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9 romantic experiences on your New Zealand honeymoon

Watch the world light up at dawn or sink into that hot bath or go wine tasting. New Zealand is at best a cocktail of experiences all working up to spruce up your romance. Amidst all that beauty and wind that is rife with adventure, romance and life, it is impossible to not fall in love – once again. Here are 9 romantic honeymoon experiences in New Zealand. Seven of the many, many experiences for your New Zealand honeymoon!

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#1 Water Cruises 

North Island  Water Activity  Adventure / Fun

Bay of Islands cruise on your New Zealand honeymoon
Image credit – mustdonewzealand

A romantic cruise down the clearest blues of New Zealand sound like a fine idea? Arm in arm, set exploring New Zealand’s breathtaking coastline with the dolphins surfacing, at intervals, for a quick hello. Craving closer look at the waters? Snorkel to greet the dolphins, get down and paddling on your kayak or set foot on any one (or more) of the Bay of Islands. We hear Otohei bay is a great place for heart-to-heart and more with Dolphins.

Adventure = New Zealand, here's why

#2 Magic Mud – Te Pupunitanga 

 Rotorua  Nature  Leisure

Mub bath in New Zealand
Image credit – expedia

Let’s start off where we left off – oh yes, conversations with dolphins, island discovery. Time to take a break, hm? No, don’t revert to comfortable hotel beds and room service at beck and call . Instead, leap headfirst into Te Pupunitanga. The mineral rich waters of this hot spring is claimed to work its magic and relieve you of stress & more. De-stress and in these moments of peace and quiet, live your honeymoon love story.

#3 Across the Southern Alps 

South Island Scenic Journeys

Tranzalpine train journey
Image credit – backpackerguide

Vivid, changing scenery splashed across your glass window as you take a ride along one of the world’s most scenic journey. The Tranzalpine train journey, starting at Christchurch, is a cocktail of shifting scenery from mountains to forests to gorges as you both stare in awe outside. Set your eyes on the beauty that is New Zealand – after all location is pertinent to any love story.

#4 Roadtrip-ping

Journeys Scenic

Roadtrip across New Zealand
Image credit – Tanmoy Dey

Life is a journey, they say. Might as well make a journey of your honeymoon too, eh? New Zealand is best experienced on ground, driving on the roads, passing through misty woods and chancing upon some of its natural wonders. And, of course, spotting rainbows and, in the night, the stars. Rent a car and set off on your long, long drive across this Middle Earth. It doesn’t get more romantic than this.

Another story of roadtrip and romance

#5 Above the Canterbury Valley 

 Rotorua  Scenic  Adventure

Flying over Canterbury valley
Image credit – sensationalselwyn

Or does it? There’s something about a sunrise that reckons you stop, take a look and savour it. If sunrise makes you want to soar higher and watch the spectacle HD style, you are in luck in New Zealand. Warm clothes, sensible footwear – you are ready to set off your early morning ride along the skyline on your hot air balloon. Atop the Canterbury valley, catch the sunrise. Down below, clink your champagne glasses to a day well-begun.

#6 Bush walk 

Northland  Scenic  Adventure

Bush walk at New Zealand
Image credit – newzealand

Take a walk in the wild. A Kauri bush walk through the Waipoua Forest will take you along a line of ancient trees and to Tane Mahuta – the oldest tree in the region. Settle down after the long walk at the hot springs nearby. The trail has you spellbound and looking for more? Take a pick among the three trails in the area – Yakas, Four Sisters and Te Matua Ngahere – and saunter together in harmony.

#7 Chasing chocolates and champagne glasses 

Scenic Wine-tasting  Food

Take that leap of faith and tell each other what you love most – apart from each other, of course. Chance is New Zealand offers you just that.

Chocolate in NZ
Image credit – roarfood

For the chocoholics, on the coast of Northland there is the Mangawhai chocolaterie  that will cater to your deepest of chocolate desires. Watch the making of these hand-crafted chocolates and relish them with sides of choice in the cafe after.

Wine tasting in Waiheke island
Image credit – newzealand

If wine and cheese have your heart raptures, share that love together! Waiheke Island, popularly known as the Island of Wine, offers you a chase around spectacular wineries – glass of wine in hand and romance in mind.

#8 Honeymoon on horseback

Scenic  Adventure / Fun

Horse riding in Glenorchy
Image credit – libbywoodardblog

Take a cue from your favourite regal love story featuring princes, princesses, kingdoms et al. Pick yourself a handsome steed and set exploring along the banks of Lake Wakatipu, across the Misty Mountains and other wonders of the Middle Earth side by side. For the more adrenaline driven, take the Trilogy Loop with the Dart Stables – an exhilarating 2.5 hours ride from Lake Wakatipu to Mt. Earnshaw and back. Pick your trail and level of difficulty – the wilderness is yours to explore!  

#9 Nightlife 

Scenic  Stargazing

Star gazing in New Zealand
Image credit – newzealand

 And by nightlife we don’t mean parties, clubbing and booze – although there is enough of that. We mean camping by Lake Tekapo to watch the dark skies light up with stars, catching a peek at the Milky way at the hot water beach and if you are lucky, watching Aurora Australis swish and flick-a in all her glory across the Southern skies. By nightlife, we mean doing something simple like reading to each other in a cabin in the woods but making it mean a whole lot more – New Zealand does that you.

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