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Sri Lanka in June
Written by Aiswarya Giridharan on July 13, 2023 Share on

Sri Lanka in June – Weather, Things to Do, Places to Visit & More

An amalgamation of nature and culture, Sri Lanka is obviously one of the most loved destinations. Rightly called the gem of the Indian Ocean, this place is an exciting to even contemplate. Pudhina chutney like lush green tea estates and vegetable Biryani like wildlife – an exotic mix of goodness; and blueberry mojito like beaches make it a perfect holiday destination. Be it with your family like friends, friends like family or the most loved one with you are travelling, this place is going to be best expressive and supportive by all means. Sri Lanka tourism in June is undebatable if you are looking for a rainbow kiss! Read through to justify what is in your mind.


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Weather in Sri Lanka in June

The Sri Lanka is June weather is a mix of summer and rain since the country experiences south-west monsoon. These parts of Sri Lanka experiences rain however, the north-eastern parts like Trincomalee and Arugam Bay are comparatively drier and exploring this section of Sri Lanka would sensibly be a better option. Don’t forget to take along jerkins and sweaters. Taking along comfortable beach and casual outfits wouldn’t disappoint you much.

  1. Average Temperature: The average temperature of Sri Lanka in June is about 28°C.
  2. Average sea temperature: Sea’s warm temperature is about 28°C.
  3. Rainfall: The average rainfall in Sri Lanka in June is about 186mm.

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Top 5 Things to Do in Sri Lanka in June

Things to do in Sri Lanka in June is immersive. Here is your top 5 things to do in Sri Lanka in the month of June.

  1. Spot this spotted animal – leopards at Yala National Park.
  2. Do some beaching at Arugam Bay.
  3. Buy some tea at Nuwara Eliya.
  4. Seek some blessing at temples of Colombo
  5. Taste some coconut savoured Seafood.

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Top 5 Places to Visit in Sri Lanka in June

1. Temple of Tooth Relic

Located in Kandy, this place is a favourite all-round the year to visit place. This is also an UNESCO world heritage site. With buddhism being the domain religion of Sri Lanka, this temple preserves traditional and cultural aspects as such. Rituals takes place 3 times a day and every Wednesday, this relic is subjected to traditional bathing. This bathing is done using traditional water with scented herbs and fragrant flowers. This holy water is believed to have healing powers. Visiting this temple makes it worthwhile to get an essence of what buddhism mean to Sri Lankans.

Temple of Tooth Relic
Image Source: Unsplash

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2. International Buddhist Museum

Located close to the Tooth Relic temple, this place truly gives the essence of Buddhism. And to know what importance Sri Lanka has on its culture and tradition, this place is all that you need to visit. You can either take a local cab or bus to reach this place from tooth relic temple. This place is definite to make your social circle understand that you are vacationing at Sri Lanka. Picturesque with giant statues – what else is needed to prove you more to look like a museum.

International Buddhist Museum
Image Source: Unsplash

3. Trincomalee

This beach getaway is one must visit place in Sri Lanka in June. This part of the island is mainly occupied by Tamil speaking Sri Lankans. This has one of the scenic beaches and owing to its shallowness, ample of beach activities are performed here – swimming, fishing, whale watching and many other activities. You actually needn’t know swimming to swim here, the shallowness will hold you loving the beach. The sunrises and sunsets are relatively amazing here and promises you of a hopeful day. And spending time in Sri Lanka in the month of June here amongst beaches is absolutely a right choice.

Image Source: Unsplash

4. Arugam Bay

Pinpointed to the southeast coast of Sri Lanka, Arugam Bay becomes the most enjoyable and a must visit place. Sri Lanka in June becomes its best as monsoon retreats and this bay takes its place being one among the most beautiful beaches, offering various water activities – notably speed boating and diving. Water in perfect blue, with coconut trees covering the margins of the land. Arugam Bay makes it perfect for the visitors to enjoy the seraphic nature of Sri Lanka especially in the month of June. Enjoy your Sri Lanka honeymoon at Arugam Bay with you partner.

Image Source: Unsplash

5. Adam’s Peak

The best spot to behold the beauty of sunrise or sunset in Sri Lanka will undoubtedly be the Adam’s peak, a 1000 years old pilgrimage site with multi religious significance. Unearthed at an altitude of 2200 meters at Sabaragamuwa, it is a UNESCO world heritage site. Following necessary precautions, the visitors would love to view the Sri Pata, which is considered to be the footprint of Buddha and the vest time to trek here galls between 7:30 AM and 5:30 PM. Its scenic greenery and breathtaking views of countryside, makes it one of the best places to visit in Sri Lanka.

Adam's peak
Image Source: Unsplash

Frequently Asked Questions About Sri Lanka In June

1. What is the weather like in Sri Lanka in June?

Temperatures in the coastal areas of Sri Lanka in June remain high while the hilly areas tend to be chilly especially during the night. The south and the west regions experience summer monsoon making a rainy month. Although some days are drier, but you need to be prepared for odd rains. The north and east regions are rather drier making a good time to visit, especially Trincomalee and Arugam Bay.

2. What are the best places to go in Sri Lanka in June?

Trincomalee and Batticaloa are good places to travel to in Sri Lanka in the month of June as they experience dry and pleasant weather. June also marks the beginning of the season for whale watching in Trincomalee. A visit to Yala National Park known for leopards in June is ideal as well as the dry weather make animals to congregate around watering holes. Jaffna is also a good place to visit if you want to know more about Tamil culture and see its ornate temples.

3. Is Sri Lanka good to visit in June?

Yes, Sri Lanka is a good time to visit in June, although you cannot ignore the occasional light rain showers. Arugam Bay and Trincomalee are good places to visit in June. Jaffna on the northern peninsula is dry and pleasant and also a good time to visit to discover more about Tamil culture.

Is June a good time to visit Sri Lanka? And the answer to this is an absolutely yes! Visiting a country in its off season itself is a bliss. You would actually end up exploring more about the country and Sri Lanka for that matter cannot be exhausted. Visit the Pickyourtrail website to get to know more about the Sri Lanka tour packages. If you are planning to visit this beautiful land with your beloved, we have perfect Sri Lanka Honeymoon packages for you. Customise your itinerary to explore this favourite piece of island in your favourite way!

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