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Sri Lanka
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7-day itinerary to Sri Lanka

The tiny droplet of the Indian ocean with a diverse mix of cultural sights, raking wildlife, and aesthete. Sri Lanka is one of the top destinations noted by the lonely Planet in 2024, which had really exceeded the expectations. Sri Lanka tourism has a diverse range of events and landscapes that are fun to explore. You should have no trouble navigating the city because English is commonly spoken and the locals are more friendly than you might imagine. From Sri Lankan Airlines’ excellent service to the comfort and hospitality of the Sri Lankan people to the delicious food.

TIP – Sri Lanka being a tropical country with hot weather throughout the year. Monsoons, on the other hand, have a significant impact on the environment, you must decide where and when to visit Sri Lanka.

  • DAY 1 – The Colombo city
  • DAY 2 – Sigiriya Rock & Dambulla Caves
  • DAY 3 – Kandy
  • DAY 4 – Nuwara Eliya
  • DAY 5 – Ella toy train ride
  • DAY 6 – Galle
  • DAY 7 – Depart with the glance of Galle sunrise

Day 1 – The Colombo city

Colombo is a simple city to get to, and most hostels are within a 45-minute drive which provides an opportunity to maximize the time in the countryside.

If one Arrived in Colombo late at night, one can plan to spend the night in Negombo (where the international airport is located). If you arrive early in the morning, take advantage of the opportunity to explore Sri Lanka’s capital city.
Keep in mind that the distance between two points is not the same as the distance between two points. Enjoy your vacation with a Colombo tour package with us!

  • St. Peter’s Church
  • Guanarama temple
  • Sri Kailawasanathan
  • Jamiul Alfar Mosque
  • The National Museum
  • Beira Lake
  • The Lotus Tower

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Day 2 – Sigiriya Rock & Dambulla Caves

Sigiriya, the beautiful rock formation, halfway up with a majestic gate shaped like a lion. The royal palace was abandoned after the king’s death. It was later used as a Buddhist monastery for a period of time. This location has been abandoned since the 14th century.

Take a taxi before 7 a.m., as the journey from Negombo to Sigiriya will take 5-6 hours. Once reached the Lion Rock Fortress, One can plan to hike all the way to the top which might take around 3-4 hours.

Drive to the Unesco-listed Dambulla Buddhist caves and monastery, the world’s largest painted cave complex. We arrived just in time to see the most tranquil sunset ever witnessed. To visit the four temples, you must walk up a steep hill. The cave starts on a plateau 340 meters above sea level, where you can enjoy a beautiful green panorama.

Credits – Unsplash

A safari at Minneriya National Park near Habaran is among the top things to do in Sri Lanka. Seeing elephants in their natural habitat. Sri Lanka is known as an elephant’s motherland, with around 200 elephants living in Minneriya National Park. Elephant herds in large herds are common in this region.

Return to Kandy and spend the night. Located high in the mountains with breathtaking views.

Day 3 – Kandy

Kandy is riddled with significant landmarks, and it’s no wonder that it’s on the UNESCO World Heritage List. It is home to the Temple of the Holy Tooth Relic, one of Sri Lanka’s most sacred shrines. The temple houses a tooth relic of the Lord Buddha, which can be seen twice a day during a special ceremony, as the name implies. Overnight stay at Kandy.

Not to Miss in Kandy
  • Buddha Tooth Relic Temple
  • Kandy Lake (It’s right behind the tooth relic temple)
  • The Family friendly Royal Botanic Gardens
Buddha tooth relic
Credits – Unsplash

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Day 4 – Nuwara Eliya

Take an early morning train from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya allows for a full day of hill country exploration with an infinite number of scenic stops at plantations. Tuk-tuks and cabs are waiting outside the Nuwara Eliya train station once you arrive.

Nuwara Eliya, dubbed “Little England,” has a distinct feel from the rest of Sri Lanka. The British ‘discovered’ the region in 1819, and it soon became a ‘home away from home’ hotspot for those visiting or employed in Sri Lanka due to the cool climate. It’s why Tudor architecture can be found everywhere, which I find strangely fascinating. Overnight stay at Nuwara Eliya relishing the Tea-temptations.

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  • Lake Gregory 
  • Victoria Park
  • Send a postcard from one of Sri Lanka’s oldest post stations
  • Tea plantation tour
  • Walkthrough Central Market
Nuwara eliya
Credits – Unsplash

Day 5 – Ella toy train ride

THE MOST WELL-KNOWN FEATURE IS THE BOHEMAN TOWN IN THE MOUNTAINS. Take an early morning train to Ella. This train trip, which winds through hills, tea fields, and villages, is arguably Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist attraction. The British established the railway system in 1865 to transport tea and coffee from the Hill Country to Colombo.

Ella is rapidly becoming a popular tourist destination, and local BnBs are springing up to meet the demand, but they still need to improve their service levels. They are a short walk from the main town centre where you can have an overnight stay. Remain in the location for the stunning views. Make your ride a memorable one with a Sri lanka honeymoon package.

  • Hike little Adam’s peak 
  • Nine Arch bridge (Demodara bridge)
  • Ravana Waterfalls 
  • Ravana Caves 
  • Ella town center
Credits – Unsplash

Day 6 – Galle

To get to Galle, we’ll use a nearby cab service in Ella. If you take the highways, it will take you about 4-5 hours. Galle, perched on Sri Lanka’s southwest coast, is proud of its past. The city’s colonial-era showpiece, a 16th-century Portuguese-built fort, is surrounded by windswept beaches and nodding palms, while the rest of the city is trimmed with Dutch-style homes, quirky shops, whitewashed mansions, and heritage museums. The Dutch extended the stone sea walls, which encircle car-free streets with architecture that reflects Portuguese, Dutch, and British rule.

  • Galle Fort
  • Sinharaja Forest Reserve
  • Fort Lighthouse
  • Sea Turtle Farm 
  • Martin Wickramasinghe Folk Museum Complex
  • Old Town and its Fortifications
  • Dalawella Beach

Day 7 – Depart with the glance of Galle sunrise

You can spend the morning exploring the colonial quarters of Galle or go directly to the airport, depending on your flight schedule. With a total travel time of 2.5 hours, one of Sri Lanka’s only major multi-lane highways connects Galle and Colombo.

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