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How to plan a summer vacation across two countries in 4 steps!

Summer vacations had begun and Vikas Murli’s seven year old son was looking forward to going someplace awesome. There was just one hitch – Vikas hadn’t planned one yet! With less than a month to go, Vikas began his google hunt for his family’s summer vacation. This family from Bengaluru was on the lookout for an international vacation, that would be fun for his son too. Their biggest question – How to plan a summer vacation across two countries in 4 steps!

Google led him to many options, that gave information, but in many bits. He got destination info from one, flight costs from another and hotel stays from yet another place. Not too happy with what he saw, Vikas’s search led him to us – Pickyourtrail.

This is the story of how he booked his vacation in just one hour and 4 steps!

The 4-step Vacation

This was the first time I was planning a holiday with the help of an online tool! Pickyourtrail’s website has a smooth and easy-to-understand interface. My holiday was ready in just 4 steps!

I chose my destination and time to go – Singapore + Thailand

Yes, the site actually let me plan for multiple destinations at one go! Next, I decided when I wanted to go. I didn’t have much time, vacations had begun already. So May it was.

I selected my interests – A little adventure, some water sports and some main stream attractions

Screenshot of activities from How to plan a summer vacation across two countries in 4 steps!

According to my interests , a selection of cities within Singapore and Thailand popped up. Once I chose the cities, my itinerary was on my screen in just a few seconds! 

Screenshot of cities from How to plan a summer vacation across two countries in 4 steps!

The itinerary was great. But what was better was, it allowed me to edit and change any part of the vacation! With my seven year old around, my priority was activities that would be fun for children. I got a choice from more than 15 activities in each location. The filters for ‘kid friendly‘ activities helped me narrow down from the many options. The best part was, these activities were chosen with ratings from various travel-review sites. No need to cross check that, phew!

What was awesome

My Singapore tour + Thailand vacation was looking great Here’s what I found that was the best part of planning with Pickyourtrail!

I could plan this whole vacation on mobile!

 Changes on the itinerary could be done at just the click of a button! A little paper plane guides one to where the changes are possible. Flights, hotels, activities – you name it and I could change it!

Pickyourtrail helped me solve things like Visa, travel insurance and every little detail that I would not have thought of! The reassurance one gets when you don’t have run around for Visa and flight tickets and hotel bookings is something different!

 A little piggy icon shows you how you can opt for combo packages that saved me quite a bit. One click on this and my itinerary changed to show what hotels and flights I could take to maximise my saving.

  Pickyourtrail also helped me save time in planning my intra-country routes. If you are a stranger to Thailand, it is very difficult to know how much time it takes to go from point A to B. That’s where the route optimizing of Pickyourtrail comes into handy. It allows you to check for alternate routes and see which takes up less time.

 All I needed to do was to pay now. My costs were just a click away, and fabulously economical too! And payment was done online in a jiffy – I had options of paying for my vacation in three parts.

Singapore & Thailand , here we come!

Here is my itinerary for all those who want that Value-For-Money Singapore + Thailand vacation!

Inspired to look up a vacation with us? We are just a note away!

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