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karnataka itieraries wit best honeymoon places
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Best Karnataka Itineraries with Honeymoon places

Hello to all married couples who want to make a special and unusual start to their lovely start. The splendid memories of this Romance honeymoon in and around Karnataka are gathered in your heart that is never gone. You can enjoy cold and comfortable hills, warm-up together with peaceful beauty, unexplored beaches and the fascinating historic remains to start your spouse adventurously! You can consider going through the list of best Karnataka Itineraries with Honeymoon places.

14 Top itineraries with Honeymoon places in and around Karnataka

There are many places in Karnataka and its surroundings that are ideal for weddings, from majestic hills to peaceful beaches. And for your honeymoon, we have designed the best route. Let’s have a look!

  • Bangalore-Ooty-Coorg
  • Mysore-Coorg-Kabini
  • Bangalore-Coorg-Wayanad
  • Mysore-Coorg-Bandipur
  • Hampi-Udupi-Gokarna
  • Bangalore-Chikmagalur-Dandeli-Kodaikanal
  • Madurai – Coonoor – Ooty
  • Ooty – Madurai – Kodaikanal
  • Hampi – Udupi – Chikmagalur
  • Mangalore 
  • Halebeedu 
  • Kudremukh 
  • Kemmanagundi
  • Badami

1. Bangalore-Ooty-Coorg

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Love birds looking for a lively nightlife should pick this one, calm moments and a peaceful paradise. Karnataka’s most popular destination is the nightlife of metropolitan Bangalore, which marks about 365 + pubs. Next, Ooty will take you from the city’s hectic rush. Your mushy closer is the picturesque views of the mountains and the isolated environment. Similarly, visiting Coorg is best suited to nature enthusiasts, as Coorg offers numerous natural scenic places to visit. The beautiful green nature and the weather are so peaceful you can listen to your love’s heartbeat!

2. Mysore-Coorg-Kabini

Take this adrenaline trip, which includes three different experiences in Karnataka during a perfect honeymoon. From the second biggest city in the country, Mysore, explore the spectacular historic and cultural heritage of Mysore. One of Karnataka ‘s best honeymoon sites offers calm, enriching and reclusive activities, exclusive to that state alone. In addition to this, the Coracle ride and a visit to Kabini’s tribal villages is the best way to relax with your fans.

3. Bangalore-Coorg-Wayanad – Karnataka Itineraries with Honeymoon places

This route would be on the list of young people looking for a little experience, historical experience and the magnificent beauty of South India. You never feel away from home with the city life and the lively nightlife and freshly brewed beer. In addition to this, Coorg is well known for its beautiful bird and wildlife sanctuaries, which you and your husband might love nature. Similarly, Wayanad needs no clarification in the state of God’s own world.

4. Mysore-Coorg-Bandipur

It is the perfect combination of fun and ruins for the vagabond couples on a single itinerary. In these perfect honeymoon destinations in Karnataka, a mix of vagabondage and romance is possible. In addition to that, The highlights of this perfect journey are the starting points of ancient monuments to discover cultural heritage, to Coorg’s aromatic coffee plantations, thrilling water sports and jeeping in the shrine.

5. Hampi-Udupi-Gokarna

This holiday route is designed for lovebirds who want to begin their new lives in the neighbourhood of the historical wreck and some peaceful beaches. In addition to that, You get drawn to your soulmate by curves of the architectural designs. These are among the most beautiful places in Karnataka for the honeymoon. You can never leave the pristine South Indian state through mystical environments and the splendour of the place. You will be away from the hustle and bustle of cities, sweet scent and the peaceful atmosphere.

6. Bangalore-Chikmagalur-Dandeli-Kodaikanal

The idyllic fusion of excitement and urban life will take you on an impeccable luncheon. Build your bodies with the flashing neon lights in Bangalore in the arms of your delicious peach! Sit near the cascades and enjoy the drops falling down your faces after your adventurous trip. Chikmagalur, the place which is full of splendid waterfalls will make your journey more memorable. In addition to this, caves stay and the invasion will fill your heart with passion towards your lovey-dovey.

7. Madurai – Coonoor – Ooty

These three honeymoon sites in Karnataka take you on a journey that not only will bring your adrenaline pump but will also remind you for years to come. Madurai is Tamil Nadu’s third-largest city and one of the best places to start your day and relax. This place offers a glimpse of history and some really wonderful places to enjoy Indian culture. Similarly, you can visit Coonoor, the beautiful botanical gardens, the Nose of the Dolphins, and more. Explore the sites to visit in Ooty and observe the best kind of nature.

8. Ooty – Madurai – Kodaikanal

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Prepare for a lifetime experience when visiting these three romantic sites on your honeymoon in Karnataka. These three top destinations for the honeymoon guarantee you a great time while exploring these beautiful places on your honeymoon. Madurai provides beautiful temples, Ooty gives you magnificent views and Kodaikanal provides you with a fantastic view of the surrounding world. The list of best Karnataka Itineraries with Honeymoon places won’t be complete without this classic combination of places.

9. Hampi – Udupi – Chikmagalur

This is the best path of honeymoon to those who want to enjoy a certain amount of time surrounded by traditional houses and natural beaches. These areas are the best way to avoid the modern environment and spend time with your friend. The mystical backdrop to these offbeat honeymoon destinations combines with a South Indian taste. In Hampi, there are many places to visit, a lot of things to do in Chikmagalur and a lot of new things to do.

10. Mangalore

Mangalore is often known as the ‘Gate of Karnataka’ and is a magnificent city of South India, unlikely to be considered one of the newcomers’ romantic spots. This town is not less than a wonderful trip together with its partner, surrounded by the beaches where the surreal sun sets can be caught.

11. Halebeedu

This city, still home to the past ruins, is a pretty exotic place to relax with your partner. This should definitely be on the list for people who are inclined to photograph and explore the places. In addition to this, the temples and sculptures of granite are the highlights of this location worth visiting and taking a trip through the rich past.

12. Kudremukh

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What could be romantic more than spending time with your partner amid the lush greenery and popular peaks? Kudremukh is a pretty hill resort in the Karnataka district of Chikmagalur. It stood at 1,894 meters and called Kudremukh. Because it was so much like the horse ‘s head. This is a perfect place to enjoy the hustle and bustle of a romantic moment.

13. Kemmanagundi

It is a lovely mountain station in the south of India, surrounded by lush green valleys, cascades and lakes. The Bhadra Dam, an excellent spot for lunchtime visitors, is the main highlight here. In addition to this, the waterfalls are a romantic place to enjoy the luxuriant greenery a wonderful time away.

14. Badami

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Similarly, Badami is one of Karnataka’s jewels that contains the most precious remains of history. This place is a peaceful getaway to the newlywed couples to take a break from the business chaos. This place is a real pleasure to visit offering a wide variety of explorations such as the historical time and the architectural sculptures.

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