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adventure sports in croatia
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9 Must Try Adventure Sports in Croatia For All Adventure Seekers

The country filled with a number of Islands, lakes and waterfalls along with the canyons and rivers to do rafting in the country Croatia. In recent times, Croatia has actually grown as an adventure destination. Various adventurous activities starting off from kiteboarding to surfing till mountain biking can be done at full-fledged manner. You can also explore the underwater life as this place has few good beaches.

This is some serious hotspot for adventure sport. You can visit this place all over the year, but you can’t try out all the activities at all times of the year due to some weather restrictions. For example, Mountain biking would be very difficult to try out during the rainy season. So it is necessary to know the range of activities you have in this place before visiting this place. Let me list down the top adventure sports activities in Croatia in the below article.


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9 Mind-Blowing Adventure Sports In Croatia

  • Ziplining
  • Paragliding
  • Rock Climbing
  • Basic And Extreme Canyoning
  • Cliff Jumping
  • White Water Rafting
  • Bungee Jumping And Skydiving
  • Windsurfing And Kiteboarding
  • Flyboarding

1. Ziplining

This activity is done at a height of 35 metres above sea level. The Zipline passes through the Crikvenica coastal region. You can literally fly without wings. It lasts for just 30 seconds but it is one of its own kind and you don’t get to see this quite often. The descent is about 500 metres and is sure to blow your mind. Apart from this, you have another zipline at Pazin Cave, but it has a slightly less descent of 280 metres. This is one activity you shouldn’t miss out on your next vacation to Croatia.

2. Paragliding

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This again is an activity where you’ll be flying but without lines like the zipline activity. You have nothing to hold on to, except yourself. There are a number of take-off spots, the marque ones are Istria’s Ucla and Mount Cicarija. The descent will be from Raspadalica camp to Cicarija Mountain. You will be hovering at a height of 550-metres from the ground. The other places to try this activity are Mount Biokovo, Tribalj and Lic in Gorski Kotar. Tribalj is the highest and the scariest of the lot, as it has a descent of 790 metres from ground and a flight of 15-20 mins.

3. Rock Climbing

Croatia has a lot of rocky mountains and it is very obvious that this kind of sports exists in Croatia. This adventure takes about 3 hours in total and you sure will be provided with the safety helmet, climbing harness and shoes to climb the rugged rock walls. It is a 30 metres climb. Paklenica National Park has around 340 limestones and Anica Kuk is one of the notable ones that most climbers love.

4. Basic And Extreme Canyoning

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Another adventure where you have to put in all your physical strength. Cetina River is a place which doesn’t stop with just canyoning, you have other activities in the same place with the likes of hiking, diving, abseiling, climbing. If this is your first time trying out this activity like most other people, need not worry. There is a basic activity for the beginners and you have the advanced one for the professional climbers. It is a 180-meter climb and will treat your physical efforts with some breathtaking views from the top.

5. Cliff Jumping

Cliff Jumping
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As I mentioned before Croatia has some of the stunning beaches, few of them are very rugged and have some cliffs with them. People love jumping from this cliffs. Another activity that has been the pick is Deepwater soloing. You don’t get safety gear for this but you have to have shoes as you come to the shore you might need the shoes to protect you solely from the rugged surface with rocks. The Jumping base differed from place to place, in general, it ranges from 2-10 metres.

6. White Water Rafting

Cetina River is the best place in Croatia that can leave you amazed with some authentic white water rafting experience. There are different grades of this spirt available depending on the amount of adrenaline you want. Apart from this, Una River rafting for about 15 kms have all grades of this sport including the grade 4 and grade 5, which isn’t quite common. If you want your journey to be full of canyons and narrow valleys then head straight to Zrmanja River.

7. Bungee Jumping And Skydiving

Split is considered as the Mecca of adventure sports in Croatia offering some spectacular sky diving experience in the whole of Croatia. It is a 45-minute tandem freefall experience. For you to get a feel of what’s it like to jump from that height. You can try paragliding first, which can be done at the same place. From 1st July to End of August – visiting Sibenik Bridge for bungee jumping has become a routine for the Croatian tourism. This is an activity that has the term adrenaline written all over it. Don’t miss it.

8. Windsurfing And Kiteboarding

Windsurfing, after the 2000s has taken a huge boom in Croatia, that’s when people started understanding the wind current and also they knew the water was completely suitable for this kind of sport. You can enjoy this sport in Viganj, Ravni, Baska, Brac, Preluk, and Premantura. So the wind speed should at least be 20 Knots to have a complete and authentic experience. Yet beginners would find it difficult even of the wind speed is 15 Knots.

9. Flyboarding

Fly boading
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This is a fairly new and a sport that has grown tremendously in the past years. I’m sure you would have watched the movie Spider-Man- 2, remember the fly-board that looked like Doctor’s hands? The fly board is attached to the jet exit and the water pushed out of the hose under the board takes you in the air. And you should be able to maintain a perfect balance to stay in the air for a long time.

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