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Where to go in May – Best places across the world | Updated 2023

May is the ultimate month of vacations – a time when everyone takes a break from school, college or work and head towards a destination where they can escape the monotonous routine of life. With the month of vacations fast approaching, what better time to tick places off your bucket list? 

These are the best places across the world to go in May!

If you’re planning to go to any of these places, drop us a note – we’d be glad to help!

1. Thailand

The month of May usually calls for a beach destination, and what is a better choice than Thailand? Pristine beaches, white unkempt sands, royal palaces and Buddhist temples are its key attractions, and their food is to die for.


Things to do:

  • Be awed by the Thai Royal Palace
  • Snorkel and dive in the amazing Phi Phi Islands
  • Visit the Wat Arun temple and be mesmerised by the architecture

Festivals: Chiang Mai Flower Festival, Songkran Water Festival

Average temperature: Pretty warm (around 30 degrees C) with slim chances of rainfall

Season: Shoulder

2. Italy

May is the time where winter ends and summer is about to begin in Italy, so one can truly enjoy the country, especially by heading down south before the sweltering heat starts to intensify. Sicily, Puglia are great choices for the month of May.


Things to do:

  • Try some adventure with a hike to Mount Etna
  • Explore the historic towns of Syracuse and Noto
  • Be awed by the Castellana Caves

Festivals: Infiorata di Noto

Average temperature: around 18-19 degrees C.

Season: Shoulder

3. Nepal

There is no better place in the world to capture the essence of Buddhism than the birthplace of Lord Buddha himself. Rugged terrains and steep mountain slopes make it a perfect destination for adventurous and outdoorsy travellers. And with Buddha’s birthday occurring sometime in May, the month is meant for huge celebrations across the country!


Things to do:

  • Visit the Boudhanath Stupa
  • Try to climb up the Everest
  • Visit the Monkey Temple

Festivals: Buddha Jayanti

Average temperature: Temperatures range around 30-40 degrees C.

Season: Peak

4. Spain

Spain is one of the best countries in Europe, known for its laid-back style of living. If you want a fun yet laid back summer vacation, look nowhere else. With a combination of hip and cool cities and cities that offer a serene atmosphere, this country is the perfect place to pay a visit. Spain can also be your ideal budget destination!


Things to do:

  • Discover the excellent nightlife in Madrid
  • Walk along the El Camino
  • Hike atop the Sierra Nevada
  • Visit Valencia and Granada

Festivals: Fallas of Valencia, Semana Santa

Average Temperature: Around 20 degrees C

Season: Peak

5. New Zealand

New Zealand is an all-time favourite among backpackers and other travellers alike. Also known as the mecca for adventure sports and activities, this place is definitely for those who’d like to have a dose of adrenaline on their vacation. The scenic roads and landscapes are rugged, yet beautiful; and beckons one to go on a road trip.

New Zealand

Things to do:

  • Go on a road trip in a campervan
  • Spot glowworms in the Waitomo Caves
  • Refresh at a geothermal pool in Rotorua

Festivals: Auckland Writers Festival

Average Temperature: 17-20 degrees C

Season: Peak

6. Cuba

If you like your summer a tad bit intense, this is the place to head to. With about 900 odd beaches and coral reefs, this is the place for those seeking sunlight and a perfect beach vacation. After all, what can beat vacations lazing by the beach, watching a sizzling salsa performance?


Things to do:

  • Visit the nightclubs in Havana to get some Camila Cabello song vibes.
  • Pay a visit to the colonial city of Trinidad
  • Take a mini salsa dance course!
  • Take a day trip to Varadero.

Festivals: May Day, Cubadisco

Average Temperature: 30 degrees C

Season: Peak

7. Costa Rica

The country of Costa Rica is a small country in South America with thick covers of rainforests, active volcanoes and pristine beaches. If you don’t believe that heaven exists on earth, this place will prove you wrong. One can never run out of things to do here, and the food is something beyond tasty.

Costa Rica

Things to do:

  • Visit the Poas Volcano
  • Explore the scenic Manuel Antonio National Park
  • Go diving or surfing at Playa Tamarindo or Playa Hermosa
  • Be awed by the Pre-Columbian Gold Museum

Average Temperature: 25-27 degrees C.

Season: Peak

8. Jordan

A perfect destination for those longing for a change and wishing to take the off-beaten path. Jordan is a secret treasure of the Middle-East. Often regarded as a centre of violence, one will actually be surprised to witness how much it has to offer if they are willing to look beyond the conflicts and political unrests.


Things to do:

  • Visit the ancient sandstone city of Petra
  • Get blown away by the Citadel in the capital city of Amman
  • Explore the Shaumari Wildlife Reserve

Festivals: Dibbeen Forest Carnival

Average Temperature: Ranges from 32-40 degrees C.

Season: Shoulder

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