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Must-Visit Festivals In Europe
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Top 20 Must-Visit Festivals In Europe: A Small Guide

Festivals when family reunites, new clothes celebrating the occasion, Festival never disappoints, does it? Europe is known for so many things when it comes to festivals the destination never disappoints to the weather architecture, culture, you could add festivals to the list and there are several festivals you should be attending across Europe. To make your job easier in this Blog We have listed the Top 20 Must-Visit Festivals In Europe.

Top 20 Must-Visit Festivals In Europe : What is Ahead

  1. The Carnival Of Venice
  2. St. Patrick’s Day 
  3. The Carnival Of Ivrea
  4. La Tomatina Festival
  5. 11. Water Jousting
  6. Oktoberfest
  7. San Fermin
  8. Lavender Mob
  9. Creamfields
  10. Amsterdam Light Festival
  11. Tomorrowland
  12. Up Helly Aa
  13. Pizzafest –
  14. La Tamborrada (Drum Festival)
  15. Mad For Folk
  16. Noble Grapes
  17. Flamenco Fair
  18. Cannes Film Festival
  19. Carnava
  20. Maslenitsa

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1. The Carnival Of Venice

One of the oldest festivals in Europe. A 20 Day long Festivals Moder era begin in 1979 but the roots of the festival are a millennium old. You can find the best mask designs along with a water parade and grand ball. More than 3 million people attend the 2 week-long festivals. The Festival Takes place in February around 6th -16th.
Image Credits: Unsplash

2. St. Patrick’s Day 

The Festival marks the arrival of Christianity in Ireland and celebrates the Irish culture. You can see Green everywhere you can see only Green everywhere and you ought to wear green attire. The happening place during the day in Dublin where you could see parades. The Day is also known as the festival alcohol. The festival takes place on March 17th every year.
Image Credits: Unsplash

3. The Carnival Of Ivrea:

Want to throw something at peeps and drench in the mix of food and water then this festival is for you. The Carnival of Ivrea which takes place in Italy has a history to it. The roots go back to the 19th century where commanders food that their feudal lord had given them. Many years fast forward now the festival is more like a war between commoners on the ones who throw an orange at them. Happens around the 3rd week of February every year.
Image Credits: Unsplash

4. La Tomatina Festival

As the name suggests another festival where you can get to throw things and been thrown at is one of the famous festivals which takes place in the town of Buño, Spain. The event is ticketed, maximum of 20,000 people can participate. You will get messy for sure but yet an enjoyable festival as you could meet people all around the world and not only Spanish people. The festival takes place on 25th August every year.


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5. Water Jousting :

One of the must-visit Festivals in Europe, the festival dates back to 1666 where it all began. The Town hosts the Water Jousting tournaments in the summer on its canals. It is known as one of the most youth-centric festivals which happens during the summer. 70 Plus events take place a few too. mentions are concerts parades and a pop-up bar. The festival takes place in Venice of Languedoc, August 23-28 is when the festival takes places every year

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6. Oktoberfest:

Want to have a pint and experience a culture along with it? you will have to head the land of poets and thinkers – Germany. One of the must-visit festivals held in Munich, run it back to 1810 is when people started celebrating this beautiful festival. You could see people dressed in Bavarian traditional costumes to emphasize the culture and beer stalls all over. The Festival happens between 18th September – 3rd October. In one line, the festival is more about the culture than the beers.
Image Credits: Unsplash

7. San Fermin :

Quite an adventurous festival to be at none the least another to your must-visit festivals. San Fermin held in city of Pamplona, Spain. A week-long festival starts with the san Fermin procession i.e. the parades however the highlight of the festival is the running of bulls, the event is also broadcasted live on television. The festival happens around July 7th – 14th every year.
Image Credits: Unsplash

8 Lavender Mob:

A soul-soothing and peaceful festival which takes place in France is a must-visit to the festival to calm yourself from the bustling world. The festival starts with fireworks over the rivers then comes the four-day long lavender theme festival. One of the oldest parades is the Digne’s lavender parade which dates back to the second world war from then till now the parades happen during the 4-day long festival. The Festival during August as the harvest takes place
Image Credits: Unsplash

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9  Creamfields : 

The festival takes place where the Beatles originated, synonymous to it the Creamfields is dance music festival which happens in near Warrington and Liverpool, England. The festival started as a 1-day festival but due to the grand reception by the public, it is now a 4-day long festival which organized by the British club promoters. The festival also provides an option for camping. One of the must-visit music festivals in Europe. 26th to 29th August is when the festival takes place
Image Credits: Unsplash

10 Amsterdam Light Festival :

A festival for designers and architects, The Capital City comes to life with the lights lit throughout the city center. The designs are submitted by designers and architects among which thirty artworks are chosen by the selection committee. You can experience the festival in specific routes which are mapped. One of the most awaited festivals in Europe, which makes it a must-visit festival in Europe.
Image Credits: Unsplash

11. Tomorrow land :

You might have heard this festival and if you are a music fan you for sure would know it, Belgium is where one of the largest electronic music festivals takes place to be specific it happens in the town of the book which located sixteen kilometers away from the south of Antwerp. Inaugrgartery was in 2005 from there it has become an annual event for all music lovers around the world. The festival takes place from August 27th – September 5th.
Image Credits: Unsplash

12. Up Helly Aa : 

One for the Winters. The festival emphasizes the Vikings heritage which takes place in Lerwick, Shetland’s Island of Scotland which happens in the winter season. The Fire festival involves a procession of thousand costume guizers ends the procession by burning the Viking longship. A very traditional and cultural festival which takes place on Last Tuesday of the first month of the year.
Image Credits: Unsplash

13. Pizzafest :

Pizza who doesn’t love pizza? That itself makes it one of the must-visit festivals in Europe. When you say pizza in Europe, the first place that comes to our mind is Naples, Italy and that’s the place where the Pizzafest happens. You will be able to taste 50 plus pizzas all are different flavors. I needn’t say anything more, a must-visit festival in Europe. The festival happens on 2 days every year on June 12th and 13th..
Image Credits: Unsplash

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14.  La Tamborrada :

One of the noisiest festivals and a must-visit for Drummers. Parades consisting of men, women, kids bashing drums day and night for twenty-four hours, you can either be on the side where there is an organized procession or if you want to bash the drums without any cords then you can be on the side of free-for-all drums. The Festival takes place in San Sebastián, Spain on 20th January every year.
Image Credits: Unsplash

15. Mad For Folk :

Is Folk music is what you love then as the name suggests it is a must-visit for folk music lovers? The festival is filled with bands, dance troupes buskers along with their electrifying performance. A perfect place for traditional music which also involves native Italian musicians, The festival takes place on 7 and 8th of July every year.
Image Credits: Unsplash

16. Noble Grapes :

A ten-day long festival has been celebrated since 1787. One of the best wine festivals across Europe and on Saturdays, Wine producing families in the province will father in traditional costumes and celebrate the grape harvest. you could have a look at the carts which are decorated with palm fronds, ribbons, grapes, and bells. The festival takes place on September 15th every year
Image Credits: Unsplash

17. Flamenco Fair :

The festival is known as the feast of Saint Matthew. The festivals showcase dance performances, Drinks with a fair-by-night pertaining to a specific time frame. It is widely famous because it’s the last festival of the summer and you could grab local delicacies and go shopping. The festival happens around 18th April to 24th April
Image Credits: Unsplash

18. Cannes Film Festival

One for the Film Buffs, which Takes place in France. An Invite-only event. A premier Film Festival and witnesses all the screens of almost all genres of the movies of the year for a set of audience. Held at the Palais des Festivals et des Congrès, The elegant festival Honours the best films with Palm d’Or, which is regarded as a more prestigious recognition than the Oscars. The Festival happens around May
Image Credits: Pixabay

19. Carnava :

 The theme of role reversal is what the festival is about. Happens in the southern regions of the Netherlands where a grand fest happens in most homes from Saturdays to Tuesdays. Parades happen everywhere in the city. You could also see Traditional dance and music at various events along. A must-visit festival that will give you a different idea of the festival by default.


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20. Maslenitsa : 

The festival emphasis on the Slavic Traditions of Eastern Europe. More of a traditional festival celebrated across Eight weeks Before Eastern Easter. One of the oldest and largest festivals, the preparation in itself creates a buzzing vibe around the town.
Image Credits: Unsplash

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