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Best Eid Destinations
Written by Nishant Gurav on June 29, 2021 Share on

Best Eid Getaways in 2023

Are you planning a Eid Getaway this year? How about to a place which is less than 6 hours of travelling? Here we have shortlisted top five places for you. So start packing your bags already and grab this break opportunity to spend with your loved ones.

Cappadocia, Turkey

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Once you reach Cappadocia region you will be stunned by the jaw dropping view which it has to offer.It’s the precious stone of Turkey. Weird looking mountain patterns are magical to look at. In the early morning hours there’s no other place you want to be. You will witness hundreds of hot air balloons floating in the air while having your breakfast. It is a must do activity you must do when you in this mystical part of the earth. Try your hand at horseback riding too it’s pretty fun.

Do visit Kaymakli & Derinkuyu Underground City which was used by Christians in 6th – 7th century to escape Arab and Persian invaders. Here you can stay in cave hotels which are there in Göreme town offering great view of sunrises and sunsets direct from your accommodation. If this seems less, post a picture of yourself with backdrop of hot air balloons in the morning or evening and you are an instagram star already !

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Pushkar, India

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This city is in Rajasthan state of India. It one of ancient cities in the country also know as the pilgrimage city. This holy land is also home to many temples of various gods. One which is the most exclusive is the Brahma Temple, it is claimed to be the only temple on this face of the earth dedicated to Lord Brahma. You can take dips into the famous Pushkar Lake and wash away your sins in the holy water which has about 52 ghats.

Apart from the temples this city is famous for its Pushkar Annual Camel Fair. Beautiful architecture, heritage, little bazaars and picturesque streets makes it a must visit city in India. If photography is one of your travel priorities this place will keep your lens busy. You can also experience the long lost art of India which is the puppet show. You can find it anywhere in the city in some random streets during the evening time. Last but no the least, since you are in the state of Rajasthan you must try camel safari.

Alexandria, Egypt

Image Source : Unsplash

The land where Cleopatra reigned and the place whose infamous history is the plot for many books and movies. It is home to one of the finest libraries in the world which is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina. It was in the early 19th century when poets, writers and artists used to visit this city a lot. You can visit the 2nd century Catacombs of Kom el-Shuqqafa, which are actually underground. Head to Alexandria National Museum if you history interests you. Have a look at various artefacts and sculptures. Major highlights of the museum are the artefacts from sunken port city of Heracleion-Thonis in Aboukir Bay.

Since you are in a port city, tasting the fresh seafood is a must. You can dine around at restaurants in Harbour front or Anfushi. Just around sunset you can experience the city is being lit. You can grab a bite of grilled fish with a few drinks while you smoke up the sheesha (water-pipes). City’ shipyard area and Alexandria fish market are a paradise for photographers in the early morning hours.

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Mykonos, Greece

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Mykonos has gained a lot of popularity as a romantic getaway recently. This party island offers lot of options for nightlife and clubbing. At the same time it does also offer iconic white washed and blue streets, cute little cafes where you can sip on your drinks and keep talking with your partner for hours. Island has the most beautiful beaches you can explore according to your interests. Be it partying till dawn or experiencing the sunset with your loved ones, experiencing the marine life by diving into the sea or snorkeling on the surface. This place has lot to offer all you need to do is to reach this lively island.

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Zanzibar, Tanzania

Image Source : Unsplash

Zanzibar is the most understated island destination in the world. Its located in Indian Ocean just about 15 miles from the coast of Tanzania mainland. Unguja is the main island, where tourists spend most of their time. This island has witnessed ancient Persian traders as well as modern Portuguese and British traders. You can get here the perfect tropical beach experience here with white sand beaches and crystal clear blue waters. To experience history you can visit the Stone Town a UNESCO World Heritage site, a perfect place to witness Islamic and East African culture. Zanzibar also has wide variety of wildlife, famous are the red monkeys and Zanzibar leopard. There is a unique sea turtle sanctuary which is helping to conserve these distinctive creatures. If we talk about the dining experience you get a mix of different tastes such as the Arabian, Indian, Chinese and of course the African. Get yourself into a beach restaurant and enjoy fusion dishes of these cuisines. Being an island destination you definitely can try different water sports activities such as jet skiing, windsurfing, snorkeling or take a fishing trip in a cruise or a traditional dhow.


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