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9 white water rafting spots to experience the chills & thrills

Are you an Adrenaline junkie and Nature lover? Strap on your helmet and life vests to paddle and bounce away over some exciting and turbulent rapids. Whitewater rafting is dramatically increasing in popularity across the east and the west. Check out these top white water rafting experiences below to launch your raft and row to glory. When you do decide where to go, remember us! Drop a note here and we’ll ensure you have a rocking time.

Iceland : Hvita River

White Water Rafting in Hvita River
Image Credits : Stig Nygaard

This glacier river in Arnessysla (South Iceland) is one of the most popular rivers in Iceland for rafting and salmon fishing. The river has its source near the Langjokull glacier cave and is also home to the famous Gullfoss waterfalls. Rafting through Hvita will have you paddling your way through crashing waves and surging rapids amid the beautiful Bruarhlod river canyon. And the easiest part of the vacation would be planning your trip through Pickyourtrail.

Rapids : Class II & III
Best time to Row : April, May & June

Costa Rica : Pacuare River

Image Credit :
Image Credit : anywherecostarica

Experience Costa Rica’s most scenic and accessible river, spanning through densely vegetated rain forests and a variety of wildlife and towering waterfalls. With rapids ranging all the way from class II to class V and being rated as the  world’s top 10 river trips by the National Geographic, white water rafting along this exhilarating 5 mile stretch can be combined along with hiking up the falls and chilling out by the hot springs on the way.

Rapids : Class II & III in the Upper Section and Class IV & V in the Lower Section
Best time to Row : March & April

USA : Colorado River

Image Credit :
Image Credit : Grand Canyon National Park

Famous for its expensive multi – day rafting trip, the Grand Canyon offers a once-in-a-lifetime experience amid the scenic wonder around. With a unique rapid rating system (used only in the Grand Canyon), the currents take you through the world’s deepest gorge. Other activities such as hiking up to the hidden spectacular waterfalls along the  ancient Navajo ruins and side grottos can be combined with this trip.

Rapids : Class III & IV
Best time to Row : February – October

New Zealand : Kaituna River

Image Credit :
Image Credit : Raftabout

Home to the highest commercially rafted waterfall in the world (7 meters), the Kaituna River is located between Rotorua and Tauranga. Dare to hop onto one of the rafts as you pass through steep, bush clay canyons and over 13 awesome drops in this Grade V river.

Rapids : Class III, IV & V
Best time to Row : March, April, June, July & August

Chile: Futaleufu River

Image Credit : Oars
Image Credit : Oars

Known as one of the most exciting and challenging rivers in the whitewater circles, the Futaleufu River flows through an isolated portion of the glaciated Chilean Andes. This class III roiling mass of water along the Chilean Patagonia gives you the opportunity to row through vistas of granite cliffs, lush foliage, snow-capped peaks and towering spires.

Rapids : Class III, IV & V
Best time to Row : July – November

Thailand : Mae Teang River

Image Credit : theartofaudacity

Located in the unspoiled landscape of Chiang Mai, this river in Northern Thailand invites all thrill seekers to experience the 10km stretch. Paddling through the Grade III rapids, you get to pass through some pristine hill tribe villages and the Mae Taeng forests. Ideally combined with elephant trekking and bamboo rafting along the picturesque valleys and gorges.

Rapids : Class III, IV & V
Best time to Row : November – February

Uganda : White Nile

Image Credit : Kombi Tours
Image Credit : Kombi Tours

They don’t call it “Organized Chaos” unless its a Grade V extreme experience where you see rafts flip and topple as they head-butt a wave. From the Bujagali Falls till the Itanda Falls, this stretch of the Victorian Nile makes your gut come up to your throat throughout and are the only rapids in the world which are as intense and challenging as the Zambezi river between Zambia and Zimbabwe.

Rapids : Class V & VI
Best time to Row : January, February, June & July

Rishikesh : The Ganges

Image Credit : river-rafting-rishikesh
Image Credit : river-rafting-rishikesh

This half day affair along the holy and mystique Ganges attracts adventurous tourists both from India and overseas to test these Grade II rapids. The experience gets you so addicted to the smell of the forests and the sight of the canyons that, going back home to the hustle bustle of your cities will seem like but a forgotten dream.

Rapids : Class II, III & IV
Best time to Row : January & February

Bali : Telaga Waja River

Image Credit : Sue Waters

An island which has no shortage of exciting adventurous activities such as Scuba Diving and Paragliding, Rafting along the Telaga Waja River is something tourists are thriving to experience more nowadays. With the longest rafting track (16km) in the island, most of the rapids experienced are level I or II. Being a favorite for beginners and small children, the other options in Bali would be the Melangit river and the Ayung River.

Rapids : Class I & II
Best time to Row : April, May & June

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