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Written by Abimanyu Srikanth on May 30, 2017 Share on

9 Reasons Why Skydiving in New Zealand is the Best

With New Zealand being the go-to country for adventure sports, experiencing the awe-inspiring thrill of skydiving during your visit to the country should be a given. Still not convinced? We found 9 awesome reasons as to why skydiving in New Zealand must be on your bucket list. Go on, reawaken the adrenaline junkie in you!

Why you should try skydiving in New Zealand?

1. The Breathtaking Scenery  

Lake Wanaka, New Zealand, Skydiving, Skydiving in New Zealand

Imagine jumping off a plane at an altitude of more than 15,000 ft and flying over the serene Lake Taupo, the majestic mountains of Queenstown, the frozen Fox Glacier, the immense beauty of the Southern Alps, and cruising over the picture-perfect white sand beaches of Whangerei. The out of this world beauty of New Zealand scenery is enough reason to go skydiving there. Check out our traveller Ajinkya Bhasme’s account of his amazing New Zealand trip here!

2. The Intense Adrenaline Rush  

Check out this POV video of a skydive in Auckland to experience in part what the thrill of skydiving in New Zealand is all about.

You’re geared up and taking in the beauty of the slowly shrinking New Zealand landscape as the plane begins its 20-minute ascent to jumping altitude. Before you can comprehend what is happening, you see others jumping off the plan into nowhere. Your tandem instructor straps you to the harness and you prepare for the leap of faith into nothingness. As you leap off the plane like a bird, the winds and the landscape rush up to meet you in a mix of exhilaration and euphoria.  

What greater adrenaline rush do you need?

3. Variety of Options To Choose From  

Not sure if you want to fly over snow-capped mountains, sandy beaches or picturesque lakes? Not to worry, as you can take your pick from the variety of skydiving spots that New Zealand has to offer. Skydive over beautiful national parks at Abel Tasman, epic mountain ranges of the Fox Glacier, the spectacular lakes in Taupo and more. Check out the best places to skydive in NZ here.

Best time to skydive – Mornings, since changes in the weather usually happen mid or post afternoon

Best months to skydive – All round the year! Other than times with extreme weather fluctuations, you can skydive in NZ most months of the year. Just remember to wear warm layered clothing to handle the NZ winter.

4. Experienced Skydiving Industry  

Southern Alps, Queenstown, New Zealand, Skydiving, skydiving in New Zealand

With a multitude of locations offering skydiving services in New Zealand, you can rest easy knowing that you’re in safe hands, as the experienced skydiving instructors ensure that safety is paramount. Companies like Nzone Skydive in Queenstown, Skydive in  Wanaka trip and Skydive Franz offer world-class skydiving services, with New Zealand alone recording a whopping 75,000 jumps per year. The certified skydiving operations with instructors having clocked thousands of jumps make sure that you get back to land in one piece, and alive.

5. Record and Relive Your Experience with a Personal Photographer    

Capture every moment of your exhilarating experience with a personal photographer who records your skydive from start to finish. Return home with amazing pictures and videos to show your friends and family how much of a daredevil you really are. If this video of a skydive over Queenstown’s splendid natural beauty doesn’t convince you to go skydiving in New Zealand, we don’t know what will!

6. Memories That Last A Lifetime  

Share an experience of a lifetime with your partner on your perfect honeymoon and your family or friends, since jumping off the skies and rocketing toward the earth at speeds close to terminal velocity is an experience one can’t easily forget. There’s a lot of fantastic stuff for the kids too. Make the most of your NZ adventure with Pickyourtrail!

7. Other Adventure Sports      

Shotover Jet, New Zealand, Skydiving, skydiving in New Zealand

Once you’ve conquered skydiving in New Zealand, set your sights on the other adrenaline-pumping activities that the country has to offer. Tick off the below adventure sports from your adrenaline bucket list in NZ.

 Bungy Jumping @ Kawarau Bridge

  Nevis Swing @ Queenstown

 Rafting @ Wairoa river, Mohaka, Rangitata

 Shotover Jetboating @ Queenstown

 Caving @ Waitomo Glowworm caves, Rawhiti Cave route, Legendary Black Water Rafting Company

 Skiing @ Queenstown, Wanaka

8. After Skydiving   

Hobbiton, New Zealand, Skydiving, skydiving in New Zealand

Okay, so you’ve satisfied your craving for adventure and want to kick back and relax for a bit. Perhaps you want to take in the local flavour without dangling hundreds of metres in the air. Well, New Zealand doesn’t disappoint. Want to chill in a castle, or enjoy the peaceful calm of the Shire, or even live inside a house-sized boot? Check this out. There’s even a Wifi and Netflix-equipped prison for the outlaw in you!

9. The Amazing Food!    

Food, New Zealand, Skydiving, skydiving in New Zealand

Skydiving and other adrenaline-pumping acts of daredevilry have one thing in common. They leave you hungry, not just for adventure, but for actual soul-filling food. Ravenous for good old Indian food? Load up on wholesome North Indian cuisine at India Gate in Auckland, tasty kebabs at Tandoori Palace in Rotorua, Queenstown and more. Find out where to get the best Indian food in NZ here.

Or perhaps in the mood to try out some of the local variety? Try New Zealand’s comfort food, the Pavlova, or gorge on mouth-watering Sausage Sizzles and more.

So what are you waiting for? Head out to the land of the Kiwis and experience the adrenaline rush that is skydiving in New Zealand!

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