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7 Awe-inspiring things you can do only in Iceland!

Things to do in Iceland

Are you the intrepid traveller waiting to see what Iceland holds in store?  Iceland is adventure, excitement, beauty and much more. Here are 7 ways in which you can discover the uniqueness of the country. All the exciting things to do in Iceland!

1. Explore the insides of a volcano

Image credit – insidethevolcano

When you are in the Land of fire and ice, you have to explore the source of the fire. There are plenty of volcanoes around Iceland, one of them being the Thrihnjukagigur (take your time getting the name right!) in the south. Have an adventure that you can brag about – go inside the volcano’s magma chamber. This colourful experience can be had only in summers, May through September.

2. Stand on the Arctic Circle

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Legends abound Grimsey Island, stories of trolls and giants. It is believed that Grimur, the man who who slayed these giants  is the original inhabitant of Iceland. Legends apart the reason why this tiny island is on the tourist circuit is because, it is the only point of Iceland that is crossed by the Arctic Circle. Perfect place for that snap that says ‘I crossed the Arctic Circle’!

3. Dog Sledding

Image credit – dalefshaw

A perfect activity for the entire family – Dog Sledding in Iceland. If you want the experience of riding on snow, remember to plan your trip in summer. This is one activity where kids as young as two years are permitted to hop on. Experience the wind blow your hair as you cut your way through snow.

4. Swimming under the midnight sun

Image credit – youtube

The Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis are multi-coloured flashes caused by the clashes between solar winds and the Earth’s magnetic field. They do occur all year around, but the dark winter sky is when you will be able to see them the best. Iceland is a great place to catch this natural phenomenon. Often residents of the capital city Reykjavik switch off streetlights to maximize darkness and witness the lights at their best.

5. Swim between continents

Image credit – Dive

If you plunge into the Silfra Fissure, a gorge filled with crystal clear water, you will get to swim between two continents. This is where you will swim between the American and the Euro-Asian tectonic plates. Snorkeling can be done throughout the year. Got that on the ‘things to do in Iceland’ list? 

6. Ice-hike in Europe’s largest national park


Vatnajokull national park takes up one-twelfth of Iceland’s surface. The park is a vast dome of ice that is 800m thick, speckled with glaciers and and lagoons. The Jokulsarlon glacial lagoon is a sight to see indeed, don’t miss it.

7. Hike one of the world’s greatest trails

Image credit – letstravelsomewhere

The Laugavegur hike is known as Iceland’s Inca trail. The 53km trek takes one through lava fields, mountains, bubbling pools, glaciers and deserts. After four days of hike, you get to glimpse the Eyjafjallajökull volcano, a brilliant sight. Make sure you are fit to do this one though!

Decided what you are going to do in Iceland? Plan your trip now and this is when you should visit.

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