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best cities in the Maldives
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Best Cities in Maldives

It is no secret that the Maldives is a very popular tourist destination that is known for its tranquillity and tropical vibes. This island nation boasts pristine beaches, lush greenery, luxury resorts, vibrant cities, bustling markets, rich history and wonderful culture. The blissful heaven of serenity is mesmerising in its own way. You will fall in love with this destination and will not want to leave it. Feel the love in the air while exploring this enchanting creation of nature. Enjoy a blasting vacation in this archipelago nation by checking out this perfect list of the best cities in the Maldives!

Best Cities in the Maldives to Explore

Among the many incredible places to visit in the Maldives, these are the top cities to explore. So, check out and plan your Maldives vacation without any flaws. 

  1. Male
  2. Hulhumale
  3. Maafushi Island
  4. Addu City
  5. Villingili
  6. Fuvahmulah
  7. Rasdhoo
  8. Dhidhdhoo
  9. Naifaru
  10. Kulhudhuffushi City

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1. Male

The capital city of the Maldives is a perfect place to start your Maldivian holidays. Male is a well-organised (built in a grid pattern) and populated city that features a plethora of Maldivian heritage, culture, and history of the country. With historic monuments, pretty mosques and grand museums, this place is home to wonderful beaches, lavish malls, bustling markets, royal restaurants, and so much more. Nothing beats a visit to this extraordinary city which is perfect for families, couples, and friends. Malé beholds experiences like no other place in the country, so, do visit and explore it.

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Top Things To Do in Male

  • Explore the Grand Friday Mosque
  • Visit the Tsunami Monument
  • Relax at Artificial Beach
  • Make plans to visit the astonishing Rasrani Bageecha
  • Go shopping at Majeedhee Magu
  • Visit the National Museum
  • The Hukuru Miskiiy (Old Friday Mosque) awaits for you
  • Visit the iconic Malé Fish Market
  • Savour some delicious bites at Sala Thai
Best Cities in the Maldives - Male
Image source: Unsplash

2. Hulhumale

Hulhumale is just south of the North Male Atoll and is a blend of contemporary techniques and historic heritage. Get ready to enjoy a splendid vacation on an island that boasts palm trees, stunning beaches, turquoise water, scenic beauty and delightful delights. Also, this place follows strict rules to maintain its beauty. This place offers a wide range of things to do and places to visit and surely will not let you sit idle at all. 


Top Things To Do in Hulhumale

  • Visit the Central Park (Hulhumalé)
  • Go Snorkelling
  • Admire the charms of the Sultan Park
  • Plan for Day Trips to nearby places
  • Savour local delicacies 
Best Cities in the Maldives - Hulhumale
Image source: Unsplash

3. Maafushi Island

Another magnificent destination in the Maldives is Maafushi Island. Make your step into a jubilant heaven of nature, beauty, and calmness. Visit this island destination to rejuvenate your tiring soul and unwind all your stress. From deep water scuba diving, snorkelling, jet skiing to savouring delicious delights, going on dolphin safari or exploring the local culture of the city, you can have it all in here. 

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Top Things To Do in Maafushi Island

  • Visit the Bikini Beach
  • Go on experiencing Night and Day Fishing
  • Participate in Snorkelling and Scuba Diving
  • Be part of Island Hopping
  • Visit the Floating Bar
  • Explore the Local Culture
  • Partake in Sandbank Tours
Best Cities in the Maldives - Maafushi Island
Image source: Unsplash

4. Addu City

The Maldives’ far southernmost city, Addu City, is an incredible site to explore. There are six attractive beaches, authentic Maldivian food, and exhilarating water activities to discover. Don’t miss visiting this extremely amazing place in the Maldives.

5. Villingili

Villingili is convenient for day trips from Male because it is close by. Get away from the bustling environment and take in the peace, fresh air, and sound of the waves lapping.

6. Fuvahmulah

Fuvahmulah allows you to bask in the oasis of happiness and offers you with the best experiences of the Maldives. It is one of the best cities in the Maldives, located at the southernmost tip of the Maldivian archipelago. Fuvahmulah is a volcanic origin island that boasts so compelling beaches, thriving marine life, and panoramic views. It is a great place to visit in the Maldives and explore something new.

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Top Things To Do in Fuvahmulah

  • Must-try the Tiger Shark Dive
  • Visit the exciting Thoondu Beach
  • Participate in Kodakilhi Mud Bath
  • Visit the freshwater lakes: Dhadimagi Kilhi and Banddara Kilhi
  • Be part of thrilling water sports activities
  • Explore Kedeyre Miskiy mosque
Image source: Unsplash

7. Rasdhoo

Travellers seeking tranquilly and peace as well as exhilarating activities like snorkelling, kayaking, manta watching, sunset dolphin trips, and many more will find Rasdhoo to be the ideal destination.

8. Dhidhdhoo

Dhidhdhoo is the capital island of Haa Alif Atoll and is known for its tourist-friendly facilities. The island is not only home to fine beaches, scenic landscapes, shimmering ocean and ravishing resorts but also to mini-markets, grocery stores, a bank, restaurants and bars, pharmacy, and a hospital. It is a small city that can be explored in a day or two, so do visit Dhidhdhoo to have enlightening experiences with your loved ones.

Top Things To Do in Dhidhdhoo

  • Visit the Veli Inn
  • Relax at the Vashafaru Beach
  • Make your home-away-home at White Tern Maldives
  • Partake in exciting water sports activities
Image Source: Unsplash

9. Naifaru

Last but not least, the magical destination of Naifaru is a great escape in the Lhaviyani Atoll. Soak yourself into the island culture by meeting the locals, being part of small lovely picnics, enjoy astounding views of the ocean, and breathing fresh air. The place also has a shopping mall from where you can buy some amazing local handicrafts and souvenirs on your way back home. Plan your vacation to Naifaru as it is near Male and easy to access.

Top Things To Do in Naifaru

  • Visit the Sunset Beach
  • Don’t miss out on the Marine Park
  • Plan a leisure stay at Palm Beach Spa
  • Be part of adventurous water activities
  • Relish your hunger at the Chilli Pot Restaurant
Best Cities in the Maldives - Naifaru
Image source: Unsplash

10. Kulhudhuffushi City

You can plan to travel to Kulhudhuffushi, the capital of Haa Dhaalu Atoll. It also goes by the name “Heart of the North” and guarantees each guest the greatest possible experience. The island is well known for its mangroves, tropical atmosphere, fresh air, and breathtaking views.

Visiting the Maldives is like opening a special envelope filled with love, peace, and happiness. Don’t take any chances and visit this paradise as soon as possible with your loved ones. To fully enjoy the beauty of the Maldives, it is important to find the right resort to stay at. You can check out Kurumathi Island Resort, which is one of the most renowned resorts. Book your Maldives package from Pickyourtrail at great prices and best deals. You can also customise your Maldives itinerary according to your choices and preferences and craft your entire trip just as you want to. The Maldives invite you to experience an extraordinary escape, far away from the hectic pace of your daily life and all the stress it brings.

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