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Written by Adharsh Arulalan on January 19, 2016 Share on

5 hotels around the world that ooze luxury

Have you received your yearly bonus? Has an incentive spiked your bank balance? Did you win the lottery? Or are you just plain filthy rich and looking for a way to splurge and pamper yourself? For travelers who are looking for a short break and are particular about their stay, we have curated the perfect list of hotels around the world that do justice to the term “Live Life like a King”.

1. Jade Mountain Resort – Saint Lucia

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Nested remotely in the eastern Caribbean with the distinctive Pitons mountains in its background, the Jade Mountain Resort dominates the best of the breathtaking views around. The 600 acre estate is well known for the variety of activities that can be done across such as Snorkeling, Kayaking & Scuba Diving in the pristine waters around, Mountain Biking & Trekking into the Jungle, etc.


The rooms here are so huge, that they call each enclosure a “Sanctuary”. From the Sky Jacuzzi Suite to the four styles of Sanctuaries on the top, each room has a style and luxury of its own. Located on the south-west corner of Jade Mountain, the Galaxy Sanctuary is where you can enjoy the most commanding panoramic views of the landscape around. But is it worth 2.25 lakhs (INR) for a night? Check-in on your next holiday to the Caribbean and find out for yourself.

2. Mardan Palace Hotel -Antalya

Mardan Palace hotel from hotels around the world
Image Credit : balkaneu

Spoil yourself in some intense Turkish Hospitality with passion and commitment at the Mardan Palace Hotel.  This property defines experiential luxury and takes you back to the elegance of an enchanting past on your Turkey vacation. Transfer yourself to a world where the empire of a royal grandeur syncs with today’s modern luxury.

Image Credit : mardanpalace

The rooms start from basic Premium Rooms and goes up as lavish as the Royal Suites. But our personal favorite is the Grand Hamam Suite that echoes the essence of Turkey’s tradition with a small marble platform and a separate Jacuzzi. With so much sophistication surrounding you, would you want to sleep for 35K(INR) a night?

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3. The Plaza – New York City

The Plaza from hotels around the world
Image Credit : covetedition

Amid the busy streets of Midtown Manhattan is this 20 story landmark that may give you the best chance to walk across a famous Hollywood actor or a top world class business man / important politician. Owned by the Sahara Pariwar conglomerate, this luxury property gives you the best flavor of what life is like, for the big shots living in the Upper East Side of the island.

Image Credit : luxehighlife
Image Credit : luxehighlife

Sprawled across 4500 sq.ft and boasting 3 lavish bedrooms with amenities such as a formal dining room, a library, a gymnasium, a grand piano, a full kitchen, a 24 hours butler service, the Royal Suite comes with a price tag of $30,000 a night.

4. Mandapa (Ritz-Carlton Reserve) – Bali

Mandapa from hotels around the world
Image Credit : gtspirit

Ubud’s magic lies in its charm and spiritual/cultural richness. And this Ritz Carlton property brings together the perfect blend of culture, nature and of course .. sophistication. With breathtaking views of the verdant rice paddies and the Ayung River, the private pool villas in this enclosure dominate the definition of luxury. Pamper yourself at $650 a night at this lovely establishment in the lap of nature in your bali vacation.

5. The Ritz – Paris

Image Credit : cntraveler
Image Credit : cntraveler

This grand palatial hotel in the heart of Paris is built for the Royals & Czars. Some of its highlights include the Hemingway Bar (devoted to Ernest Hemingway who lived at the hotel for years) and the Coco Chanel Imperial Suite that has a touch of her design. Unfortunately luxury comes with a price. And at the Ritz, it comes at €17,000 a night.

Image Credit : inspiredcitizen
Image Credit : inspiredcitizen

Now that we have given you a sense of what luxury tastes like, are you ready to live the Dream?

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