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Al-in-Palace-Museum Dubai
Written by Shristi on May 4, 2020 Share on

Al-Ain Museums: A dive into its ancient culture

A one and a half-hour drive from Abu Dhabi, Al Ain is one of UNESCO World Heritage Site for its picturesque forts. Bordering between UAE and Oman, Al Ain is also knows as the garden city of the Gulf. Al-Ain would top the charts when it comes to providing its visitors with some diverse and unique experiences on the culture front. It takes price in its rich history and architectural brilliance through some of the worlds most unique museums which can right back to the stone ages.

So, lets tour around the great museums of Al-Ain!

1. Sheikh Zayed Palace Museum

Courtesy: Wikimedia commons

Sheikh Zayed Palace or “Al Ain Palace”, is one of the best-reestablished forts in Abu Dhabi. The palace showcases the royal lifestyle of the ruler Sheikh Zayed and his family who ruled the region around the years of 1966. The interiors of this palace represent the Bedouin style of architecture dating back in 1937. However, only in the recent years of 1998, the palace had been converted into a museum and opened its doors to visitors in 2001. Today, it is a celebrated cultural attraction holding the rich history of the country.

2. Qasr Al Muwaiji

Courtesy: Gulf News

This UNESCO World Heritage Site served as a residence to the Al Nahyan family for generations. Qasr Al Muwaiji was the base for the community focuses and rules with an oasis in the desert. The architectural gem now attracts a large number of visitors for its diverse traditional and historic experiences including guided tours around the artefacts, vocal narratives and stories from the life of Sheikh Khalifa from his early childhood to the vast achievements.

3. Al Jahili Fort

Courtesy: Wikimedia commons

After opening its doors in 2008, Al Jahili Fort has been a cultural hub point for pursuits associated with heritage and philosophy in this the garden city. Built-in the 1890s following the commands of Zayed from the Al Nahyan family, the then ruling family, the Al Jahili at a present date one of the largest forts of the UAE.

4. Al-Ain National Museum

Courtesy: Wikimedia commons

One of the oldest institutions of the UAE, the Al Ain Museum was built in 1969 under the reign of Sheikh Zayed bin. The museum showcases history back from the stone age of Al Ain until the foundation of the UAE. Divided into three main segments – Archaeology, Gifts and Ethnography, the Al Ain Museum gives insight into the local traditions and culture that had made up the region. It also houses various archaeological artefacts including stone tools and arrowheads from to the sixth millennium BCE.

5. Al-Ain Classic Car Museum

Courtesy: Unsplash

As the title suggests this is an automotive museum devoted to vintage cars. With a great fusion of history and style, the Al Ain Classic Car Museum collects, maintains and showcases vehicles and informative texts related to the evolution of UAE transportation. The museum holds something for all of its visitors, from experienced petrol-heads to those with only a fleeting interest in automobile antiques. Some of the classic cars exhibited here include Land Rover, Dodge, Buick, Mercedes and Volkswagen among many other relics.

These are just a few amongst a lot many museums of the city like the Police Museum and the Sheikh Zayed learning centre. So, its time to get fascinated by these precious archives of Al-Ain, and don’t forget to add them to the list on your next trip to Dubai.