devon, England

Look forward to –  art    |    design

Image credit – destination360

Home to J.K. Rowling, Chris Martin Devon is set in a picturesque landscape, complete with rolling hills et al. Head here for art-cation – Secular Retreat opens its gates with a minimalistic design inspired by ecclesiastical architecture. The crowd-pulling Art Deco Burgh Island hotel has turned heads for yet another groundbreaking design addition – a suite bridging two rocky outcrops. Indulge in some fresh country air and toast with cream teas. Want to never leave? We hear you. After all, U.K. is home to dreamy landscapes – more pictures here!

Hamburg, Germany

Look forward to –  art    |    culture     |    history

Image credit – newsroom

This port town is finally receiving the limelight it deserves. This port town has seen the banks of its Elbe river morph into something of an “architectural wonderland”. The latest addition to its architectural landscape is the Elbphilharmonie Hamburg by Herzog & de Meuron, a new concert hall set to be inaugurated in January next year.

Elbphilharmonie Hamburg by Herzog & de Meuron
Image credit – afasiaarchzine

Its neighbouring isle of Wilhelmsburg has begun gaining attention – it is transforming into something of a hotspot in its own right. With museums, nightlife opportunities cropping up, there is no dearth to what you can do here. Maybe check out the Beatles-Platz, complete with statues of all the band members, while in Hamburg.

Helsinki, Finland

Look forward to –  sauna    |    landscape

Image credit – smartcitieslive

Reputation of its Arctic landscapes, dotted with rivulets and lakes, precedes Helsinki. Along with the promise of a lot of snow-adventures, unwinding in a sauna is a given. The ‘Sauna culture’  here is extremely inviting. On Sauna Day – celebrated twice a year – for instance, you are allowed access to unique private saunas like the one in a castle with our amazing Finland itinerary!

Image credit – archdaily

Along with other Finlanders, welcome Löyly, the latest addition to the sauna scene. If planned for December vacation here, you can join in on the 100 years of independence Finland is set to celebrate next year. Raise your glass of Koskenkorva Viina and cheer to the calls of freedom and liberty, on your Helsinki vacation!

Jura, France

Look forward to –  food    |    wine     |    nature

Image credit – aeroportdolejura

Concealed Come home to one of France’s world renowned wine producer, Jura. Only recently have its wine products taken the world by storm. A little sojourn here is bright idea, especially if you prefer your holidays with a sparkle in your glass. Jura offers all ingredients for the perfect getaway – seclusion, nature for miles and a to-die-for regional cuisine.

Image credit – winefolly

While wine tasting, nibble on some of the raw-milk cheese at offer. And when your body beckons for exercise, go explore the miles of mountain trails in sight. For accommodation, we strongly recommend Les Jardins sur Glantine – a B&B with its own vineyard.

Kanazawa, Japan

Look forward to –  food    |    culture     |    history

Image credit – seejapan

This city till date retains its old-world charm while incorporating modern additions to its landscape. In the Higashi Chayagai district, for instance, you can spy on the old teahouses that used to be entertainment centres. You can pay a visit to Myo Ryu Ji – the Ninja temple of Japan.

Image credit – webs-of-significance

While in Japan, eat like the Japanese do. It goes without saying that sushi is must try – especially at Omicho Market. Intrigued by the traditional Japanese way of life? You can sample a bit of it for yourself at a farmhouse in Noto Peninsula. Let’s clue you in on what Japan holds for you!

Lake Lucerne, Switzerland

Look forward to –  food    |    adventure     |    nature

Image credit – miriadna

The Swiss charm is irresistible – especially when this charm enlists the help of gondola rides, cheese sampling and hiking along alpine trails. Lake Lucerne is set to gain a new landmark along its banks – an ultramodern hotel project that promises luxury on the banks of this Swiss lake. If you want a change from Lucerne’s charming views, head over to the neighbouring Engelberg village. Once here, you can enlist for Buiräbähnli Safari – a two-night trek, including a cable car ride, to remote farms when you can sample cheese and alpine butter.

Málaga, Spain

Look forward to –  food    |    art     |    beaches

Image credit – thinglink

A vacation in Málaga is a good mixture of adventure, culture and food – dollops of it. Home to an entire museum dedicated to Picasso, and the huge Centro de Arte Contemporáneo – Málaga is high on art. With tapas bars frequenting the area, there is no dearth to great food. If you want a different dining experience, head to El Tintero – just outside Málaga – where food is served sans menu cards. Point to a plate, and it is yours for the tasting!

Image credit – welovemalaga

Málaga is synonymous to its coastal treasure – the white sand beaches. Malagueta beach, in specific, has grabbed a lot of attention. Build sand castles, sunbathe – Málaga is yours for the taking!

Noosa Heads, Australia

Look forward to –  adventure

Image credit – m1resort

While Australia itself reckons your attention and a long vacation off, Noosa Heads is an attractive option, too. With more upscale and modern restaurants beginning to dot Noosa, a vacation here is a notion you should consider. From forest bushwalks, bird watching and wildlife experiences in Noosa National Park’s lush rainforests to a planned getaway at Makepeace Island – a resort situated up the Noosa river, crank up the adventure while at Noosa Heads.

Oslo, Norway

Look forward to –  coffee

Image credit – linkarkitektur

Coffee buffs assemble! Here is a Nordic country you should set sail to if your coffee love takes you places – literally! Said to be home to one of world’s most thriving coffee cultures, while in Oslo visit Supreme Roastworks to taste a world-champion brewer’s product. Tim Wendelboe, also in the Grünerløkka area, is worth a visit, too. Get your coffee mugs out and get caffeine-ating.

Paros, Greece

Look forward to –  food    |    beach

Image credit – telegraph

Never ending shoreline, hidden coves and an exotic new cuisine to sample – sounds about all that is needed for a perfect vacation. Find all this and more at the island of Paros in Greece. For accommodation you could rent apartments at Porto Naousa located at the heart of the fishing village of Naousa. Crave something more breezy? The suites at Seven Santa Maria come with a private boat and skipper to keep you exploring Paros’s many secret coves at will. No need to mention the fare of seafood and Greek specialities you will get to gorge on, of course.

Queenstown, New Zealand

Look forward to –  adventure

Image credit – earnslawlodge

A trip to ‘Middle Earth’ maybe the best way to kick off 2024. High on adrenaline, Queenstown is right called New Zealand’s adventure capital. Bungee jump from atop the Kawarau Bridge, Zorb from a Queenstown hill and Jetboat across the Shotover river – the list in, almost, endless.

What’s more, adventure seekers have a new Nevis Thriller installment to look forward to in 2024. Above the Nevis River, plans to create the most thrilling bungy jump are on. Nevis Thriller will , it is rumoured, combine speed, height and flight.

Rotterdam, Netherlands

Look forward to –  food    |    art

Image credit – rotterdamrunningtours

Netherlands’ second largest city will finally get its deserved space in the limelight. Budding with promises of interesting architecture and mouth-watering food, Rotterdam offers interesting choice of activities. De Markthal allows you to try gourmet food catered at hawker stalls inside the building. All around the city, expect to be greeted by a work of Picasso here, a sculpture by Rodin here. An art-intervention to your 2024 travel bucketlist.

Bobbing Forest in Rotterdam
Image credit – thestar

An innovative installation called Bobbing Forest – a surrealist installation of floating elm trees – occupies the Rotterdam harbour. The Steigersgracht Canal will see an induction of an artificial wave park, RiF010, where surfers can show off their skills. Some sights that you should reserve on your 2024 travel bucketlist!

Suzhou, China

Look forward to –  culture

Image credit – bamboocompass

Suzhou – a Chinese city that is the perfect confluence of historic legacy and modernity. In its ancient gardens – plenty of them – and its water towns, you will glimpse Suzhou’s past. Don’t want to miss out that on your 2024 travel bucketlist, eh? In its high rise industrial park, among shops in Times Square, a London-Eye-like ferris wheel and international cuisine restaurants, you can revel in its developed present. While surveying its modern section, check out the musical fountains on Jinji Lake at late nights. Between April and September, Suzhou is warm and sunny, making its many gardens and water-towns that much more desireable!

Turin, Italy

Look forward to –  food    |    art    |    coffee

Image credit – pinterest

While Italy may summon images of rolling hills, pasta, cheese and truffles; this 2024 maybe skip the Venice-Florence scene? Instead discover the lesser-known and visited Turin. This is your guaranteed romantic Italian escapade, complete with historic cafes in your 2024 bucketlist. Plan your visit next year and you will be right in time for the unveiling of Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna and Castello di Rivoli – both Italy’s very first modern art and contemporary art museums. Italian coffee giant Lavazza is also set to open its new headquarters at Turin’s centre. Coffee lover? Definitely head in time for this.

Pen and paper at ready, while you are checking out your bucket list, here’s one more thing you should do – write to us. We bring bucket lists to life best!

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