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5-day Thailand Itinerary: Guide To A Perfect 5 day Tour of Thailand

A warm smile and a gentle bowing down with folded palms is how the Thai welcome their guests. The Wai, as the Thai call this greeting, shows respect or expresses gratitude. Holding on to traditional customs and being the perfect hosts comes naturally to the graceful people of Thailand. So much so that even Ronald McDonald does the Wai in Thailand! This contrast of tradition and the contemporary is what attracts travellers to the most happening Asian destination. From hip Bangkok to the beachy town of Pattaya or the outdoor-sy Krabi, Thailand is truly the Land of Smiles. Here’s a glimpse into as much as you can squeeze into a 5 day Thailand itinerary.

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Day 1 – Culture and Adventure

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Start your Thailand trip with the vibrant beach side town of Pattaya. There is more than just beaches and parties here, Pattaya has a graceful cultural face too. Start your day with the Sanctuary of Truth, a temple that brings together Hindu and Buddhist religious beliefs of Thailand, China and India. The complex is an architectural wonder, made of wood with not a nail in them! Enjoy the brilliant views of the ocean from this 105-metre tall building. Head next for some adventure – Ziplining through the forest canopy of Khao Kheow. Scream your way through the 3km course and later visit the zoo nearby on your 5 day tour of Thailand.

Day 2 – Soak in nature

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A short speedboat ride from Pattaya are the Koh Larn or the Coral Islands. The translucent blue waters of this little island teems with colourful marine life and corals. Take a scuba dive into these idyllic waters and discover the colours of the ocean or get a bird’s-eye from a parachute above. From here head to pay your respects to the giant golden Buddha of Wat Phra Yai in South Pattaya on your 5-day itinerary of Thailand. A short trek uphill to the Monument Park here will give you the best views of the Pattaya bay and a mesmerising sunset as well.

Day 3 – Capital city

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Landing in Thailand’s capital, Bangkok might be a sensory overload for many. Street food, culture, adventure, nightlife; this city has something for everyone. Take a peek at Thailand’s cultural heritage with the Siam Niramit – a world-class performance on a huge stage. The show features over 100 dancers in lavish costumes and fabulous sets – overall a stimulating experience to start your Bangkok adventure. Thailand is also the place of festivals, read more here

Day 4 – Temple time

Thailand has a 95% population of Buddhists, the highest in the world. The country has as many as 40,000 Wats or temples to Buddha, the most important being the Wat Phra Kaew. Located in the majestic Grand Palace complex in Bangkok, this temple is called the Temple of the Emerald Buddha and has the Buddha carved from a single stone of jade. The Wats are marked by the tall golden spires over intricately carved domes or stupas.  Soaking in the magnificence of these shrines can take up a good part of your day on your 5-day Thailand itinerary!

Day 5 – The outdoors

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Off the West coast of Thailand is the island of Krabi. Set in startling blue waters, the island is a haven for the lovers of the outdoors. The activities that one can do on a sunny day are many, and most days are sunny here! Bump around the island on an ATV or ride atop an elephant feeling like a king taking a survey of his fiefdom. Rafting in the waters of the Songprak river is no easy feat, don’t leave Krabi without checking your rafting skills. Read this Krabi story and we are sure you will take the next flight out!


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