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7 Best Fun Things to Do in Sri Lanka with Kids in 2024

Sri Lanka, located on the south of the Indian Subcontinent has often been considered as a family destination It is a gorgeous island nation where you wouldn’t mind taking your child. Since this place has rich wildlife, it is covered with National parks. Apart from that, you have jeep safari and water sports activities as well to keep your kids engaged the whole so that you don’t feel like a family vacation.

The coastline of Sri Lanka has some wonderful beaches that the Indian ocean would want to offer. Here in this list, we take a look at the different things to do in Sri Lanka with kids.


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Best Time To Visit Sri Lanka

The landscapes of this beautiful country are just amazing and the ideal time to visit this island nation is the December to March. The topography of Sri Lanka is amazing and the west and south coast of Sri Lanka can be covered during this period of the Year. This includes places like Galle and the capital city Colombo. From May to September is a good time to explore the east side of Sri Lanka with places like Passikudah and Trincomalee. Since you are travelling with kids beaches are obvious, make sure you plan in such a way that you could spend some quality time on the beach with the kids.

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7 Best Things To Do In Sri Lanka With Kids

As mentioned before this Island nation pretty much has everything that you would be looking for in a family vacation. Here we take a look at the best things to do in Sri Lanka with Kids.

1. Bird Watching

bird watching in sri lanka, sri lanka with kids
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people love birds and this place is such a paradise so that people will start loving birds even if they hadn’t in the past. You can find birds of different colours, sizes and shapes as well to showcase their uniqueness. Can there be a better place than a National Park to witness the birds chirping and flying all the time? I don’t think so. The bird species that you can find there are greater flamingo, ruff, black-tailed godwit and a few other ones as well. just have to take your binoculars and rush toward this national park.


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2. Wild Safari

This again is another National park, but this time it’s a safari that it has to offer. Ever wanted to watch wild animals to the closest? Head straight to Chundikulam national park. The safari should not be missed when you are travelling with a child. As each one of us knows the love for animals that the kids have. One can expect to see some leopard, bear and monkeys in the national park. Some type of Crocodiles is also found here.

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3. Train Ride From Kandy To Ella

sceneic train ride in sri lanka
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Kids have the highest affinity to the window seats in the train, be it a domestic vacation or an international vacation. Trains are a major means of transportation in Sri Lanka. But what makes this train ride stand out from the rest is the kind of scenery that you can get here. It is a 6 hrs train ride through untouched nature, undoubtedly one of the best fun things to do in Sri Lanka with kids. While moving from Kandy to Ella you will be passing through hills, waterfalls, tea plantations along with the clouds and mist.

4. Kandalama- Hot Air Ballooning

Though its place is not known for Hot Air Ballooning, the reason for me to include this in the list is that it is getting better day by day here. Kandalama is the place for it and it is located 4 hours away from the main city, Colombo. This place has the perfect blend of amazing landscapes that you can witness while ballooning in the colourful hot air balloons. This surely will be a treat to the eye for the kids. To be able to witness such majesty at that height will surely not be forgotten.


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5. Kaudulla National Park Jeep Safari

Kaudulla national park,
Source: Google Images

The third national park in the list is Kaudulla Nationa park and this again is famous for its jeep safari. This was Established in 1954. The main catchment area for the largest reservoir is Senanayake Samudraya. The reservoir was included under the Gal Oya development project by constructing a dam on the Gal Oya in 1950. It spans over a larger area and is located at about 314kms from the capital city Colombo.

This is one of the best elephant reserves in the country. Apart from that, you can get to see deers, monkeys, and Leopards as well – making it one of the most fun things to do in Sri Lanka with kids.

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6. Tea And Herb Tour In Colombo

This is not just a single place that we would recommend people to visit. You can visit any of the Tea plantations in Sri Lanka as they are pretty much similar in terms of experience. Imagine the kind of happiness that the kids could get to experience is second to none in these places. All the slopes are covered with lush green tea cover.

And people can also get to know the manufacturing process of the very famous Ceylon Tea. Herbal gardens are others that you shouldn’t miss.

7. Whale watching

Whale watching
Source: Google Images

You might have seen the Sri Lankan tourism board boasting that it is the only country where you can see the biggest animal on land, elephant and the biggest marine animal, the blue whale. Watching a blue whale isn’t that easy as they visit the shores only during a particular season. The technical difficulties in planning a proper excursion where you can actually see the whales are slightly hard but nevertheless this is definitely one of the fun things to do in Sri Lanka with kids.

Whale watching is often done in a beachside town called Mirrisa.


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To conclude, you would have already known the kind of experience that you can get when you travel to Sri Lanka with kids. Since most of it has to be reached by road. Proper planning is required to manage time here in this place. Want to plan your next Sri Lanka holiday packages with us? Head straight to

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