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Andaman Travel
Written by Rahul on June 20, 2020 Share on

Andaman travel tips – A Guide in need is a Guide indeed for a safe travel

Andaman is one of the best places to visit for your holiday. It will be a very refreshing getaway to take your stress out. It is also a very famous destination all around the world owing to its beautiful natural and manmade beaches. With sandy beaches and its pristine looks and all of its fun-filled activities, it is a very good holiday destination for the whole family. So before you visit this land filled with marvellous scenic locations, you will have to know certain tips. These are to enjoy this place even better. It is always better to know a place and to travel. So here are the Andaman Travel tips to have a much better vacation.

Bamboo Island in Andaman.
Image Credits: Photo by Miltiadis Fragkidis on Unsplash

Andaman Travel Tips

There are some tips that every traveller should know to make the best use of the destinations. So here are some tips to enhance your trip to the wonderland.

The Early Riser:

Enjoy one of nature’s most beautiful phenomenon in this wonderland. It is a glory that most of us miss out on each day. Andaman has one of the best sunrise points to have the perfect view of the most majestic scenic view on earth. Be an early riser to view this beauty. This is one of the significant travel tips to be known in Andaman.

Beautiful Sunrise at Andaman
Image Credits: Sebastien Gabriel on Unsplash

Always An Extra Hand

Carrying extra cash is always an added advantage on trips. It often helps us during any hiccups on the trip. Sometimes you can lose your wallet, ATMs can run out of cash and other difficulties can happen. During these scenarios, this extra cash that you carry with you will always help you during your trip. And this extra cash can also help you with shopping in Andaman.

Indian rupees scattered
Image Credits: Shameer Pk from Pixabay

Talk To Locals

Try connecting with the locals of Andaman more than the other tourists. This will let you know more about this beautiful land. Most people know only broken English but you can also speak to them with sign language. Just smile and start talking to the locals as you will gain a friend who will help you out there. Connect with the locals more to know more about their lifestyles.

A local in Andaman with a fish
Image Credits: Photo by Tatonomusic on Unsplash

Safety First

Have both a physical copy and a soft copy of your primary documents like the Passport, Driving License, Insurance and many more. Also, have a printed document of all the important numbers that you will need during the trip. Have both, an online backup and an external drive of your photos. Always know that safety comes first. This is also an important Andaman travel trip that you will need to know.

Eat Local Food

Where ever you go you will have to taste their local food and cuisines as they bring out the original flavour of the place. Andaman is the place with the best seafood that you will ever taste. Do try out some of the local seafood as they will give you one of the most memorable tastes to your taste buds. Local food tasting is an important tip to wherever you travel around the world and in Andaman, it is a must.

Local street food
Image Credits: Vaibhav Jadhav on Unsplash

Follow these tips to have a hassle-free trip to the land of marvel. Following these tips will totally enhance your trip. Do travel and know more about this island with a perfect Andaman tour packages. Also, keep a constant check on the Pickyourtrail website to get to know more important tips on Domestic travel.

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