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Discover the Great Barrier Reef from Cairns

It’s undeniable that the Great Barrier Reef is one of the most talked about and visited natural attractions in the world.

This extensive coral reef system is the biggest one in the world – covering an area of over 344,000 square kilometres. It also encompasses more than 3000 individual coral reefs, almost 1000 islands and coral cays, and thousands of species of fish, jellyfish, rays, dolphins, sharks and marine wildlife.

This abundance of marine life and the sheer size of the Reef makes it a spectacular sight to see, and It’s no wonder that more than 2 million people visit the Reef each year.

Cairns, located on the Eastern Coast of Tropical North Queensland is one of the most popular launching destinations for visitors to the Reef as there are a wide variety of ways that people can experience the Reef from here.

While there are many different ways to discover the Reef, the overwhelmingly large number of tours available to discover the Reef can make it difficult to decide the right tour option for you.

If you’ve always wanted to see the majesty of the Reef for yourself, we’ve put together a list of some great tour options that will help maximise your Great Barrier Reef experience.

Keep reading to find out about some of our favourite Reef tours.

Great Barrier Reef Tours from Cairns

Sunlover Reef Cruises

Designed to cater for people of all ages, including families with children, Sunlover Reef Cruises offer full-day reef adventures.

Each day, Sunlover Reef Cruises depart Cairns to head out 40km to the Moore Reef. The high-speed air-conditioned catamaran provides an exhilarating vessel to reach your destination. And once you reach your destination of the multi-level pontoon at the Moore Reef you will be set to enjoy hours of fun in this unique setting.

The multi-level pontoon has been designed to provide a wide array of activities for everyone to enjoy. A waterslide which launches you directly into the turquoise reef waters is a must for everyone, while the sundeck provides  you with a place to relax in awe of the reef.

You’ll spend 4 hours out at the Moore Reef, where you will be able to take part in snorkelling, glass bottomed boat tours, semi-submersible tours (so you can stay nice and dry but still see the incredible marine world), fish feedings, an enclosed pool safe for the kids and even an underwater observatory.

A hold and cold buffet lunch is included in this tour, so you can enjoy the freshest local seafood while you experience the charm of the reef.

Reef Magic Cruises

Onboard a fast catamaran, you can enjoy private access to a spectacularly breathtaking reef location with Reef Magic Cruises.

The destinations chosen by Reef Magic Cruises have been selected because of the pristine majesty of the chosen area, think high quality coral gardens, crystal clear waters to offer unsurpassable views of this underwater world, and of course the most diverse marine life you will find on the Reef.

As part of Reef Magic Cruises, you will be able to enjoy a guided snorkel safari tour with a Marine Biologist, as well as glass bottom boat rides, an underwater observatory and semi-submersible reef viewers. So you can enjoy the Reef however you like.

Reef Magic Cruises are perfect for those who want to see the sights of the Reef while still be able to relax.

Pro Dive Cairns

For obvious reasons, scuba diving is a favourite activity for visitors to the Reef. Whether you’re new to diving or have years of experience, Pro Dive Cairns gives you the chance to have a highly personalised experience with highly qualified dive instructors and access to 19 dive sites that are exclusive to them.

Tours from Pro Dive Cairns are available for a variety of different time periods, from comprehensive day trips to 5 day Learn to Dive Open Water Certification courses. Pro Dive Cairns offers you a safe and unique way to see this spectacular sight.

Fitzroy Island

Located only 45 minutes via a fast-cat ferry from Cairns, Fitzroy Island is a favourite tourist destination for a variety of reasons, one of which being that it is surrounded by the gorgeous coral gardens and marine life of the Great Barrier Reef.  

Fitzroy Island is a fantastic destination that is great for either a day trip or for a longer stay. A National Park covers 97% of the island, and along with Australia’s Best Beach (crowned in 2018), and access to the fabulous Reef, offers visitors a huge variety of activities.

You can enjoy the nature walks, the Turtle Rehabilitation Centre, the resort’s amazing facilities, and of course, many different water-based activities.

Enjoy the Reef via sea kayaking tours, stand up paddle boarding, scuba diving, snorkelling and glass bottomed boat tours. While you can go for a day trip, we recommend that you stay awhile as Fitzroy Island is a very budget friendly destination, with a huge variety of accommodation available, from camping to bungalows to penthouse suites. These nearby Cairns accommodation options means that it is easy for you discover the majesty of the Reef.

If you’ve always wanted to discover the reef, there are so many ways you can with experience this incredible sight – just make sure you plan ahead and use our tour guide to find the best tour option for you.

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