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An amazing picture of a person holding a leaf in Westmount in Canada
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Best Cities In Canada- What Makes This Country Worth-Visiting?

Canada is one of the many beautiful countries in the world. Located in the northern part of North America, this country has 10 provinces and 3 territories with several numbers of attractions. Are you curious to know what’s so beautiful about Canada? The country is full of wonderful people spreading smiles all over, diverse cities to explore, classy streets to wander around and many more. It also has beautiful landscapes including rainforests and huge mountains which makes it one of the best places in the world for hiking. Right from the beautiful beaches on the east coast to rainforests of Vancouver, Canada is well worthy of a visit. Whether you are planning a trip for weeks or months, you will have the best cities in Canada to explore within the country itself.

A picture that was taken in the Niagara falls in Canada
Photo by Sergey Pesterev on Unsplash

The Best cities in Canada

Want to know where to visit on your trip to Canada? There are many cities that could excite you. However, we have come up with 9 best cities that stand out and deserve to be on your itinerary. And to find out how Canada has gained such importance in the tourism industry, you need to keep scrolling down.

1. Toronto

Toronto is the capital city of Ontario and the largest city in Canada and over the years, the kind of excitement it has created among the travellers is something amazing. There are so many places that you could visit which includes Toronto Island, Toronto Zoo, Casa Loma, Hockey Hall of Fame and Nathan Phillips Square and so much more. Did I miss something? It is the CN tower. Talking about Toronto without the mention of this tower could be an injustice. Apart from these interesting places, you also have museums like the Art Gallery of Ontario and the Royal Ontario Museum. In addition, Toronto offers you a variety of restaurants, cafes and parks to taste some delicious food.

A picture of buildings lit up with lights in Toronto in Canada
Photo by Alex Shutin on Unsplash

2. Quebec City

Quebec is a historic city, located in a way that it is overlooking the Saint Lawrence River. The city is of rich cultural and historical importance which is yet another reason to admire Quebec. Some of the important places to visit are Vieux-Quebec – the city core lined with modern boutiques, cafes and restaurants, La Citadelle De Quebec – standing as a strong representation of the city’s history and museums like Museum of Civilization. From modern buildings to old forts, Quebec city will leave you fascinated for sure.

A picture that was taken in Quebec city, one of the best cities in Canada
Photo by Regis-Hari Bouchard on Unsplash

3. Ottawa

While making it to this city, you will surely feel extra-patriotic. Curious to know why? The city has the Parliament Building and Parliament Hill which will give you an insight about the Canadian government. Apart from these political virtues, it also stands as home to many other galleries and museums. Another exciting thing to add about Ottawa is its way of celebration of festivals. Right from Canada day to the Canadian Tulip Festival, it celebrates them more beautifully than other Canadian cities.

A picture of the Parliament Hill in Ottawa
Photo by Clem Sim on Unsplash

4. Whitehorse

Though Whitehorse seems to be one of the smallest cities in Canada, it is still a charming place to visit. Besides being a city filled with attractions within, it is also accessible to few other places outside the town. Some of the places that you should definitely visit are Takhini Hot Springs and Yukon Wildlife Preserve which are just half an hour away from Whitehorse. Visit the city and make sure you witness the beauty of northern lights here!

A picture of land capped with white snow in Whitehorse
Photo by Helen Create on Unsplash

5. Saskatoon

Saskatoon is one of the best cities in Canada which stands as home to the highest number of restaurants. If you are tired of manmade restaurants, then you must visit Saskatoon to try some fresh flavours grown right in the city. You also have some culinary tours available and make sure to sample a slice of Saskatoon berry pie which is the highlight of the tour. Apart from this, the city is full of buildings with arts and culture which can easily make someone fall in love. While you are there, make sure to sit and just look at the sky, as the sky in Saskatoon is beautiful beyond comparison.

An awesome view of the city of Saskatoon in Canada
Photo by Joshua Reddekopp on Unsplash

6. Banff

The city itself is scenic which is the main reason that the city has made itself to be on the list. Gracefully nestled in the middle of beautiful mountains, it is also easily accessible. The city is home to Canada’s largest and the very popular Banff National Park. Here, more than admiring just the beauty of the city, you can also enjoy various adventures from mountain trekking to skiing. It’s a must-visit if you are someone who prefers to stay outdoors with natural beauty and adventures.

A picture of mountains in Banff with a river flowing in between
Photo by David Wirzba on Unsplash

7. Calgary

Calgary is said to be the sunshine city of the country as it experiences 333 sunny days per year. Some of the attractions to visit in Calgary are Heritage Park Historical Village, Calgary Tower and Prince’s Island Park. One of the special things about Calgary is the Calgary Stampede, a week-long festival they celebrate. At this festival, you may enjoy some concerts and exhibitions as well. With more people visiting every year, it is one of the biggest festivals in the country.

A picture of the tall standing buildings in Calgary in Canada
Photo by Kyler Nixon on Unsplash

8. Vancouver

Vancouver with no doubts is one of the beautiful cities in Canada. From the stunning landscapes and delicious cuisines to adventuresome activities, Vancouver has it all! The city is well known for its microbreweries. Apart from that, you will also find food trucks on the roads to fill your tummy with the best food. Some of the interesting places to visit are Stanley Park, Vancouver Aquarium, public markets and the national parks in Vancouver. Visit Vancouver and you will realize how fun it is to just walk around the streets of this city.

A picture of the city that was taken at the Stanley Park in Vancouver
Photo by Mike Benna on Unsplash

9. Charlottetown

Charlottetown is pure beauty. Though the city is small, it has every single element to leave you stunned. While you visit there, make sure to check out the Confederation Centre of the Arts. This place features a theatre, a boutique, an art gallery and even a restaurant. Make sure to taste some seafood as the people at Charlottetown are the best makers of seafood.

A picture of Prince Edward Island museum and heritage foundation in Charlottetown
Photo by Abe B. Ryokan on Unsplash

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