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Squirrel in Kudemukh National Park
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Kudremukh National Park – Call Of The Wild!

Are you full of life and wild enough to explore the wildlife of Kudremukh National Park? Life is too short for waking up to the four walls of your room. The real happiness is when the sun wakes you up to flock with the early birds, attend nature’s course and laugh along with the blooming flowers. Discover the treasures of nature and you will surely end up discovering a new version of yourself. In this article, we offer you a hack to rediscover the nature lover in you while taking you through Kudremukh National Park in Chikkamagaluru district of Karnataka. Get to know about the highlights, timings and things to do in the park before you leave.

Mountain view
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Things to know before you go

  • Timings
  • Admission Fee
  • How to reach
  • Best time to visit
  • Things to do
  • Stay in Kudremukh National Park
ant on yellow flower
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Timings of Kudremukh National Park

You can visit the beautiful Kudremukh National Park round the year. Though the park is open throughout the year, there are certain restrictions in timing to visit the park. It remains open from 6:00 AM to 6:00 PM. However, it is advised to visit the park during the sunrise or sunset to enjoy the best of nature.

Kudremukh National Park Admission Fee

The admission fee of Kudremukh National Park differs for different category of people. It is INR 200 for Indian tourists and INR 1000 for foreigners. The fee remains the same in case of kids and senior citizens as well.

How to reach Kudremukh National Park

Being located in a central area of the state, Kudremukh National Park can be reached by all three means. This paradise is connected with neighbouring cities by air, rail and road.

By Air:

Book your tickets to the Mangalore Airport which is the nearest from Kudremukh National Park. It is situated at a distance of 130 Km from the park. Once you reach the airport, you can hire a taxi to get to the park.

By Rail:

If you love travelling by train, get a ticket to the Mangalore Central station which is the closest to Kudremukh National Park. It is at close proximity of around 100 km from the park. Once you reach the station, jump into a taxi and reach the park.

By Road:

One of the major advantages of Kudremukh National Park is that it is well connected to most of the major cities by road. So if you want to enjoy an adventurous road trip with the interaction of nature, fill your fuel tank already. You can reach the park by driving your own car or even take a private bus which is way more economical.

waterfalls in Kudremukh National Park
Image credits: Unsplash

Best time to visit Kudremukh National Park

Blessed with lush greeneries and astonishing hills, the Kudremukh National Park enjoys a pleasant temperature throughout the year. The average temperature ranges from 25-degree Celsius to 19-degree Celsius making the place a perfect tourist’s paradise round the year. However, if wish to spend the whole of your holiday in the park, the best time to visit is from the month of October to May. It is during this period, the park shows its stunning beauty with nature’s ornaments. Alternatively, if you want to explore the best of wildlife and get close to nature while clicking amazing pictures, the ideal months to plan your trip would be December and February.

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Things to do in Kudremukh National Park

  • Trekking
  • Waterfalls visit
  • Wildlife spotting
  • Exploring the plantations
  • Dip in the natural pools


If trekking is your cardio, Kudremukh National Park will surely be the paradise. With numerous nature trails with nature’s bounty, the park has all that a nature lover would love to experience. The rolling hills and lush greeneries will take you through many hidden gems. However, you’d need to get permission from the Range Officers if you wish to indulge in trekking expedition here.

Man amidst greeneries
Image credits: Unsplash

Waterfalls visit

Head to the most loved attraction in Kudremukh Wildlife Sanctuary, the Kidambi waterfalls and the Hanumangundi Falls. These peculiar spots in the park have mastered the art of capturing tourists’ heart for years. The relentless water gushing down the rocks amidst the greeneries will make you realise nature is the supreme.

Wildlife spotting

The park houses the best collection of flora and fauna in the whole of South India. Spot a variety of tigers, leopards, wild dogs, Malabar giant squirrel, common langur, sloth bear, and much more. If you are a wildlife photographer, you have reached the right place. Apart from the four-foot friends, you can also spot around 200 species of birds in the park.

Exploring the plantations

After dropping your jaws to the wildlife and waterfalls, your next surprise element in the park would be the rich coffee & tea plantations. Head to the northern and eastern boundaries that are adorned by these emerald plantations showcasing sheer beauty.

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Dip in the natural pools

If you are in search of a refreshing getaway in the park, make way to the natural pools after a day of trekking or hiking. Enjoy a splish-splash time or just stretch your legs in the pools that offer immense pleasure and relaxation.

Stay in Kudremukh National Park

If you wish to stay in the Kudremukh National Park for more than a day, there are no hotels in the park as such. However, there are forest rest houses inside the park which offers a decent stay for tourists and forest officers. In order to make use of these houses, you have to reserve it well in advance. If there’s vacancy after placing a request to the Deputy Conservator of Forest, you can accommodate this place. Alternatively, if you are looking for a luxurious stay, head to the nearby resorts in Kalasa, Karkala, and Sringeri. The cost ranges from INR 3000 to INR 25000 depending on the type of guest house you opt.

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When wind speeds up, flowers start dancing and its nature’s way of saying ‘let’s party. Its time to find the joyous beauty in messy hair and dirty foot. When there are miles to hike before you sleep, whom are you waiting for? Pack your bags to get lost amidst the unspoilt wilderness of Kudremukh National Park. This precious asset of south India is waiting to surprise you with all its grace and charm. Now is the best time to experience it. Head to the Pickyourtrail website and start planning your trip to Karnataka right away.

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