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Waterfalls in Croatia
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5 Best Waterfalls in Croatia to Relax and Rejuvenate

Croatia is one of the best destinations in the world for nature enthusiasts to go on a vacation. This paradise is home to breathtaking landscapes, lush tropical forests, high mountain ranges, ravishing waterfalls, and deep gorges. Whenever you visit Croatia, ensure you visit at least 2 or 3 waterfalls. Croatia has plenty of splendid waterfalls. Moreover, all these outstanding waterfalls in Croatia are perfect excursion spots.


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These luscious waterfalls will certainly be a feast to your eyes. In short, a trip to all the waterfalls in Croatia will always remain in your vacation memory. The waterfalls in Croatia are surrounded by dense rainforests that give you a serene and relaxed feeling. It is worthwhile to visit these stunning waterfalls and discover the rugged, natural and yet picturesque side of Croatia. The guide below takes you on a journey to some of the most stunning waterfalls in Croatia.

Waterfalls in Croatia
Photo by Jess Aston on Unsplash

5 Best Waterfalls in Croatia

Here are some of the finest waterfalls located inside Croatia. Though there are so many waterfalls in Croatia, it is highly recommended to visit these list of waterfalls if you are visiting Croatia for the first time.Without any delay, let’s experience all these lists of best waterfalls in Croatia virtually.

  1. Waterfalls At Plitvice Lakes National Park
  2. Veliki Slap
  3. Skradinski Buk
  4. Sastavci Waterfalls
  5. Roski Waterfalls

1.Waterfalls At Plitvice Lakes National Park

Assigned as UNESCO World Heritage Site, this is the biggest public park of Croatia stretching out over the region of 296.85 square kilometres (73,350 sections of land). Moreover, it is one of the most attracted waterfalls in Croatia. It has close to 16 astounding lakes that flow from an elevation of 636 to 503 m (2,087 to 1,650 ft) over separation of nearly eight km. Also, the whole development of Plitvice cascades in Croatia gleams with hues extending from sky blue to green and dark to blue contingent on minerals in water and point of daylight. To get some of the best nature sides of Croatia then you should definitely visit this place.

Waterfalls At Plitvice Lakes National Park
Photo by Lucas Ludwig on Unsplash

2. Veliki Slap

Situated in the cascade rich Plitvice Lakes National Park Veliki Slap, or Big Fall lies along the Korana River and is one of the most stunning cascades in Croatia. At more than 250 feet, Big Fall is properly named and the most noteworthy cascade in the recreation centre. Also, the recreation centre is broken into the upper and lowers lakes territories, the two of which are overflowing with grand vistas, spotless, away from and cascades of each shape and size. There are the abundant path and scaffolds close to the tumbles from which you’ll have the option to see fish, waterfowl and the dazzling caverns and rock developments all around. A portion of the falls is open via vehicle and climbing trail, and there’s a ship accessible, which will give you the most all-encompassing perspectives.

Veliki Slap
Photo by Pascal Debrunner on Unsplash

3.Skradinski Buk

These two cascades are in Krka National Park. It is one of the most attracted waterfalls in Croatia. They are known for having the second-most elevated waterfalls in the world. It covers a massive area and a trek to this place will amaze you with its hidden gems. You can visit this waterfalls with your family and loved ones. Moreover it is one of the most romantic spots in Croatia. You can see a lot of small streams and waterfalls while your walking to the main waterfalls. Also the cascades have a thick populace of wasps and honey bees in their territories. Moreover, you can see a lot of birds and butterflies at this place too. In short, Skradinski Buk is a visual pleasure having both high cascades and falls.

Skradinski Buk 1
Photo by Ian Cylkowski on Unsplash

4.Sastavci Waterfalls

Likewise situated on the Korana River, in the lower lakes region of Plitvice Lakes National Park just between the ‘Y’ in the waterways, Sastavci Falls drops about 80 feet. Also, different falls close by are in clear view, causing it to appear as though the scene is made of only cascades. Despite the fact that some case it’s conceivable to get an overdose of something that is otherwise good, you’ll presumably never feel worn out on the new and remarkable cascades that appear to prowl around each corner, simply holding back to be found. Included various levels, the Sastavci’s water ventures overdramatic outcroppings of dim earthy coloured rocks, before arriving free pool beneath. In the same way, like other of the recreation centre’s falls, there is abundant path prompting different review regions.

5.Roski Waterfalls

Roski Waterfall is one of the must visit waterfalls in Croatia. People generally mark this waterfalls in their Croatia Itinerary. Moroever it is one of the astounding waterfalls located right close to the Skradinski Buk. Moroever, this ever flowing and wonderful fall is an undisputed and most loved by the explorers who visits the Krka National Park. Moreover, this one is added as extraordinary and awe-inspiring as the Sastavci Waterfall and a decent spot to get some incredible backgrounds that will definitely get you several adherents on your Instagram feed! You can see a lot of couples travelling to this place to do their pre wedding photoshoots. In short it is one of the best waterfalls to visit in Croatia.

All these waterfalls in Croatia will definitely give you an astounding vacation experience. All these waterfalls will never bore you. This list of must-visit waterfalls in Croatia helps you plan your itinerary in a better way. For more assistance, reach out to our destination experts. Our expert team will help you customise and book your Package. Alternatively, check out Pickyourtrail’s Croatia Packages for some exciting itinerary ideas. Also, download the Pickyourtrail app from Play Store or IOS.

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