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Gokarna Beaches
Written by Athul K V on September 15, 2020 Share on

Go Gokarna Go: Best Beaches in Gokarna

India’s west coast never ceases to amaze you with its staggering beaches. As you move down south from Mumbai, you can find a number of great beaches with a lot to offer. Goa might be famous for them all but it tends to be full and messy. Wander further down and you find Gokarna, one of the rising beach destinations in the West Coast. Though primarily it is a temple destination, you can find a steady increase in the number of tourists coming here. Another interesting part is the cliffs and the beach hike which is quite unique for a place famous for its golden sand stretches. Beaches in Gokarna are elegant, less crowded and peaceful. Beaches in Gokarna are fun and perfect to get a little sun. Ready to know more about the best beaches in Gokarna? Read on. . .

Best Beaches in Gokarna

1. Gokarna Beach

Like mentioned above, Gokarna is a temple destination and the Gokarna beach is located near the Mahabaleshwar Temple. This beach is wide and long, the water is nice and you can see a lot of the pilgrims who visit the temple taking a dip here. Also, this is an ideal spot for seeing a stunning sunset. Moreover, the beach hike trails normally start here and you can see the majestic mountains as well.

2. Kudle Beach

Being one of the best beaches in Gokarna, the Kudle beach certainly is a traveller’s paradise. Because of its location between two mountains, the beach is pristine and not spoiled like normal beaches. Thus, it is peaceful and incredibly beautiful. You will also find plenty of foreign travellers here, because of its hidden nature they find it perfect to chill.

a traveller in Kudle beach
Image Source: Google Images

3. Om Beach

When you look at Om beach from above, you see that it resembles the “Om” symbol. This is one of the most visited beaches in Gokarna and quite rightly so. The waters are great and ideal for surfing, banana boat rides, boating and even parasailing. The soothing green hillock in the backdrop gives a different look and feel. Also, the beach has some chill shacks on the shore where you can enjoy the sea while sipping a drink. Also, it is one of the most popular beaches in Gokarna.

Om beach gokarna
Image Source: Unsplash

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4. Half Moon Beach

If you love trekking and also beaches, then Gokarna is your perfect spot. Visit the Half Moon beach and enjoy both. Situated to the south of Om beach, this is an exciting beach with a wide choice of activities. The Half Moon beach comes in between your beach trek in Gokarna and its tranquillity is sublime. The beach is perfect for swimming, sunbathing, trekking and even camping, yes you read that right. Surfing is not much seen here, but paddleboarding is a common activity here. Another thing is the beach strikingly resembles a half-moon, thus the name Half Moon Beach.

5. Nirvana Beach

While the fact that the beach is not easily accessible is true, it offers some advantages. Nirvana is one of the best beaches in Gokarna, and only real wanderers find this beautiful beach thus, it is not very crowded. The shoreline is surreal but there are very limited food options here. Also, the water is pretty rough and the current pretty strong. That is why getting into the water will be a little tricky, but it is safe up until the lifeguard’s flag. The beach has a picturesque view and is ideal to spend a day sunbathing or with the family, but make sure children doesn’t go in the waters alone.

Gokarna beach
Image Source: Google Images

6. Small Hell Beach

Do not let the name fool you, this is an absolutely stunning beach. The water is beautiful and great for swimming, there are patches of little rocks on the beach. If you are looking for a better view, climb onto the Hell Cliff and take amazing photos of the beach, which will conclusively prove to you that this is one the best beaches in Gokarna.

7. Paradise Beach

This one does true justice to its name, and like many other beaches in Gokarna, it is absolutely mesmerizing. Though most of the shore is rocky, the water is nice and perfect for swimming. Again, it has a very good yet quite dangerous, exhilarating trekking trail. You can walk right on the edge where you can actually see the depth of the high cliffs. Also, you see the water crashing against the rocks down below making big noises.

paradise beach gokarna
Image Source: Unsplash

8. Belekan Beach

Located north of Gokarna’s main beach, this again is not quite visited by tourists. Also, this is not a very popular beach in Gokarna because most of the tourism is largely concentrated further south. But that takes nothing away from the beauty of Belekan Beach. The long stretch of sand is perfect for sports such as football and volleyball. Moreover, you will definitely want to take a dip in the water right away when you see its tranquil beauty.

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9. Alvekodi Beach

Alvekodi is quite far from Gokarna, it is a long, wide and unbelievably serene beach. This is one is a must-see if you are ready to venture a little South of Gokarna. Since the beach is a part of the village, you will go past a nice green village with agriculture fields to get here.

10. Baada Beach

Again, this one too is quite far from Gokarna main city, and actually right in between Gokarna and Alvekodi. It has the same characters of all the other main beaches in Gokarna with a picturesque hilly background. But, this one is even more secluded and not visited by tourists very often. You can swim, sunbathe and have a peaceful time here without much noise.

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that Gokarna is blessed, it’s known for its temples but has a completely different face. This beach destination boasts great beaches in the West Coast which offers a unique beach experience, all the while being quaint and tranquil. Also, read more exciting travel stories on the Pickyourtrail Blog to quench your thirst for travel knowledge.

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