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Thailand Flight
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Bangalore to Thailand Flight Details

Let’s explore the flight details from Bengaluru to Thailand. The Southeast Asian country Thailand also known as the land of temples has Bangkok as its capital. Let’s dig deep into some of the important flight details required to travel from Bengaluru to Thailand, that would help you pick your trail to Thailand!

Flights from Bengaluru to Top 4 Thailand cities

  1. Bangkok
  2. Chiang Mai
  3. Phuket
  4. Krabi

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1. Bangalore to Bangkok

Bangkok Airport 
Image Credits : UnSpalsh
Image Credits : UnSpalsh
  • There are direct, one-stop and two-stop flights to Bangkok from Bangalore
  • Direct flights have an average travel time of 3 hours 44 minutes, whereas one-stop flights have a travel time of 10hours approximately with 3 to 4 hours layover time.
  • Airlines that have direct flights are Indigo, Thai, Air Asia. One-stop flights are serviced by GoFirst, the Malaysian and Srilankan airlines
  • Flight fares for direct flights range from Rs 17,000 to Rs 19,000 for one person for way. Indirect flight fares would be approximately Rs 9,000 for one person for one way. Pricing varies based on the booking period, availability, duration etc.
  • Flight fares are slightly cheaper during April month , average during May to October month and from November till March the prices are slightly at a higher-end
  • Approximately 13 to 15 flights per week will be operating to Bangkok from Bangalore

2. Bangalore to Chiang Mai

  • There are only indirect flights to Chiang Mai from Bengaluru with minimal frequency
  • The indirect flights have an average travel time of 11 hours with one or two stops in between
  • Flight fare ranges from Rs 15,000 to Rs 20,000 for one way for one person based on the booking and travel period. Pricing is almost the same throughout the year
  • Airlines that operate flights frequently from ChiangMai from Bangalore are Emirates, Sri Lankan and Malaysian airlines.
  • The frequency of flights to ChiangMai from Bangalore is very minimal compared to that of Bangkok

3. Bangalore to Phuket

Image Credits : UnSpalsh
  • There are direct and one-stop flights to Phuket from Bangalore
  • Direct flights have an average travel time of 4 hours, whereas 1 stop flights have a travel time of 12 to 13 hrs, with 3 to 4 hours layover time.
  • Airlines that operate direct flights are Go First & Go Air, indirect flights are operated by Indigo, Srilankan airline, Emirates.
  • Direct flights cost Rs 18,500 on average for one person for one way, whereas the cheapest airfare would be Rs 11,000 for indirect flights with one or two stops.
  • Around 15 flights operate from Bengaluru to Phuket on a daily basis

4. Bangalore to Krabi

Image credits : Unsplash
Image credits : Unsplash
  • There are no direct flights as of now from Bangalore to Krabi, hence only indirect flights are available
  • The average travel time for a one-stop flight is 7 hours with a layover time of 2 hours
  • Airlines that operate between the 2 cities are Malaysian, Sri Lankan and also Emirate airline
  • Flight fares are approximately Rs 20,000 that is for one person one way.
  • Most of the flights will be departing during the night and midnight period

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Bangalore Airport

Bangalore airport 
Image Credits : UnSpalsh
Image Credits : UnSpalsh

Kempegowda International Airport Bengaluru ( BLR Airport ) is the only civilian airport in Bengaluru, the capital of Karnataka . The airport is located 30kms north of the city near the Devanahalli subur serving both domestic and international flights spread over 4000 acres. The airport is owned and maintained by Bengaluru International Airport Limited (BIAL)It serves as a hub for many airlines such as Indigo, AirIndia, GoFirst, Air Asia and a lot more. Travellers can also enjoy a seamless experience by utilising the QUAD that has four separate zones exclusively for shopping, dining, luxury lounges & live theatre performances.

Travellers can even relax and unwind stress at the luxurious Taj Hotel located at the Bengaluru Airport. Also, 080 Transit hotel with comfortable rooms and dining is available at the airport for travellers planning to take a quick nap before or after the travel.The BMTC Vayu Vajra bus service is one of the best transport mode between airport and the city that provides seamless travel experience. There are other modes of transport as well such as city bus services, taxis, car rentals, etc.

Thailand Airport

Image Credits : UnSpalsh
Image Credits : UnSpalsh
  • Bangkok Airport – There are two international airports in Bangkok, namely Suvarnabhumi airport ( BKK ) also known as Bangkok airport is the official main airport of Bangkok. The other one is Don Mueang International airport ( DMK ) which is closer to the city and is easy for the tourists to cover the attraction sites in the city faster.DMK is one of the oldest low-cost carriers in the world.
  • Chiang Mai Airport – This airport serves Northern Thailand is located 3kms away from the city centre. Also it is the only airport in Chiang Mai with more low-cost carriers
  • Phuket Airport – It is also one of the third busiest airports in Thailand located to the North of Phuket Island with 2 terminals, one of the international flights and the other for domestic flights
  • Krabi Airport – KBV airport that is located 7kms to the east of the city centre with two terminals for international and domestic flights and the airport was opened on 1999.


  • Which is the main airport in Thailand?
    Suvarnabhumi International airport in Bangkok is the main airport in Thailand
  • How many airports are there in Thailand?
    There are a total of 34 airports with six international airports.
  • What is the average airfare from Bangalore to Thailand?
    Flights from Bangalore to Thailand is Rs 18,000 that is for one way for one person.
  • How long will it take to travel from Bangalore to Thailand via flight?
    The average travel time is 4 hrs from to Bangkok, Thailand from Bangalore
  • Can travellers avail Visa on arrival for Thailand?
    Yeah , with proper passport, return ticket and proof of stay in Thailand, travellers can also avail Visa on Arrival
  • What are the suggested airlines for travel to Thailand from Bangalore ?
    Emirates, Indigo , GoFirst , Go Air , also Malaysian airline & Sri Lankan airlines are recommended for Thailand travel from Bangalore
  • What is the best time to visit Thailand ?
    Between November to April , is better to visit Thailand , also the weather is pleasant
  • How many days can be spent in Thailand ?
    Ideally, 6 to 7 days to cover all the major attractions is Thailand.
  • How much is the average cost for Thailand package ?
    Around 50,000 is fairly enough for a basic Thailand trip
  • What is the cheapest month to travel to Thailand?
    During May to October the prices are generally low

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