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Party in Phuket
Written by Buvaneshwari Gopinath on October 1, 2020 Share on

7 Best Night Clubs in Phuket For the Best Party Vibes

Who doesn’t like partying and vibing around? Everyone does, literally everyone! When the glasses clink, high sound music plays, and when hundreds of people dance around, everyone’s heart and mind pound to get down on the floor and have fun! Partying is always fun and leisure! What’s life without having fun and enjoying it? Late night parties and clubs are always thrilling and become a memorable one! If you’re ready to party until late, below are the best night clubs in Phuket which are highly suggested for complete fun.

Best Night Clubs in Phuket
Image Source: Unsplash

Worried about how to choose the best nightclubs in Thailand? Bangla road is one of the most enjoyable destinations in Patong region! Thousands of people visit Patong and to experience a vibrant nightlife here! Decorated with 400 meters of neon lights, with vibrant disco lights, strong sounds from the big large music systems, the Bangla road captivates and enchants the attention from people! So, you will be able to spot many night clubs here. Excited? Well, keep reading…

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7 Best Night Clubs in Phuket

  • White room
  • Illuzion nightclub
  • Seduction beach club and disco
  • Paradise beach
  • Tai Pan
  • Tiger disco
  • Hollywood nightclub

1. White Room

Located near the famous Bangla road, the white room is prominent among the other best clubs in Phuket. With sleek and modern white interior and comfy furnishings, we can know why merchants and vendors are attracted to this place. First-class light settings, a crew of youngsters dancing for the latest hip-hop, and high EDMs playing make you enter into the crowd and spin and whirl! To make it up spicier, the entrance fee is absolutely free! Do visit this nightclub and create abundant memories on your Phuket packages or Phuket honeymoon packages. Shake it up! Shake it up!

2. Illuzion Nightclub

For partying in Islands, the Illuzion is of course on top of the choices in the list of the best night clubs in Phuket. Make your minds ponder about all the sweetest memories you have in this Illuzion nightclub! How many of your dreams are to meet the great Martin Garrix? Illuzion offers you this great opportunity to meet him and see him performing live shows. Definitely worth a shot!

Illuzion Nightclub, Best Night Clubs in Phuket
Image Source: Unsplash

Illuzion in Phuket initially went slow in the magic business. Later on, the Illuzion was exclusively meant to aim at club vibes. This was the best choice to make their business grow. At first, this place was designed to conduct a Las Vegas kind of magic show. Thus, it serves the reason why their lights and powerful music systems are so impressive. 

3. Seduction Beach Club and Disco

Known as the largest club in Phuket, the Seduction beach club is surely one of the best night clubs in Phuket with an amusing experience to give it a shot. Hip-hops playing around, clinking drink glasses, partying all night, what more to make an amazing memory in a lifetime? From Skrillex to Calvin Harris, a variety of music is played and danced too. With alluring large dance floors, powerful music systems, and lightning light effects, the Seduction nightclub attracts hundreds of people who visit Phuket. People visiting the Seduction Beach club and disco will leave this place with a heavy heart and the urge to visit often! Travel to Phuket, head to the Seduction nightclub, and create wonderful night-life memories here!

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4. Paradise Beach

Located in a pristine location just 8-10 minutes away from the Patong beach, the Paradise beach shows up! When you think of a night club, all that you’ll imagine are loud music systems, vibrant lights, and dancing crew. But, the Paradise beach in Phuket gives a totally contrasting idea of what partying is! As with the lunar cycle like Koh Phangan’s famous full moon party, there are so many occasions to celebrate! Other clubs in that area do not match up to Paradise beach! Patong beaches are always popular for DJs performing on stage with top speakers amidst a swirl of fire shows, UV lights, and cheerful crowds. A variety of water-based sports and other recreation activities are offered here. White sands, coconut trees, and crystal clear water beds make you fall in love with the beach!

Paradise Beach, Best Night Clubs in Phuket
Image Source: Unsplash

5. Tai Pan

Tai-Pan is an amazing spot for people who need a break. At Tai Pan, the music is unique and isn’t always modern, but it is surely fun. The 70s-Esque disco balls hanging from the ceiling top capture crew. From disco-vibe to club mood, there’s a mild change at midnight. Stage fear? This place is a spot where you can dance like nobody’s watching. This destination is the most preferred one by tourists and locals. Dance wild in the Taipan, one of the best night clubs in Phuket on your Phuket packages and make your nights in Patong more memorable!

6. Tiger Disco

Everyone who is aware of the Phuket nightclubs will surely know about the Tiger Disco! Located in the Bangla road, the Tiger Disco is one of the most famous nightclubs in the busy region. A large number of bars, seats, and poles equipped with dancers make the tourists attracted towards the Tiger disco. The disco place shows a traditional nightclub vibe with a DJ, live band, and has a busy dance floor with people enjoying and vibing on it. 


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7. Hollywood Nightclub

With a whole street named after it, the Soi Hollywood, the Hollywood nightclub is one of the best night clubs in Phuket and never disappoints you with any less of an expectation. Two rooms playing different kinds of music makes you feel like immersing in the world of music. Various theme parties, promotions, and holiday parties, the fun goes beyond infinity! To add more beauty to the Hollywood nightclub trip, the entrance fee is absolutely free and the drinks offered are only around 300 baht. Pre-book your reservations around the dance floor to have an amazing view. The disco spots are busy and popular during the weekends. Visit the Hollywood club after midnight, that’s when the ultimate fun begins!

Paradise Beach, Best Night Clubs in Phuket
Image Source: Unsplash

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