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7 Scintillating Norway Adventures That Will Change The Way You Look At life!

Majestic mountains. Untamed fjords. The pristine Arctic tundra. Unique wildlife in their natural habitat. It’s no wonder that Norwegians have a deep love for adventure and the outdoors. So when you’re in Norway, do it like the locals do. Get your gear on, prepare for the adventure, and set out to conquer these 7 adventure activities in Norway.

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1. Hiking Trolltunga

adventure activities in Norway

There are many cliffs to hike in Norway, but the most iconic and scenic of em all is the Trolltunga. Translating to “Troll’s Tongue”, the hanging cliff juts out of the rock formation at a whopping 2297 feet above sea level. Tourists and hikers throng the cliff to enjoy the stunning beauty of Lake Ringedalsvatnet below, and the surrounding mountain.

The hike is a 22km round trip, taking around 11 hours to complete. Though it is a physically demanding hike, the view from the iconic ledge is simply breathtaking, and must be seen to be believed. The hike is best made from mid-June to mid-September.

Tip: Temperatures shift and things will get really cold during the climb, so make sure you wear warm clothing, sturdy shoes and carry a map, lights and the like.


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2. Summer Skiing in Stryn

adventure activities in Norway

Skiing in the summer? Yes, there IS such a thing, and Norway is the best place to do it, what with the sport originating from the country. Forget the punishing cold and heavy layered clothing and think shorts, T-shirts and after-ski beers in the warm sun.

There are other summer ski areas in Norway, but Stryn has the best slopes, with great off-piste (meaning tracks apart from the usual ski runs), better options and a terrain park to boot!

Summer ski season starts from late May and ends around late July/early August, depending on the potency of the summer.

3. Dog Sledding

adventure activities in Norway

Dog sled racing is a popular sport in Northern Norway, with the tradition going back a long way. With just a few minutes of instruction by experienced dog-sledders, you will be able to drive one yourself! Pulled by a team of eager huskies, you’ll whizz past the snow-covered landscape, like rock formations, forests and more.

Many organisers include along with the sled trip a visit to places where you can see the Northern Lights from. The best time to have a chance of seeing the famous Northern Lights is from mid-November to April. Incidentally, this is also the best time to try dog sledding.

Apart from the short trips, week-long dog sled “adventures” are also available. You’ll be spending the nights before warm fires in mountain cabins. Sigh. The dream.

Want to know the best places to find Northern Lights in Norway and the rest of the world? Click here.

 4. Wildlife safaris

adventure activities in Norway

Despite the cold and the terrain of Norway, the country is home to many unique species of animals and birds. Norway’s different regions are the natural habitat for giant king crabs, whales, arctic foxes, musk oxen and more.

Take one of the many guided safaris to experience the breathtaking scenery of the Norwegian landscape and to spot the country’s amazing animals.

Dive into the cold waters at Finnmark to catch giant king crabs, marvel at shaggy musk oxen at the Dovrejfell mountains, watch mammoth whales in Andenes along the Vesterålen coast. With a bit of luck, you can even spot the beautiful but endangered Arctic fox.

5. Conquer the Snowmobile tracks

adventure activities in Norway

If you want to zip across the snow-covered tracks and slopes on Norway like a super-spy, nothing comes close to riding a snowmobile (or snow scooter as it is called in Norway). On a snow scooter, the tough terrain you couldn’t access by foot becomes easy as pie. Stop at the vantage point of your choice and enjoy the beautiful vistas before you. You can even fins great places to see the Northern Lights on a snow scooter. Sounds exciting, huh?

There are many laws to abide by if you plan to rent and ride a snow scooter in Norway. You need to have a driving license, and the same drunk-driving laws apply for snow scooters too (Boo!)

Take a snow scooter safari and explore the huge network of trails that Norway is famous for. The procedure involves a thorough safety check by the organisers, followed by some basic instructions and teaching how to ride the scooter. After that, it’s just you, the snow scooter and the snowy tracks! You’ll have breaks to take pictures and refreshments. Just make sure the gun ports on your snow scooter are closed shut.

Done with the slopes and want to hit the road? Check this out to see where you can take epic drives in Norway.

6. Whitewater Rafting

adventure activities in Norway

Norway is home to fast-flowing rivers and frothing rapids, so whitewater rafting is naturally a must-do activity here. The Sjoa River is the most famous place to try the thrilling adventure sport in Norway. However, rafting centers are available all over the country.

With safety being the primary concern, always enlist the services of a professional rafting company. Pack warm and dry clothes for after the course, since you WILL get wet. There are courses of varying difficulty available, with age restrictions and a certain degree of stamina required to attempt them.

7. Kayaking the Fjords

adventure activities in Norway

Norway’s beautiful fjords, rivers and waterways are perfect for kayaking, and the activity is popular among tourists and locals. It is a fun and relaxing way of taking in the breathtaking sights. You can take your pick of the many guided kayaking tours available.

It really strikes you when you are out there in the elements. Fjord Norway almost seems as though it was made for kayaking. This is where you will find those shallow, narrow channels and straits where other small boats are hestitant to cross – and a myriad of small islands, reefs and islets that makes navigation fun. The easy availability of key junctions on the west coast makes the area particularly well suited for weekend trips, short holidays or mini expeditions.

You’ll find narrow channels, shallow straits and the like, and be able to enjoy small islands, reefs and other scenic natural elements along the kayak course. The ease of manoeuvrability of the kayak makes it the best option to explore parts of the fjord and the sea where bigger boats cannot navigate to.

Want more motivation to visit the land of the Vikings? These breathtaking photos will get you planning for a vacation to Norway.

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