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palawan beach sentosa
Written by Amirthavarshini on May 12, 2020 Share on

Sea-S The Day – A visit to Palawan Beach, Sentosa!

What’s more beautiful than sandy toes, sun-kissed nose, salty hair, and tanned skin. Your adventurous trip to Singapore is incomplete without a blissful day at The Palawan Beach, Sentosa. This calm, family-friendly beach is located near the Southern-most coast of Sentosa Island. It is linked to the closest point of Asia to the equator. Palawan Beach is one of the most prominent must-visit beaches in Singapore.

What’s special?

The beach is well-known for its Pirates of the Caribbean-style suspension bridge linking to a small island through which you can walk or even swim across. There they can also stand and take in the beauty of the scenery, or even climb up the watchtower to get a beautiful view of the beachfront and the ships passing by. The beach has fine sand, adorned with tall palm trees and few lively beach bars to keep you refreshed from mid-morning to late evening.  

Drone view of Palawan beach
Image credits: Google Images

One major attraction of Palawan Beach is that the beach is home to some of the calmest water bodies in the region which are also scenic. The presence of the shallow, blue lagoons here provides the perfect opportunity for families to relax and enjoy while playing games as well. Visitors can swim through the crystal clear ocean and enjoy the serene water, or they can relax on the soft, sun-toasted, sand laying on them to soak in the sun or to get tanned.

Palawan Beach is also a perfect place for children as well as adults to enjoy and spend quality time. There is a Palawan Pirate Ship playground, where kids can spend their time, while the adults can use the abundant shops and facilities along the shore. Adults can also hit the Palawan Beach casinos to sit back and enjoy. Do not forget to try out some authentic Asian and Chinese seafood in the restaurants lined along the shores. The wine

Night lights of Palawan Beach
Image credits: Google Images

How to get there?

  • Once on Sentosa, you can hop on the shuttle bus around the island to reach the beach which is Asia’s closest point to the Equator.
  • One can also reach the Palawan Beach by the public board bus 123 at the beach station and take beach shuttle.
  • The Sentosa Express will also take you to the beach station from where you can take a beach shuttle to reach the interior of the beach.

Go for a long walk through the shore and forget yourselves enjoying the high tides and good vibes. The ocean is endless so is the enjoyment and fun in Palawan. Be a mermaid for a day and cherish the waves in this ‘Swimmer’s Paradise’.  The sand between the toes will disappear and the tan will fade but the memories will last forever! Slide into the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Singapore!

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