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Best Cinema Experiences In Dubai – Grab Some Popcorn And Watch A Movie In Style

Dubai is pretty much the place where innovation is at its top. They want to be best at every single thing in the world and tourism is rapidly growing in the country. If you want to experience anything unique, Dubai is the right place for that. Dubai in the UAE is one of the most visited tourist destinations. With colourful malls and unique water sport activities, it is a place that can satisfy any type of crowd and not let anyone down. It has something for everyone. With innovation at its best, any experience will be a great and a wonderful experience. And to be honest you will certainly fall in love with it. The same way, Dubai has the way of making even your movie watching experience into something great. So here are the best cinema experiences in Dubai.

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a theatre
Image Credits: Photo by Krists Luhaers on Unsplash

Best Cinema Experiences in Dubai

The main point of going to the movies is to have a lot of fun with your family/friends. But Dubai, being the best in the world in innovation they have made it even more exciting for you. Dubai has some large-screen theatres and some experience that you cannot get anywhere in the world. So here are the best cinema experiences in Dubai.

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Theatre by Rhodes at Vox Cinemas (Mall of Emirates)

Want to visit a theatre that will choke you with its luxury? Then the theatre by Rhodes at Vox Cinemas is the best. It gives a very unique experience for the cinema lovers. This is a type of experience which is a blend of your favourite blockbuster cinema with some of the best fine dining foods. This is a partnership initiative of Vox cinemas with Michelin starred chef Gary Rhodes.

Mall of Emirates, Dubai
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

Meydan Theatre

The Meydan theatre is known for its largest movie screen in Asia. It is said that the Imax screen in this theatre is half the size of a football field. It is also a screen that can very perfectly show a real-sized whale. Quite amazing right? Located at the Meydan hotel, which is also famous for its horse racing tracks and golf courses. Visit this theatre as this is one of the best cinema experiences in Dubai.

Meyden Theatre ticket
Image Credits: Image by Igor Ovsyannykov from Pixabay

Platinum Movie Suites

Looking for a perfectly luxurious feel in your cinema? Then Reel Cinemas is the place to head to. Other than the famous largest Lazor cineplex and standard cinema rooms, the theatre also has Platinum Movie Suites. This is an experience where you will get the feel of a first-class flight ticket with a much bigger screen to view your cinema. Experience luxury at its finest at the Reel Cinemas.

A cinema theatre.
Image Credits: Image by MichaelGaida from Pixabay

La Playa Lounge Outdoor Cinema

Winter and the spring are the most pleasing weather conditions in Dubai. It is only fair for you to spend your time mostly outdoors. But wanna watch a movie outdoors? Then reach La Playa lounge which is a great option. This also has multi dining options and sports broadcasting nearby the beach. Visit this theatre for some of the best cinema experiences in Dubai.

cinema theatre
Image Credits: Photo by Mesh on Unsplash

A unique place to travel to, Dubai always presents you with something special. With many things to offer to its tourists, it is just a land filled with surprises. Get packing to Dubai and check out the Dubai packages from India. Head to Pickyourtrail website and Customize the itinerary in the way that you like to. Contact us over WhatsApp if you have any sort of doubts.

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