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Vegetarian restaurants in Maldives
Written by Rahul on September 15, 2020 Share on

6 Best Vegetarian Restaurants In The Maldives – Treat Your Tastebuds

The Maldives is one destination that’s common on everybody’s travel bucket list. It is one of the best islands for honeymoon purposes. People from all over the world travel to the Maldives just to relax in their world-class resorts and chill. Being one of the most beautiful places in the world, Maldives just binds you with its stunning looks and its clean oceans. When we hear the word oceans, something comes to our mind. Yes! the water sport activities are the most famous things to do in the Maldives. Other than that the spa treatments are simply world-class here. It will simply take away all of your stress. But one major problem is for the vegetarians. They find it hard to fetch a pure vegetarian restaurant. So this article will give you insight into the best vegetarian restaurants found in the Maldives.


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6 Vegetarian Restaurants in the Maldives

Fish and Coconut being the staple food in the Maldives, it is pretty hard for vegetarians to find the best vegetarian restaurants for them. But you do not have to worry about finding the restaurants. There is plenty of options for all the vegetarians too. You may get bored with the standard Dal and vegetable curry but some resorts present you with some amazing vegetarian food that your taste buds will fall in love with. Even if you miss out on a major chunk from the main course, you will have plenty of options from the Maldives dessert for you. Foni Boakiba, Foni Kaajaa, Dhonkeyo Kajuru are some of the most famous vegetarian desserts that you can taste unless you hate coconuts. So here are the best 6 Vegetarian restaurants in the Maldives.

1. Bombay Darbar

Naan and gravy
Image Credits: Photo by Marvin Ozz from Pexels

You know that the restaurant serves Maharashtrian cuisine once you hear this name. This Restaurant perfectly brings out the ethnic taste of the North Indian Cuisine to exactly treat your taste buds. You never miss your homeland food when you are in the Maldives. This restaurant is also equally known for its Chinese and continental cuisines. This is also one of the favourite food joints of the locals and many visit this place. You must surely try out the Shahi Veg Korma, Mushroom Makhani.

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2. Just Veg by Atmosphere – Kanifushi

Pizza at the Just Veg.
Image Credits: Image by Aline Ponce from Pixabay

This is a restaurant that exclusively caters to the vegetarians. This was indeed the first-ever full vegetarian restaurant in the Maldives. This vegetarian restaurant is inside an all-inclusive Luxury resort. The various vegetarian cuisines available here are the Mediterranean, Continental, Indian and even a separate cuisine to cater to the Jain Hindus. From lip-smacking main courses to the never-ending desserts, this place is a paradise to all the vegetarians. You must surely try out the Shahi vegetable Biryani, Paneer Butter Masala and Tofu Curry Laksa. You should also try out the Carrot Halwa and Gulab Jamun when you are here. This is the best vegetarian restaurant in the Maldives.


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3. Calorie Counter

Healthy Breakfast at the Calorie count restaurant in Maldives.
Image Credits: Image by Bernadette Wurzinger from Pixabay

Count your calories and have some of the best vegetarian food at Calorie Counter. Regress of the name, this place is also one of the most famous places for all fitness freaks out there. For those who are counting your calorie for the day, this is the place that you have to hit. The best thing about this place is that this place has some of the most amazing desserts that you have to taste. The must-try dishes out here are the Chocolate Mousse, Dark Chocolate Melt. You will literally melt after eating their dishes. This is one of the finest vegetarian restaurants in the Maldives.

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4. Tandoori Flames

Tandoori Naan at the Tandoori Flames, Maldives
Image Credits: Photo by Francesco Paggiaro from Pexels

The Tandoori Flames is a place that you should never miss when you are in the Maldives. Their meal course starts with starters, soups, tandoori pizza and many more small snacks like samosas, pakoras and french fries. This is followed by lip-smacking food like the Tandoori panner, Aloo Tikki and many more. This beautiful buffet ends with some of the best Indian desserts, fruit salads and Icecream. This restaurant is perfect for any Indian vegetarian visiting the Maldives. You must try out the Paneer Butter Masala, Palak Paneer when you are here.

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5. Baraabaru

This is one of the top Indian restaurants in the Four seasons resort. This particular restaurant is majorly known for its Indian speciality cuisine. This place is a paradise in disguise for all the vegetarian food lovers as they have more than 100 different vegetarian dishes on the menu. This restaurant goes one step further to even prepare off-menu requests for clients to increase their hospitality and ambience with the customers. One fun activity that the tourists can do is half a day cooking class with the chef of Baraabaru. This is one of the best places for you to spend your day with your loved ones.

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6. Lemongrass Fifth Restaurant

Chinese cuisine at Lemongrass fifth
Image Credits: Photo by Engin Akyurt on Unsplash

Popular among the locals for its great vegetarian food, the lemongrass fifth is a must-visit restaurant for any tourist with vegetarian preference. If Chinese is what you crave for the most then you have stepped into the right place. Both A la carte and buffet is available here. The reasonable pricing of this restaurant is what it is famous for. Guest can choose where to sit, in an open-air seating or in the air-conditioned hall. This is one quiet place to peacefully enjoy your meal with your loved ones.

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