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Top Palaces In India One Must-Visit On Their Vacation

India is a nation of culture and heritage, with idols and a rich heritage. These lavish palaces in India give a fascinating glimpse into a former age with their rich royal history full of Maharajas, fortresses, strongholds, rulers, queens, nizams, sultans as well as all that Prince Jazz and grandeur. It’s definitely a unique way to explore these lavish palace to explore the country’s great history, many of these turned into hotels later. The palaces today in numerous parts of India remember this rich history. They are strikingly stunning in their aesthetic beauty, interiors and artwork. The perfect way to experience the history of these Maharajas is to explore these palaces. So, check out some of the top palaces in India that define what royal heritage is in India.

Rambagh Palace

Rambagh Palace in Jaipur
Image Credits: Pixabay

One of the top palaces in India that one must-visit. The Rambagh Palace has been an iconic palace for over thirty years in Jaipur. It was first established in 1957 in India in 1835 and turned into a splendid structure in the palace. It was first the hunting lodge for a king from a simple memorial and there came a number of events leading to the completion of this wonderful monument. The Peacock Suite overlooks the Moghul Terrace and the Gardens where the Maharaja used to celebrate Holi.

Lalgarh Palace

The Lalgarh Palace in Bikaner is constructed in a lovely Indo-Saracen classical architecture. Sir Ganga Singh is now a luxury hotel. Built by Bikaner Maharaja the Palace also holds a museum called Chri Sadul Museum, which exhibits a collection of antiquities and offers an illustration of the exuberant style of life led by the maharajas. The colours of the magnificent building, constructed with red sandstone obtained from the Thar desert, change shades as the day unfolds. If you want to stay at the Hotel Lallgarh Palace, you will be delighted by the huge size of the rooms in which you live and the service that you will get. Also, this is one of India’s most expensive hotel.

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Neemrana Palace

Neemrana Fort Palace is one of the royal palaces of India that must have been toured, not only because it is suitable for a picturesque tour, but because of its great heritage and greatness. In the past the palace was ruled by Maharaja Prithvi Raj Chauhan III. It occupies an area of 10 hectares, which portrays the alchemy of traditional Rajasthanis and contemporary interior designs the ideal place to experience. The Neemrana Fort Palace is one of the oldest historical resorts in India, providing spectacular views of the city. The visit to Neemrana is unforgettable by two swimming pools around the palace, hanging gardens and lovely rooms. You will love the atmosphere of the stay with its wellness spas, swimming pool, amphitheatre and multi-cuisine delicacies.

Mysore Palace

Mysore Palace
Image Credits: Pixabay

This well-known palace of all is a must on the list of top palaces in India. Following the Taj Mahal, Mysore Palace is the 2nd most common venue in India. It’s an immense palace and still a home for the Mysore royal family. This palace was built in 1912 for the 24th ruler of the Wodeyar dynasty, and is also known for being the palace of Amba Vilas. A cohesive mix of Hindu, Muslim, Rajput and Gothic designs gives this palace a vibrant facade. The scenery of the Mysore Palace is an exquisite sight to see with the Chamundi hill on its eastern side. An amazing decoration is one of the most interesting aspects of the building. The entire complex lights up every evening with a warm glow and a royal aura.

Chettinad Palace

The Chettinad Palace is an example of the design of the native Chettinad. The Chettinad Palace has beautiful masterpieces, finished with Burma teak, stained-glass, Italian marble, woodwork and a mix of several colours. The palace’s architectural style often shows some European influence that only contributes to the palace’s charm. The palace was constructed under the leadership of the Indian Bank director Dr Annamalai Chettiyar and the University of Annamalai. They primarily transported the construction materials from Eastern Asia and Europe in this palace.

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Mubarak Mandi Palace

A majestic palace in Jammu that demonstrates the royal essence of the Dogra dynasty, Mubarak Mandi Palace. The structure overlooks the river Tawi near the ancient city. A must-visit heritage site in Jammu and Kashmir with its various courtyards, offices, large halls and a vast range of objects once part of the royal family. The oldest structure in this palace complex dates back to 1824, when it had its own part of the day and collected fossils all these years. Don’t miss out to visit this place when in Kashmir as it’s one of the top palaces in India.

Taragarh Palace

Taragarh Palace
Image Credits: Unsplash

The Palace of Taragarh falls under the classification of the most spectacular yet unexplored places of the Kangra valley. A refuge for nature enthusiasts, the palace is the ideal summer destination for a peaceful break in the woods. The palace is the best spot for a relaxing vacation. The palace has high-quality amenities, including a kitchen, a gift shop, a bar hall and a patio that overlooks the hills. There is a swimming pool and tennis courts and a cafeteria offering a magnificent buffet, with cutting-edge amenities.

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Amer Fort

Amer Fort in Rajasthan
Image Credits: Pixabay

Last, but not the least, this is one of the top palaces in India. Amer Fort is among the most popular tourist attractions in Rajasthan, situated in Amer, a few minutes from Jaipur in Rajasthan. You would have seen it in a few movies if you didn’t visit the house. The fortress is massive enough to take you at most two to three hours to discover it in-depth and you can opt to use audition guides to direct you around this interesting building while you describe the significance of this location. Fantastic movies filmed here show the lavish halls of the palace.

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