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Indians in London! Fret not for these eateries will cure your homesick blues

By Rohitha Bollipalli - February 9, 2019

Just the way the number of Indians dwelling in London has always been a statement number, the number of restaurants that boast of being the ‘maa’ of these people have been on the rise too, much to the benefit of the Londoners who are and aren’t of Indian origin. Some of these Michelin starred gems have been mixing up Indian and colonial cuisines to bring out plates of artsy bliss. Yet the other populations of restaurants have ceremoniously stuck to their roots delving deep into the respective cuisines back home and surprising customers with masala dosas and butter chickens. Read on to know more…

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1. Dhaba @49


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Far from looking anything like the roadside Dhabas in India, Dhaba @49 still emanates the auras of their Indian counterparts. The staunch flavours present in every dish is very welcoming not only to the Indian population in London but also to the ones looking to try the cuisine for the first time. The service is lovely and the vibes are as good as it gets. The vegetarian dishes are equally good too! I look forward to tasting their lassi-cocktails. The tandoors and Dhaba chicken are a must-try.

2. Little Kolkatta


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Little Kolkatta started out as a supper club that was set up by two very homesick Indians. Since then it has stuck. People come here seeking a taste of their former palates and end up becoming permanently hooked to it. The feel of colonial Calcutta has been embedded into every plate they whip up. The samosas remind you of cold winter evenings spent wasting away in the tea shop in the market. All sentiments apart, the food is a genuine blast of flavours. The Hilsa fish fritters and the creamy slow cooked goat are proud best sellers. The Golda Chringri Malai curry(King Prawns cooked in coconut paste) is the food personification of love. Try the truffle porota and the curries too!

3. Flora Indica


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Inconspicuously translating into ‘The plants of India’, is this is a chic upstate restaurant that has been slowly gaining attention with time. Although don’t be too worried about the green part of the food, because the non-vegetarians are well taken care of too! The unusual yet delightful menu includes quirky dishes like the pickled octopus, Jerusalem artichoke flavoured with tamarind and pulled duck cheela! I cannot think of a more romantic place.

4. Tamarind Kitchen


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As soon as you enter, have a chat with the manager because that is how you’ll find juicy recommendations of the day. The plum chutney will be an edgy twist to all the meals you’ll relish here. Kebabs, tandoors, tikkas…you name it, you’ll find it here!

5. Dishoom


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Since it’s a well-established joint, you’ll find a queue upon entering. The entire place resembles the trendy Bombay cafés of the subcontinent. Breakfast fares well with this place owing to the popularity of the bacon naans. The lamb biryani is a favourite too.

6. Indian Accent

Indian accent blends spices and flavours of the Indian cuisine that might not have been thought into certain dishes and combinations. The food in Indian accent is thus one of the best in London. I’ll give you a few examples- wasabi raita, black pudding filled kulcha, parmesan pappad, meetha achar ribs. Convincing enough?

7. Kricket


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This isn’t just another Indian-British fusion lunch place. The restaurant has come a long way from its conception in a shipping box. Chef Will Bowlby has worked in Mumbai for many years before coming to London and setting up this cloud. The Kerala fried chicken, Samphire prawns, curry leaf mayonnaise and tandoori monkfish are some dishes you can’t miss!

8. Woodlands


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If all the combination foods worry you, head straight to this place without thinking twice. South Indian or not, you’re going to love the sambar that will pull you into a familiar embrace. The breakfasts of Tamil Nadu have been generously paired with the poha and curries of North India. Woodlands is a must-visit for some authentic Indian food in London.

9. Veeraswamy

This 91 years old establishment has been a regular restaurant visited by Gandhi and other famous celebrities looking for Indian food. It was founded by a retired Indian army officer and his royal wife. Veeraswamy has gained status in London that many only dreams of. The menu still features items from decades of history and royal favourites. The interiors will remind you of India’s bygone centuries. The Malabar Lobster curry, the Raja of Travancore Prawn curry and tandoori prawns are the dishes that will make you cry out of pleasure. Except for nothing less than brilliance from the oldest Indian restaurant in London.

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